Heavenly War God/C8 I Will Follow You to the End of My Days
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Heavenly War God/C8 I Will Follow You to the End of My Days
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C8 I Will Follow You to the End of My Days

Shen Yih turned to look at Shen Hong and said without much effort, “Then what about you? Would you call yourself a star in the sky?”

“Of course not.” Shen Hong could not hide the venom in his voice.

“Then what are you saying?” Shen Yih shouted this out loud. “Those who don’t know any better will think that you are very familiar with Lin Yingru.”


Shen Hong was so enraged that smoke was steaming up out of his seven orifices. The gloomy expression on his face was serious. Shen Yih’s words had hit their mark, making him too shameful to speak up for himself.

“Are my words futile?” It took a while, but Shen Hong finally recovered and he said fiercely, “I just want to remind you of your identity and position. Don’t just think you can reverse your situation just because you defeated my brother.”

“I will be sure to let you know the full capacity of my wrath in the Adulthood Ceremony during the New Year’s Ritual!”

At that, Shen Hong released a muffled groan and with no further word, left immediately.

Seeing Shen Hong’s receding back, a smile teased on Shen Yih’s lips.

Did he just say ‘Adulthood Ceremony’?

This was indeed an important occasion.

Many families and clans were based in the Hundred Thousand Demonic Beast Mountain. Each family could send two people to participate in the assessment to join the Muyun Sect, Spirit River Sect, and Guanfu Temple.

In order to qualify for the assessment, the Shen family used the Adulthood Ceremony to filter out candidates.

A lot of geniuses from the four prefectures would be attending the Adulthood Ceremony. Once the event came around, it would be hard for any one of them to stand out. Shen Hong would be a huge obstacle for a lot of them.


Shen Liufeng’s two remaining sons were unlucky to meet him at this time.


When he came back to the mansion, Shen Yih continued his Cultivation.

It was widely known that the Opening Spirit Stage was a phrase for Foundation Establishment. In simple wording, this segment of the cultivation process would be a good time to properly build a foundation. It was also the main reason why he did not stop cultivating. The main uses of the Reincarnation Diamond Sutra were not only to cure diseases and save people but also to temper the conditions of the body.

Throughout all the realms in the universe, it was not common for cultivators to temper their bodies using different techniques within Cultivation. Most of them mastered it using the beliefs taught in Buddhism.

The Reincarnation Diamond Sutra that he created was as powerful as any other Arcane Art in Buddhism. Once the Cultivation started, his body would be as indestructible as a diamond. Even the power of reincarnation would not be able to alter it, which was the reason why it was called the Reincarnation Diamond Sutra.

If he wanted to harness the Reincarnation Diamond Sutra Cultivation, the most important thing he could work on was to build a good foundation in the Opening Spirit Stage.

“Mansion Master is really throwing himself into his Cultivation!”

“Has Mansion Master been cultivating from afternoon to evening?”

Many maids and guards walked past Shen Yih’s room. When they saw that Shen Yih was busy cultivating, the relief on their faces was apparent.

His younger sister Shen Meng also appeared at his doorway. But in order to not disrupt Shen Yih’s concentration, after checking up on him, she quietly moved out of his way.

“As long as the body is strong, any martial skill or Cultivation can naturally flow from it.” Sweat was pouring off of Shen Yih’s forehead as he panted. He was thinking to himself, “With the skills of this physical body that I have been tempering these past few days, it still proves a little lacking. There are still people who are a threat to me in this tiny Yangguan Town.”

At this time, Shen Yih turned to look at a place not far from him.

“Come out this instant!”

His sense of smell was very acute. Even if his abilities were not sharp enough, the wind and grass a dozen meters away would not go undetected from his nose.

“It’s you!”

A black shadow flashed and materialized right in front of him. It was none other than Lih Wuji.

Shen Yih stared at Lih Wuji and said in a cold voice, “What? You were humiliated by me during the day. Are you back for more?”

Lih Wuji’s face was brimming with shame. But unlike what Shen Yih had originally expected, Lih Wuji was not here to take revenge on Shen Yih. Instead, much to his shock, Shen Yih saw that Lih Wuji was lowering his head.

“Shen Yih, you’ve misunderstood.”

