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C9 He is gay

Episode Nine

Theme: He is gay

Arike’s POV

“Perhaps are you expecting someone? Oh wait! Lemme guess Busayomi is coming right?" He asked.

"No, she just left few hours ago." I answered.

"So why is there so much food on the table?" He asked again. No response.

Why am I scared right now?

"Did you predicted my visit and cooked my favorite?!" He smiled. "Awnnnn that's so cute. You're such a darling." He patted my head.

"No Dayo -" I stopped him when he tried to hug me. "I didn't set the table for you."

"Okay..." He settled in one of the chairs.

I summoned the courage to say the words. He can't kill me but I am just worried about what he would say and how he would react.

"Bamidele is coming to have dinner with me."

He dropped the plate he was holding and looked up at me. "You're kidding right?" He chuckled. When I say chuckle - it was devious.

"I am serious." I said.

"No you can't be serious!" He shouted and I jumped. I should have prepared for his reaction.

"I invited him over."

He stood up and stood in front of me, looking straight into my eyes. "Arike?" He placed his hands on my shoulder blades. "Why are you so stubborn?"

I moved his hands away. "My stubbornness has nothing to do with anything." I said.

"Oh really? Why set the whole table for him? Is he your boyfriend now?!" He was furious.

"Dayo stop over- reacting!"

"Answer me Arike! Is he your boyfriend?!" He yelled.

"No he is not my boyfriend." I responded.

"Fine..fine.." he breathed out. "I don't want to see him around here. So you better call him up and cancel this dinner." He sounded like he was commanding me. And I hate being told what to do and he knows that!

I laughed. I think I have heard enough.

"The last time I checked you don't own me. I can do whatever I want. I can invite anyone - this is my home!"

"Don't you get it? I don't want to see you with Bamidele!" He blurted our.

"And why is that?!"

"You shouldn't be seen with someone like him." He replied.

"I will be the one to decide that not you." I walked back to the living room.

"Arike don't you dare walk away from me, I am not done talking." He hated that shit of someone walking out on him and I purposely did it to make him angry.

"Dayo...please don't tell me what to do."

He blocked me from watching the TV. "Babe,” he sighed. “I don't like your friendship with that guy."

"What's wrong with him? You keep telling me to stay away from him without giving me a good reason."

Few seconds passed before he answered me. "Never mind. Just stay away from him." He tried to walk away but I blocked his pathway.

"Tell me why?"

"It's nothing."

"Okay...then I won't stay away from him. And as a matter of fact I have decided to give him a chance."

Well I only said that to try to make him tell me the truth about Bamidele.

"You better don't try it."

"Maybe I'll change my mind if you tell me the truth about Bamidele."

"Oh! So all these while you've hanging out with him, you still don't know how true colors?"

"We only went out once but we've been friends for a while now."

"Well Bamidele did a great job at putting up a facade so you can fall for him." He clapped his hands. "Bravo! If only you know his true colors then you won't be here preparing dinner for him."

"Go straight to the point. Tell me what you know about Bamidele." I pestered him.

"Ask him this question once he arrives. For me...I am not going anywhere and I won't let him into this place."

"Seriously? If you are not going to tell then I don't care!"

"It's best you stay away from him!"

"Don't tell me what to do." I snapped.

"A good attorney shouldn't be seen with a man who hits on other men!" He hissed and flopped down on the couch.

I stopped in track and turned to face him. "What did you just say?"

"Are you deaf? Which of the words I just said did you not hear?" He eyed me.

I was confused. "What do you mean by a man hitting on other men?"

"Bamidele is gay." Adedayo answered.

My jaw dropped completely.

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