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In the vast and endless primal continent, a hundred beasts feared, and tens of thousands of birds vanished. Tens of thousands of feet up in the sky, several dozen rainbow-colored lights flashed from time to time, exceptionally dazzling.

A Young Taoist, dressed in a blue daoist robe, with a green sword in his left hand and a Mountain and River Diagram in his right, was at the center of the colorful light. The fierce battle had clearly lasted for many days. The tall mountains and the collapsed mountains, the dried up rivers, and the towering trees were all uprooted. Hundreds of cultivators' corpses were scattered around.

Young Taoist was graceful and graceful. With a wave of his left hand, the Cyan Meng Sword turned into an azure dragon and rushed like lightning towards a black-haired, red-faced young man. The young man was shocked, he immediately used his life guard treasure, Hua Ji, to meet him, at the same time, he clapped his hands together, causing countless of lights to flash, and completely cover him, then turned and ran.

The Cyan Meng Sword was also obviously a good treasure, as it turned into a green dragon, dodging or dodging ten over light beams that obstructed the way. One of the divine dragon's tails smashed Hua Ji to the ground, causing another mountain to immediately crumble. Taking a look at the direction the young man had escaped in, the green dragon roared and resounded through the horizon, his figure did not move, in a flash, he appeared behind the young man, opening his mouth and biting towards the young man, several protective magical equipment s were instantly shattered, with a scream, the young man's life vanished.

An old man with a red face who was desperately trying to block the attack cried out in grief as his heart felt like it was being stabbed by knives, "Ting Er!"

An old man about two feet tall shouted angrily, "What enmity do we have with you? Why do we have to kill them all?"

The Young Taoist stood proudly in the air, coldly saying: "That young man, how could he possibly have any grudges against you? Today's fruit, is the result of his past."

The elderly nodded his head repeatedly, "Alright! "Alright!"

He turned around and said to the red-faced old man and the other white-faced old man, "Brother Lei, Brother Jing, if we don't fight with our lives today, I'm afraid we will die here."

Old Man Lei and Old Man Jing looked at each other and nodded at the same time. A yellow bell and a green token appeared in front of the two.

Seeing that, the black faced old man opened his mouth and spat out a yellow bead. It formed a triangle with the yellow bell and green plate, surrounding Young Taoist in the center.

Young Taoist scrutinized the three treasures and his face revealed a look of admiration: "They are indeed the most valuable treasures between heaven and earth!"

The black-faced elder shouted angrily, "What is the relationship between that young man and you? You actually made us, the entire cultivation world, your enemy!"

Young Taoist didn't care about the threat of the three treasures at all. He raised his head to look at the hours and said, "He and I are from the same plane."

The three elders unexpectedly took a step back in the air at the same time. With expressions of shock, the white-masked old man repeatedly said, "I should have thought of this a long time ago. I should have thought of it a long time ago."

The red-faced elder urged Huang Zhong, "So what? This is the Sky Dragon Continent, are we still afraid of you?"

The other two old men reacted as well, calming their minds, they activated the green plate and the yellow bead, and rushed towards Young Taoist. The remaining dozens of cultivators on the outside also sacrificed their treasures and attacked Young Taoist.

The Mountain and River Diagram started to move automatically to block the various treasures. Young Taoist looked at the time and shouted loudly: Not now, when will it be!

On the ancient continent, right below the battlefield, a snail appeared out of nowhere, attracted by the multicolored light shining in the sky. Unexpectedly, a drop of blood essence fell down and wrapped itself around it. The snail's entire body shook and slowly lost consciousness.

In a trance, the snail felt as if it had arrived in another space. It was surrounded by the sounds of fighting, and all kinds of lights were flickering around it. The sounds of killing gradually faded away. Suddenly, he felt a great pain all over his body, but his heart was filled with a strange hatred. Suddenly, he felt dizzy, as if the entire world was spinning, and endless amounts of reincarnation swallowed him up.

The snail understood everything and endured the heart-wrenching pain. His eyes almost spewed fire as he opened his mouth to scream, but no sound came out.