Lih Wuji said, “I am not someone who will lose willingly. But since I have lost to you, I am willing to move forward with the consequences!”

As he said this, Lih Wuji knocked his head down, kowtowing three times one after another to Shen Yih.


When Shen Yih saw Lih Wuji do this, he could not keep his amusement to himself. “I’m surprised you are exhibiting such intelligence at this time!”

Lih Wuji was one step away from reaching the Sight Stage. What stood between him and becoming an upper-class figure in the Hundred Thousand Demonic Beast Mountain was this step that wasn’t too difficult but was entangled with many different elements.

At this point of his cultivation, the state of mind was very important. If he didn’t own up to the consequences of his actions willingly and buried the toxic seed of inner demons in his heart, then this would prove to be a roadblock in his ascension to the Sight Stage.

That was why Lih Wuji came to him today and kowtowed to him three times. This was more for him entering the Sight Stage in the future than an apology for Shen Yih.

However, Shen Yih was not prepared for what happened next.

“So from today moving forward, I will call you my master!” Lih Wuji’s head was still bent down. Although Shen Yih did not expect this, Lih Wuji was more than willing to subject himself to Shen Yih.

“There’s no need for you to do this.” Shen Yih waved his sleeve around and said, “I was just kidding around during the day. I don’t believe that you are willing to be my disciple. If you are truly willing to become my disciple, why don’t you give up everything and become a subordinate of East Mansion?”

Much to Shen Yih’s surprise, he was met with Lih Wuji’s overjoyed face when he heard this. He said in a respectful manner, “Not a problem. From today and moving forwards, I will follow the Shen Mansion Master to the end of my days.”

“Have you thought things through? If you follow such a pleasure-seeking son like me, your future won’t be looking like much,” Shen Yih in turn probed.

Lih Wuji inhaled deeply. “That’s not my thinking. Everyone thinks that you are a low-life, but after I went back and investigated this matter thoroughly, I think that you’re a great talent.”

Shen Yih could not help but laugh. “Tell me more.”

“Young Master Shen Yih, you are one of the great talents that takes its time in unraveling. Because of you, it's only now that I truly know that even more exquisite Bear's Paws can be produced. The thing that stands out the most for me is that your Bear’s Paw contains the power of hundreds of families, and no ordinary person can see this. I have ventured to every corner of the Hundred Thousand Demonic Beast Mountain, and these two eyes have seen a lot of things. But your immeasurable talent happens to stick out in my memory!”

Lih Wuji’s tone was serious as he said, “I think your genius is one-of-a-kind. I am only willing to follow a true genius. And that genius is you!”

Shen Yih’s smile on his face grew wider and wider.

This was really too interesting. This Lih Wuji just proved he had good taste.

“You will know shortly that you have made the right choice today. However, the path following won’t be easy for you.” Shen Yih said in a serious voice, “First, you must write down my name.”

Not many people followed him in his previous life. And that was because there were not many who he thought was worthy enough. But it was different now. Though Lih Wuji wholeheartedly wanted to follow him, whether or not he would succeed was still left in the air.

“Name?” Lih Wuji’s body trembled slightly out of fear.

“Don’t worry about it. Let’s talk about something else. You will inherit the Bear’s Paw I used today,” Shen Yih said.

Lih Wuji was ecstatic when he heard that. He quickly bowed his head and said, “Thank you, my Lord!”

Lih Wuji could not get the Bear’s Paw that Shen Yih had used out of his mind when he came back. He tried to figure out what the Bear’s Paw was all about, but the more he tried to think it over, the more it eluded him.

“Alright, so right now I need to go out and buy some ingredients for my Cultivation. You can come with me.” Shen Yih gave his instructions.

The atmosphere for Cultivations in Yangguan Town was still too weak. If the Reincarnation Diamond Sutra was to be harnessed, he would need an added boost from ingredients. Just depending on the rate of his current Cultivation was not enough.

Buddha Thoughtless Tranquility!

He would never forget him!

In his previous life, even though he was called Nine Heavens War God and was nearly invincible, he still had one weakness. Otherwise, Buddha Thoughtless Tranquility would not have had the chance to defeat him.

However, he would never leave such an opening in this life.

Once he made his way to the Ninth Heaven, Buddha Thoughtless Tranquility's death will be a sure thing!

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