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C18 Prince Love Money

Ever since Long Xuan had consumed the "Five Elements Pellets", he had become more diligent, and it was as if he gained countless of vitality. A smile was hung all over his face, causing the people in the City Lord's Mansion to be filled with confusion, but everyone knew that Prince Xuan was definitely in an extremely good mood. Otherwise, he wouldn't have a smile on his face all day. Ever since Long Xuan started cultivating half a month ago, he had already learned the [Snow Dragon Arts], and in an extremely short period of time, he broke through to a 1-star warrior, becoming a true cultivator. For this reason, Long Xuan's disciples had set up a separate cultivation room in the City Lord's Mansion for him, and for the past half month, aside from training, he had also trained himself in this cultivation room. The system had been in a silent state ever since it was upgraded, and Long Xuan had never felt that it was so fulfilling.

During this half a month, ever since the Pan Family set foot on the King Xuan's Mansion, the other powers of the Hal City were also tempted. Not only did the various families send their higher ups to frequently contact the City Lord's Mansion, but they also sent them to search for useful leads, and throughout this half a month, Long Xuan had always been in closed door training, so Long Xuan did not have the time to pay attention to them. They could only set their sights on Pan Dongming. When I was alone, I would often sigh with emotion, "It still requires the support of a great power, ah, to think that my Pan Family's five generations of generations have struggled with our lives for five hundred years, it would be even worse than a prince's mansion in the imperial city." These words caused everyone in the Pan Residence to sigh with emotion.

Pan Dongming is also a famous old cunning fox, the moment Long Xuan came to the Hal City, he had already started planning to rely on the King Xuan's Mansion. Although the rumors say that the King Xuan is a cultivation waste, but what does it have to do with our Pan Family, we Pan Family do not want to be the emperor, we Pan Family only want to use the line of the King Xuan to get in touch with the higher ranking Liu family or the current emperor, and consider this as the Pan Family not having much development in his generation, but as long as he himself enters the power system of the King Xuan's Mansion, there will be a day when the opportunity arises, and our own Pan Family only wants to take a step upwards.

As long as he could persuade the King Xuan to allow these families to be subordinate to the King Xuan's Mansion, those conditions would be his own. This was something that the Pan Family and the few great families had fought over for many years, and Pan Dongming never thought that these families would pay such a huge price, with the goal of submitting to the King Xuan's Mansion. No matter what the outcome would be, he had to go and fight for it. If he could persuade King Xuan, not only would Pan Family benefit greatly, in the future, wouldn't he have more of a face in front of them? Thus, the moment Pan Dongming heard that Long Xuan had come out of seclusion, he immediately went to the City Lord's Mansion and had the guards report him, but he did not expect that the King Xuan would actually meet him, and caused the other powers who were hiding in the shadows to greatly change their expressions. Looks like this Pan Dongming was indeed recognized by the Prince Xuan, otherwise, they would have all run into the City Lord's Mansion the moment he arrived, and the things that the other powers promised the Pan Family would have to do even faster.

had even received Pan Dongming at the Guildmaster's Guest Assembly's Guest Hall, and since this was the first time he had accepted a servant power, he himself had to treat his differently. He immediately sent a servant to serve him tea and a chair for him, which made Pan Dongming very touched, because in the empire, he was now an servant of Long Xuan, and even if he was not a slave, it was impossible for him to receive such high treatment.

Pan Dongming then explained his purpose of coming here, when he heard it, his eyes couldn't help but light up. At that moment, he was yearning for a large number of Martial Spirit Value s, and as for the servant power, he did not take it seriously. If he had enough Martial Spirit Value s, his own power would be even stronger, and at that time, there would not be a lot of servants. He immediately gave it some thought and said to Pan Dongming: "Okay, if the conditions are the same as your Pan Family, then there won't be a problem. However, as the subordinate forces, they will have to add another six treasures of at least the third grade."

Pan Dongming could not help but be overjoyed, and promptly nodded: "Your Highness, no problem, these families' history are not much worse than our Pan Family's, they all have several hundred years of legacies, and a few treasures should not be a problem."

"Alright, then go and arrange a time for them to come over. Perhaps in two days, I will be returning to the capital. The emperor is about to ascend to the throne, so I must return. As for the matters of your families, I will get some people to arrange it for me." Long Xuan slowly said.

Pan Dongming could not help but be overjoyed, as long as Long Xuan returned back to the capital, in the future, he would send people over to help build a relationship, wouldn't this be a common opportunity in the future? He was afraid that if Long Xuan stayed in the Hal City and asked him to leave, their Pan Family would have a chance. Maybe when the time came, he would be able to apply for half of the Empire's official positions, and then the Pan Family would be rich, and all the big and small officials in the Empire would need a name, and they would also need someone to recommend them as security. Otherwise, no matter how high your cultivation level was, you would only be able to enjoy the privileges of nobility and other benefits, but unless you submit to a large power, there would definitely be a price for you to obtain the position of an official. Pan Dongming had long ago gained a reputation, but he had never been able to find a guarantor. If Long Xuan could recommend him, then he could obtain at least a seventh grade official position, maybe he could become some kind of prescription? This way, the Pan Family would have even more hope. Looking at the happy Pan Dongming, Long Xuan laughed, but as he thought back to the system's update, Long Xuan could only ask him to send the treasure over.

Early in the morning on the second day, the Patriarch of the Bai Clan brought along the items that Long Xuan had requested and paid a visit to him. Long Xuan did not expect that not only did the Bai Clan would gift him with 100 million purple gold coins, they would even gift him with six fourth-grade treasures.

In the next few days, all the different kinds of forces in the Hal City came to Long Xuan's residence. In an instant, the news of the Prince Nineteen being fond of money spread throughout the entire Hale Region, while Long Xuan received more than several billion purple gold coins, 100 pieces of third-grade treasures, and 24 pieces of fourth-grade treasures. Long Xuan's waist pocket bulged up, making it so that he could not fall asleep.

Long Xuan did not have the heart to think any further, because he had already reached the holiness Realm in the capital and wanted to enter the capital immediately. But Long Xuan did not want to rush into the capital right now, the system was going to update tomorrow. He would have to wait for the update from the system first, otherwise, he would not feel at ease.

When Hal City spread the news that she loved money, Long Xuan only laughed it off. She was really in need of a large amount of money and treasures, not because she loved money, but because this system loved money. Long Xuan had blamed all of this on the system.

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