In the blink of an eye, three hundred years had passed. In the past, no one came to the battlefield anymore. Even the beasts didn't dare to come, and only nature slowly healed the wounds.

Suddenly, with a groan, a trembling young man sat up under a huge tree that was lying on the ground. He looked at his hands, touched his cheeks and said, "It's finally over!"

The young man slowly stood up. Only when the breeze blew past his chicken body did he realize that he was naked. His face reddened as he silently chanted an incantation. A white robe flashed past his eyes and he wore a white robe.

The young man looked around and discovered that the surrounding mountains were collapsing and huge trees were lying on the ground. Only the grass covered the ground as he hatefully said, "Lei Family, Jing Clan, Ke Family, I will definitely teach you a lesson."

Before he could finish his words, five figures had already broken through the sky and approached him. The young man's expression changed drastically. "Dammit! It's been three hundred years, why are they still guarding this place?" With a flash, he disappeared from the spot.

Five figures wearing green, white, red, black, and yellow robes arrived in the blink of an eye. Looking around in shock, the green-robed cultivator said, "I could clearly sense the aura of a cultivator. How come it disappeared?"

The red robed cultivator's feet pushed off the ground as he rushed into the sky. He surveyed his surroundings before landing on the ground. He said in a clear voice, "There's no one within a thousand miles, he must be hiding somewhere." She was actually a peerless beauty. Her eyes were captivating as she gazed at her surroundings. "Wuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwu

The white-robed Daoist waved his hand, and the five of them moved in a flash, forming a circle and surrounding the entire area. The white-robed Daoist said in a clear voice, "Fellow Daoist, please come out. We have no ill intentions. It's just that we haven't seen any cultivators for three hundred years. We are confident that cultivators from the outside world won't be able to break in. We just want to get to the bottom of this."

As the breeze blew, a sweet fragrance assaulted the nostrils, and the surroundings were completely silent. The azure-robed Daolord's slender eyes narrowed slightly. "If you can hide, so can we. We've already guarded for three hundred years, after all. We don't care about guarding for another three hundred years."

A helpless voice said, "You promise you won't do anything to me?"

The white-robed cultivator said, "Fellow Daoist, if your movements weren't strange, then you might have a treasure with you. Even if we wanted to hurt you, it wouldn't be that easy."

His figure appeared in a flash, and he was indeed the young man who had hidden himself just now. He greeted the five of them with a smile: "This one is Bai Zhenyun, I,, greet the five fellow daoists."

The five of them looked at Bai Zhenyun who suddenly appeared, and the white robed cultivator said, "Fellow cultivator's concealing skills are indeed impressive, seems like it is indeed possible for you to hide from us and come to this place."

Bai Zhenyun's face turned awkward, he coughed and said: "Big brother must be joking, I have been here the entire time, and did not barge in from the outside."

When the five of them heard this, their expressions shook. The exceptional beauty in red robes said, "Impossible, it's been three hundred years. We've always been here, so why haven't we sensed you?"

The black-robed Daolord, who had been silent all this while, suddenly said, "It's also possible that he is an animal cultivator like us."

The other four people's eyes lit up, they all looked at Bai Zhenyun, but Bai Zhenyun heaved a sigh of relief, patted his chest and said: "So it's us, I thought you were cultivators outside, you scared me to death."

The yellow-robed man asked: "Gods and ghosts, cultivators can only transform into their human forms after reaching the Immortal Realm. I presume fellow cultivator has not reached the Immortal Stage yet?"

The red-robed beauty rolled her eyes. "That's right, based on your movement technique just now, you should at most be at the early stage of ghost immortal. How can a beast cultivator who has just entered the path of cultivation transform into a human?"

Bai Zhenyun's face was filled with helplessness, he did not know how to explain. Suddenly, he asked: May I ask, why are the five of you dressed like this?

The five of them looked at each other, then the white-robed cultivator asked, "Why do you ask? We are already at the Immortal Realm, and we no longer avoid the cold and heat. We are not afraid of swords or sabers, so why not wear plain clothes?"

