Heavenly War God/C7 Lin Yingru’s Hunch
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Heavenly War God/C7 Lin Yingru’s Hunch
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C7 Lin Yingru’s Hunch

“How could it be possible for Shen Yih to have mastered the Bear’s Paw after only looking at it once? Are his instincts that intuitive?”

Everyone had their own concerns, but they all came to one conclusion. After all, the Bear’s Paw drill was only practiced once in front of him. How could he have mastered it in such a relatively short amount of time?

With a slight shake of his head, Shen Yih explained himself, “Martial Master Leh, many kinds of martial skills exist in this world. Although you claim that the Bear’s Paw is exceptional, countless similar martial skills are around that are even better than this Bear’s Paw you claim you created. A lack of knowledge is not a scary thing, but what is scary is that you’re not even aware of it. You are definitely a person who is lacking in knowledge!”

As the dignified Nine Heavens War God, he had a lot of Cultivation Techniques in his arsenal. If these Cultivation Techniques found their way here into this world, it would prove all-powerful. A mere Bear’s Paw was nothing in comparison.

Even the Advanced Form Type and Palm Technique did not impress him.

“I think it should be obvious by now who used the Bear’s Paw better. I might be lacking in regards to you in other places, but the Bear’s Paw I just demonstrated in front of everyone is enough for you to kowtow three times to me and then worship me as master, am I not right?”

Lih Wuji’s face visibly turned red. At this time, he was so embarrassed in his lack of ability that he wished he could find someplace to hide. But he had a backup plan for this. Even if Shen Yih really mastered the Bear’s Paw, he could use Shen Yih’s different version of Bear’s Paw as a way to humiliate him.

But now that Shen Yih had one-upped him in front of so many people, the gap between them was even more evident. He couldn’t ignore Shen Yih even if he wanted to.

He couldn’t believe it. Shen Yih, that idiot, actually completely beat him in his field of expertise.

“Today’s lesson in the Wu Hall has come to a close!”

Lih Wuji had no choice but to wave his sleeve and leave, dejected.

Seeing Lih Wuji leave with his tail between his legs, Shen Yih was not moved. He had predicted this. Lih Wuji, that sore loser, didn’t have the guts to call him master in front of so many other people.

It was at this moment that everyone who thought that Shen Yih would become a laughing stock, all swallowed their saliva. Seeing how things turned out, they were shocked.

“How was Shen Yih able to learn the Bear’s Paw?”

“For the past few years, Shen Yih has been wasting his time every day. How was he able to hone his Cultivation to reach the Opening Spirit Stage Sixth Layer? And how was he able to master such a superb martial skill?”

Many people began to wonder in their hearts. It was getting more and more obvious that they could no longer ignore or turn their noses down on Shen Yih’s abilities.

Shen Yih could not be bothered about Lih Wuji’s dejected departure. He could care less about it and besides, it had nothing to do with him.

“Shen Yih, you have caused a huge crisis!”

At this very moment, a voice sounded out. After that, Shen Hong stood up and shouted out with a voice as cold as an icicle.

Shen Yih’s eyes narrowed over the obstacle standing before him. When Shen Yih saw that it was Shen Hong, he knew that Shen Hong had it out for him.

Shen Liufeng and his family and the East Mansion had a lot of ill will between them. Shen Yih, Shen Yih’s sister, Shen Yih’s mother, and many of Shen Yih’s guards were all under their thumb.

As he recalled all the atrocities that the East Mansion had endured because of the West Mansion, Shen Yih’s eyes turned cold.

“What have I done to have created a huge crisis?” Shen Yih in turn asked back.

Shen Hong did not hold back his sneer. “You have disregarded the rules our ancestors have upheld in the Wu Hull when you went against a Martial Master. Because of your actions, you have forced Martial Master Leh to dismiss class early, and not only that, you have made him lose a lot of face. But that’s not something I will argue with you about. However, Miss Lin was here attending the lecture today. You disrupted the order of the Wu Hall, preventing Miss Lin from listening to the full lecture. This is a huge offense. Go quickly to the ancestral hall to receive your punishment!”

There was a smile on Shen Yih’s face. This Shen Hong was really good at giving him a hard time.

No wonder in his previous life, he was always the one being bullied. With Shen Hong and Shen Chang’s personalities, it wasn’t hard for them to find new ways to torment and humiliate him with.

However, it was a shame that Shen Yih was now a changed person. Shen Hong didn’t stand a chance.

