Hegemons Call-out System/C9 System Upgrade
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Hegemons Call-out System/C9 System Upgrade
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C9 System Upgrade

Time flew, and in the blink of an eye, a month had passed. Long Xuan had stayed in Sha City for a month, and the time for the system to update had come.

"Congratulations!" "Host, please take note of the system's new functions." A Cursor Diagram appeared on the brain painting, "This time, the system has increased the functionality of pills, weapons, equipment, and cultivation techniques. The host can purchase all kinds of pills, weapons, and cultivation techniques and skills from the system's medicine bar.

"Due to the system's successful upgrade, the reward for the item upgrade is a big gift pack. Host, please check it out in the shortest time possible."

Long Xuan slowly looked through the pellets. When he saw a type of pellet, he was stunned, "Five Elements Pellet", a mid-grade Earth Rank pellet. It allows people without warrior energy to cultivate. Long Xuan being unable to cultivate had always been the greatest pain in his heart, he never thought that he would be able to cultivate this system after levelling up. He suddenly felt that his body was filled with vitality, although the demand of the Martial Spirit Value was extremely high, Long Xuan was still filled with hope.

Moreover, there were still pills which could directly help a warrior to break through into the next level. "Breaking Realm Pill", low-rank earth-step, against warriors below the Dou Ling level, could only help them break through to the next level and not the next level, for example, from the warrior to the Dou Shi, this pill had no effect, it could only help a one star warrior break through to the two star warrior, all the way until the warrior reached the maximum level. The trading points for this pill was not small, one pellet required ten W Martial Spirit Value, which was equivalent to the price of a king level warrior.

The Earth Rank cultivation technique and Earth Rank combat weapon made Long Xuan even more speechless.

"Braveheart Continent" was a continent of warriors that cultivated Dou Qi. Cultivators cultivate their Dou Qi by training nonstop every day, and no one had ever heard of any medicinal pellet that could increase a warrior's cultivation. This time, the medicinal pellet provided by the system was really heaven defying, as long as Long Xuan had enough Martial Spirit Value, he would not have to worry about not being able to cultivate.

After a summary of his statistics, Braveheart Continent classified his battle qi cultivation technique into four levels: Heaven, Earth, and Heaven. dian. dian. dian. dian. dian. dian. dian. di. Xuan. Yellow!

And each step was divided into three stages: Beginner, Intermediate, and High!

The level of the battle qi cultivation technique one practiced was also the key to one's future achievements. For example, a person who practiced a middle Xuan level cultivation technique was naturally a bit stronger than someone of the same level who practiced a high Huang level technique.

Braveheart Continent's ability to differentiate between the strong and the weak depended on four conditions.

Firstly, the most important thing is of course one's own strength. If one's strength is only at the level of a One Star Warrior, then even if one cultivates a Heaven Stage High Rank rare technique, it would still be difficult to defeat the Dou Shi of a person who cultivates a Yellow Rank technique.

Next was the cultivation technique! For an expert of the same level, if your martial arts technique was of a much higher level than your opponent, then during the match, all sorts of advantages would be apparent.

Third, is called Dou Technique!

As the name suggested, it was a special skill to unleash Dou Qi. Dou Technique also had levels on the continent, and in general, they were also divided into Heaven, Earth, Earth, Profound, and Yellow levels.

There were countless Dou Technique in the Braveheart Continent but most of them were only around the Yellow Rank. If one wanted to obtain a deeper Dou Technique, they had to join a sect or a Dou Qi Academy on the continent.

Of course, some of them relied on their fortuitous encounters and obtained the cultivation techniques of their predecessors, or had their own Dou Technique s, which were compatible with each other, making them even more powerful.

Fourth, a Warrior Weapon. A Warrior Weapon was split into Heavens. dian. dian. dian. dian. dian. dian. dian. di. Xuan. The fourth stage of Yellow Level was also divided into the initial stage, middle stage, and high stage!

Relying on these four conditions, he was able to determine the strong and the weak. Overall, if he was able to obtain a high level Dou Qi Method, the benefits in the future would be self-evident ?

However, high level Dou Qi Cultivation Methods were hard for ordinary people to obtain. The most common cultivation techniques that could be found in the common class were only the Yellow Rank. Some of the stronger clans or small sects should have a Xuan Rank cultivation method.

Above the Xuan class was the Earth class. However, this kind of high class Qi Method was something that only those powerful factions and large empires possessed ?

As for the Heaven Stage ? It had not been seen for thousands of years.