Bai Zhenyun thought for a while and said: "Heaven and earth gods and ghosts, I am only at the initial stage of ghost immortal, all five of you are at the level of immortals, fighting you is definitely courting death, if you can't run, you can only hide, you can't find me, so why don't we be honest and have a good chat."

The white-robed Daoist laughed. "There's no harm in saying so. This outfit is called Daoist robes, because the five of us admire one person and so we imitate his attire."

Bai Zhenyun let out a breath of relief and bowed to the chief inspector of Earth's sects, then said: "So that's how it is. Greetings, five seniors."

The five were shocked. The white-robed Daoist asked anxiously, "How do you know how to salute? Who exactly are you? "

Bai Zhenyun explained: "It's a bit complicated, I was originally a snail, after going through a huge battle three hundred years ago, with a drop of blood essence that cleared out my consciousness, I understood what happened before and after, and at the same time, my body was also transformed by blood essence. Over these three hundred years, my body broke apart inch by inch, and at night, I recovered inch by inch.

The five of them were at a loss for words, which was also unbelievable. Bai Zhenyun continued to speak: "After opening up my divine sense, I finally understood that I was originally a cultivator on Earth who had coincidentally obtained a perfect world seed. Because I have not completely fused with it yet, the world seed was forcefully separated and I was sent into the cycle of reincarnation. I have actually become a snail. "

The red-robed beauty's eyes widened as she asked in shock, "Is what you said true?" Where is the Earth? "

Bai Zhenyun said, "Truthfully, Earth is a different planet, it's just like this continent. However, its spirit energy is not as abundant as this place, and it's not as big as this place."

The black-robed man asked, "Who is the Young Taoist that has swept across this continent? Did you manage to find the world seed? "

Bai Zhenyun's heart warmed. He replied, "He's my master, the world seed has also been seized back and has completely merged with me. Just now, I was hiding in my world."

The white-robed Daoist nodded. "So that's how it is. No wonder we couldn't find you."

The green-robed cultivator also asked, "Is it really a perfect world seed?"

Bai Zhenyun looked at him and laughed humorlessly, then asked: "Yes, does fellow cultivator want to come in to take a look?"

The green-robed cultivator retracted his head. "Forget it. I'm only a intermediate Immortal. If I were to be locked up by you, I wouldn't be able to get out."

The yellow-robed cultivator sighed, "world seed are simply too rare, much less a perfect world seed. No wonder there are people coveting it. However, your master, in order to save you, perished together with the top cultivators of this continent three hundred years ago. "

Bai Zhenyun's heart ached as he silently called out to the Immeasurable Sage. "Actually, this is only a clone of my master. The senior's true body didn't come, otherwise, he would have wiped this place clean long ago."

The five of them were so frightened that they took a step back. That knight was actually just a clone? "

Bai Zhenyun nodded, only then did he remember, and asked: "Oh right, what is your relationship with my master? Why was he also wearing a Daoist robe? Could it be that the old man accepted a disciple here? "

The five people hastily shook their heads. The white-robed Daoist explained, "No, no, how could we have that good fortune? Three hundred years ago, during the great battle, the top cultivators of the human race were all gathered here.

Bai Zhenyun doubtfully asked: "Even if they had teamed up, they would still not be my master's match. How could they still provoke you?"

The red-robed beauty said coldly, "Human cultivators are the greediest. They want our crystal cores to be able to quickly increase their cultivation. Although they knew that the Venerable One was powerful, they did not expect him to be so powerful, so they came here to take advantage of him."

Bai Zhenyun nodded his head: "I understand, you all should have survived under my master's protection."

The red-robed beauty replied, "Yes, back then we were only in the advanced stage of the Worldly Immortal Stage. Even though we could speak, we could not take human form. Venerable One ordered us to protect this place after saving us."

Bai Zhenyun suddenly felt that something was wrong. He looked at the five of them and asked, "The combined forces of the cultivators on this continent aren't a match for my master. Why do you guys say that my master died with them?"

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