Hegemons Call-out System/C10 feudal fiefdom
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Hegemons Call-out System/C10 feudal fiefdom
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C10 feudal fiefdom

There was no mayor, nor were there any officials appointed by the empire. Other than a battalion of troops, the four big families of Hal City controlled the life vein of the entire city. Not only did they have private troops, every family also had warriors who trained in warrior power. Although these families were all unranked powers, they had already been in the Hal City for many years, so they did not have to worry about controlling the economic lifeline of the entire Hal City. At the same time, they were also the actual controllers of the entire Hal City.

Of course, it had led to the development of other industries in the Hal City, such as bars and brothels, which had also become a special feature of the Hal City. There were also fighting fields and underground black markets, which were very chaotic, and the main reason was that the had not sent anyone to manage this place for more than ten years, so the Hal City was rather famous in the ten provinces of the border. Long Xuan brought his ten bodyguards to the Hal City. Looking at the situation of the Hal City, Long Xuan couldn't help but be dumbstruck. He really didn't think that the situation of the Hal City was so chaotic that it seemed like there was no order in the world. This place had become the empire's Bedlam Lands. Many people who committed evil in other places would come here and find it difficult. Over time, this place became the empire's sinful city, a paradise for villains.

Long Xuan brought his people and stayed in the old City Lord's Mansion. Everyone in the Hal City knew that the master of the Hal City, Prince Nineteen, had already come to the Hal City. Although the City Lord's Mansion was old, he was still neat and tidy. Other than the people responsible for cleaning the place, there was also a guard troop of nearly 200 people, who were responsible for the security of the City Lord's Mansion. Although the City Lord's Mansion had never been visited, his guards were always under the responsibility of the city guards outside the city.

Although they had obtained the recognition of the Four Great Clans when they came to the Hal City, they were either wanted criminals in the Empire or could not survive in the Empire. Now that they had finally occupied a seat in the Hal City, they did not want to lose anything that they had obtained so many things that day, so many of the powers had sent their envoys over to the Prince Nineteen to express their goodwill, to scout for King Xuan. At the same time, the Four Great Clans had also sent their envoys over to the Prince Nineteen to show goodwill. Everyone could ignore Long Xuan, but his status as a Prince Nineteen, as a member of the royal family, as well as the members of the Long family, made everyone in the Hal City not dare to ignore him, and even made them feel as if they were suffocating.

was really happy, today was his first day in the City Lord's Mansion, so when all the large and small forces in the city came to visit, he looked at the gifts that all the large and small forces had submitted, and was extremely surprised and happy, there were already 500 thousand purple gold coins, no grade 1 treasure, 98 grade 2 treasures, and also 10 grade 3 treasures. This made Long Xuan so happy that his mouth could not help but gape for a long time, and although he was only taking refuge in his own personal territory, when he heard the news about the Hal City from Long Yu, he couldn't help but sneer. He didn't even have a trusted subordinate here, so he immediately had the thought of changing this situation.

Long Xuan, on the other hand, allowed the system to absorb all of the treasures, "Absorption of 98 second grade treasures, 10 third grade treasures, increase the number of Martial Spirit Value by 10800, host can summon corresponding warriors, I still have 72.2W Martial Spirit Value before the next level up, so I have a total of 11400 Martial Spirit Value points.

Long Xuan thought that he currently lacked manpower, so he had to develop his own team first. Otherwise, how would he fight with those people, he planned to immediately summon a group of low level warriors to serve as his guards, with a lot of people and a lot of people. A Warrior would need 100 Martial Spirit Value, and with his current 1,1400 points, he would first need to summon a company of Warriors.

"Congratulations, the Host has summoned 114 Fighters. Please name them." When the music rang, a white light flashed before his eyes and 114 figures appeared in front of him. 114 warriors of the same color, stood in a neat row in front of Long Xuan, silver warrior's battle robes, silver helmet, all of them were around twenty years old, with a height of 1.7 years, looking especially Scholartree Wu. Long Xuan immediately named them after numbers, "Congratulations Host, you have successfully named them, have successfully activated warrior powerhouse dragon 1-dragon 114, and Martial Spirit Value 0 points."

Long Xuan called Long Lei and Long Yi over and decided to set up his own team of guards. The leader of the team would be Long Lei, with 11 small teams, with 10 people each, led by 6 Warrior Warriors and a team led by Long Yi and Old Fu. Long Yu would be leading one team, while the other four would be responsible for the guard of the gatehouse. After arranging a division of labor for everyone, Long Xuan started to think about how to obtain treasures and gold coins. After all, all he had to do was obtain a large number of Martial Spirit Value s, and without the Martial Spirit Value s, he would be an idle prince, and no one would think too highly of him.

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