Long Xuan was very satisfied with the system's new upgrade, especially with the new pill's new function. He had hopes of cultivating his own Qi Method. Now that the system upgrade was complete, Long Xuan urgently needed to summon a few experts to his side to ensure his safety. He immediately let Dragon One take the treasures and hid in his room, he first placed the two fifth grade treasures he obtained from the capital on the desk. With "Absorption" in his mind, a white light flew out from Long Xuan's body and wrapped around the treasures on the table, and in the blink of an eye, the white light returned back to Long Xuan's body and disappeared without a trace. The beautiful female voice sounded out again.

"Absorbing 2 fifth grade treasures, increasing the number of Martial Spirit Value by 20W. Host can summon the appropriate warriors. I still have 80W Martial Spirit Value before my next upgrade, so host, please keep up the effort." With a burst of melodious music from the system,

"Congratulations, the host has summoned two Arena Warriors. Please name them."

As the music played, there was a flash of white light, and two figures appeared in front of them. They were both dressed in silver warrior robes, both were in their thirties, and with a height of 1.7, they looked like a scholar. At this moment, their eyes were glazed, without any signs of life, like two puppets. Looking at the two men in front of him, Long Xuan smiled slightly, and immediately, the Cursor Diagram in his mind had the names "Long Yu, Long Lei" and "Long Yu".

"Congratulations to the host for successfully being named, and successfully activated the Arena expert Long Yu, Long Lei, and the Martial Spirit Value 600 points." After the system's notification sound, Long Yu and Long Lei suddenly moved, their faces flushed red, their eyes released a cold light, their bodies moved, looking at Long Xuan who was in front of them, they slowly knelt down, and said:

"Servant Feng greets the master."

Long Xuan was overjoyed, at long last he had two more capable men, causing him to be unable to keep his smile, and he placed the rest of the treasures on the table, the sweet sounding female voice sounded again.

"Absorb 5 Grade 4 treasures, 10 Grade 3 treasures, increase the number of Martial Spirit Value by 6W. The Host can summon the corresponding Warriors. I still have 74W Martial Spirit Value before my next level-up. Please continue your hard work, Host." With a burst of melodious music from the system,

"Congratulations to the Host for summoning six Dou Spirit Martial Disciples. Please name them." As the music played, a burst of white light flashed in front of their eyes, and six figures appeared in front of them, all dressed in silver warrior robes. They were in their twenties, with a height of 1.7. Long Xuan specially selected the younger generation to summon them, because they would become his personal guards, after all, he was about to go to his own territory, and had a lot of people with him, to ensure his safety. "Congratulations to host for successfully naming it as Dragon 2, Dragon 3, Long Si, Dragon 5, Dragon 6, Dragon 7, and Martial Spirit Value 600 points." After the system's notification sound, the six of them suddenly moved, their faces flushed red, their eyes released a cold light, their bodies moved, they looked at Long Xuan who was in front of them, and slowly knelt down, and said:

"Servant Feng greets the master."

"Okay, you will be my personal bodyguards in the future. Long Yu and Long Lei are the leaders of the two of you. Is there a problem with that?" The eight of them replied in unison. Long Xuan had Long Yu bring the two of them out to arrange things, but he was still thinking about the System's big lottery bag.

"The host opens the lottery pack and obtains the chance to randomly choose a middle stage fighter, middle stage pill, middle stage weapon, middle stage technique, or middle stage Dou Technique. Do you want to draw the lottery now?" Long Xuan could not help but laugh out loud when he heard this, the good news came to an end, and he immediately selected silently, a spinning wheel appearing in his mind. On top of the spinning wheel, there were eight choices, there were three blank choices, and it seemed like there was still a chance of success, the system notification sounded out once again, "Host has chosen drawing, the system will begin drawing once again, a minute later, the needle had landed on the cultivation technique, following the sound of the music, the Cursor Diagram's mind glowed with a rainbow of colors," Congratulations, low-rank earth-step technique "Dragon's Roar Art".

The cultivation method was divided into ten levels, and each level corresponded to a cultivation level. The highest level allowed one to cultivate to the Holy-ranked, and why was it that in the entire Braveheart Continent, there were only so few Holy-ranked warriors, that was why there were no Holy-ranked cultivation techniques, and why was the rarity and rarity of cultivation techniques as a foundation. In the entire continent, currently, only the Four Great Empires had Earth-ranked techniques, and no one knew if any of them existed.

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