“And are you Miss Lin?” Shen Yih shouted this out loud.

Shen Hong said, “I am only speaking on behalf of Miss Lin.”

“Miss Lin needs you to speak for her? And who are you? Do you think that you are really worthy?” Shen Yih’s next words were shouted out in an aggressive manner.

Shen Hong was flabbergasted. What in the world was going on? Hadn’t Shen Yih always cowered in the face of confrontation? Today, his words had such a biting edge to them, he was at a loss at how to answer.

“Okay, let me ask what Miss Lin thinks.” Shen Hong’s heart was radiating anger. He thought that Lin Yingru would not mind if he spoke up for her like this.

It should also be noted that he was one of the top geniuses of the Shen family.

“Miss Lin!” Shen Hong made his way towards Lin Yingru all the while a flattering smile lit up his face.

Never would he have expected that Lin Yingru paid him no mind at all.

Shen Yih was not wrong.

Who was Shen Hong to speak up for her?

Shen Hong was not worthy.

It was not because Shen Hong did not have an exceptional enough status. It was just that she never had taken a liking to someone going out of their way to do something for her.

“I have nothing to do with what happened today.” Lin Yingru kept her tone gentle and moving. “Shen Hong, there’s no need for you to stand up for me. I also don’t like it when others stand up for me. However, I have a question for Young Master Shen Yih.”

Shen Yih could see trouble on the horizon.

He knew that though he had saved Lin Yingru, he had kept his identity under the shadows. By doing so, he had hoped to stay out of trouble.

His current strength was not at full capacity. Exposing too many things about himself would not be a good thing in the end.

Lin Yingru stepped forward until her fragrant and graceful figure was directly in front of Shen Yih. Completely ignoring the smiling face of Shen Hong, from the start to finish, she never looked into Shen Hong’s eyes once.

“Young Master Shen Yih, I want to ask you if you know of someone? This person has brilliant medical skills. With a wave of his sleeve, he could cure a person who was on the verge of collapse and at death’s door. All I know is that this person is from the East Mansion. I think Young Master Shen Yih might know who I am talking about.” Lin Yingru smiled a beautiful smile right then.

Shen Yih could not help but think to himself, there is no fooling this Lin Yingru. She suspected him right away.

She was putting him to the test. If his expression changed in the slightest, Lin Yingru’s suspicions would be confirmed.

However, was he so transparent that a person could easily tell it was him?

Shen Yih pretended to ask doubtfully, “East Mansion? If there was such a talent in our East Mansion, would we have fallen into such difficult times?”

This scene made Shen Hong lose a lot of face. What could this mean? He was only going out of his way to stand up for Lin Yingru. Yet just like that, Lin Yingru had become best buddies with Shen Yih!

He still wanted to speak on behalf of Lin Yingru. But throughout their entire exchange, Lin Yingru had never once even looked in his direction!

“Is that really so?”

Lin Yingru took a step closer to Shen Yih and stared directly into his eyes. She wanted to see if his eyes were the same as the person who saved her that day. As she got a closer look, it seemed more and more that Shen Yih resembled the person who had rescued her.

But at this time, Shen Yih said, “Miss Lin, stop right there! We should not be so intimate!”

After hearing his words this caused quite a lot of people to become angered. Lin Yingru wants to get close with you, yet you still refuse her. Don’t you know that this is a great favor?

Rage flared in Lin Yingru’s eyes, nearly causing her to burst out laughing. She was forced to take two steps back and said in a bitter voice, “Young Master Shen Yih, let me know the moment you find this person. I don’t like to owe others any favors. Not long ago, I found myself in debt to this person. I need to repay it immediately.”

Shen Yih said, “If really such a person exists, I will naturally not keep their identity from Miss Lin.”

“That’s good.” After having said that, Lin Yingru turned around and left the building.

Seeing that Lin Yingru was leaving, many people also got up and followed behind her.

Today, everyone had come here to the Wu Hall, first, because of Lin Yingru and second because of Lih Wuji. However, the main reasons why they were here had all left because of Shen Yih. Naturally, there was no reason for them to continue staying here any longer.

Just as Shen Yih was turning around to leave, Shen Hong’s gloomy voice stopped him. “Shen Yih, although I have no idea the type of relationship you may have with Miss Lin, I’d advise you in the future to not try and get any closer to Miss Lin. Miss Lin is an unattainable star in the sky. It’s best if you admire her from afar. To think you can have her is only wishful thinking.”

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