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"I won't marry!" Yao Xinyu coldly looked at her stepmother, who was still in full fury with Meng Hui, and rebutted her words. Perhaps Yao Xinyu could agree to other matters, but definitely not this one!

As soon as she finished her sentence, she threw a palm onto Yao Xinyu's face, and four bloody handprints appeared on her face.

Yao Xinyu turned her head and stared at her, her hands slowly clenching into fists at her sides, her lips tightly pursed.

Meng Hui knew that Yao Xinyu had always been patient and would not do anything. With that thought in mind, she became even more proud. With one hand on her waist, she poked Yao Xinyu's forehead with the other hand and said, "You damned girl, you still dare to glare at me?! So what if I want you to marry me? Look at Director Mo's conditions, he was the president of the largest multinational company in Southeast Asia, the Mo Group. He was worth hundreds of billions, how could he not feel wronged?! You still have the face to say that you won't marry? Look at yourself. What are your conditions? They are already 25. Now that someone wants to marry you, you should be happy! Yet you are still giving me face! "

Yao Xinyu had heard of the CEO of the Mo family. He never appeared in magazines, and never accepted interviews. According to rumors, he only used three years to turn the Mo Group into the largest multinational company in Southeast Asia. His methods were cold and sinister, unrivalled. More importantly, there were rumors that he had been married once and had given birth to a child. Who would be willing to marry their daughter to someone else as their stepmother?

Yao Xinyu knew that Meng Hui had never been so kind before. If it wasn't for her father, she wouldn't have come back today. Yao Xinyu never wanted to argue with her, so she turned to leave.

Yao Jianguo grabbed Yao Xinyu and said to Meng Hui, "Well, Meng Hui, that's enough for you! It scared the child! You can go back to your room first, I need to talk to Xinyu! " Yao Jianguo frowned, clearly dissatisfied with what Meng Hui had done.

Meng Hui was about to say something, but seeing that Yao Jianguo's expression changed, she walked away angrily.

For a moment, the only sound in the room was the ticking of the clock.

"Xinyu, is it painful?" Yao Jianguo was the first to break the silence. He reached out his hand to take a look at Yao Xinyu's face, but Yao Xinyu tilted her head and dodged. "Yao Jianguo's hands missed their target and he stopped mid-air. With a light cough, he put his hands down and put his hands behind his back." Are you blaming Dad? "

Yao Xinyu was silent. It was false to say that she didn't blame this father, she blamed him for rarely visiting them while her mother was still alive; she blamed him for not having seen her mother for the last time after her death and letting her mother die in hatred; she blamed him for taking her to A City. He knew what Meng Hui was doing to her, but he had always turned a blind eye to her; she blamed him for …

But how much love for her father was hidden in every word! Yao Xinyu herself didn't realize it.

"Why me? Why not Yao Mengxue? Dad, have you ever thought about me? " Yao Xinyu felt wronged. She had never felt so disappointed before.

"Xinyu!" Yao Jianguo's face flashed a look of guilt, "Daddy won't hide it from you, it's just that there's a problem with the operation of the company this time. As long as the Mo family is willing to contribute their capital, then the Mo family can get through this crisis, and there's only one condition for the Mo family to invest in, and if you marry your daughter to the Mo family's third young master, then Director Mo will be interested in you!" Father has no other way, only you can save Yao family. Do you want to know what father has begged you for all these years? "One time, just this once. As long as you agree, father will never beg you again!"

Yao Xinyu's gaze flickered, but she didn't say anything. She knew that Lady Yao was his life's work.

Seeing Yao Xinyu's expression flicker, Yao Jianguo stepped forward and took her hand, "Xinyu, Daddy really has a hard time this time. Otherwise, he wouldn't have come to beg for your help. If you don't agree, Daddy won't force you. If the company goes out of business, it will go out of business. I still have you! "It's a pity that dad has so many Yao employees. If I lose my job, how will I live?" As she spoke, she shook her head.

"Dad, let me think!" Sure enough, she was too soft-hearted. Yao Xinyu smiled wryly in her heart.

"Let's sleep at home today!"

Yao Xinyu didn't know how she got back to her room. She couldn't remember what she had just said. All she knew was that Yao Jianguo's last smile.

A phone call brought Yao Xinyu back to reality. It was Grandma Wang Xiufen.


"Well, Xinyu, your grandma knows about the marriage that your father arranged for you." Lili didn't even have time to speak before her words were cut off.

"Your dad doesn't want that to happen. You know how much effort he put in for Yao Family, and now only you can help your dad. Although this Director Mo has a child, that's not a problem. "After you marry him, think of a way to have one with him. If you hold the ownership in your own hands, what's there to be afraid of when you have security?"

Yao Xinyu didn't want to say more to her, so she said, "Grandmother, don't worry about it. I know what I'm doing."

"You child, how could you know? You have to listen to the words of the old man. I won't teach you who. I'm doing this for your own good. If you marry me, you have to make plans for yourself!"

Yao Xinyu laughed in her heart. It was for her own good again. She didn't even agree. It was really shrewd of an old man to be acting so arrogantly here. Yao Xinyu hated the feeling of being pressured the most.

"Grandma, I'll be hanging up first. Let's talk about this later!" After saying that, Yao Xinyu quickly hung up the phone.

But most of the time, if you didn't want to escape, others would just let you go. After hanging up, you would come back. It was your aunt, Yao Suzhen. Yao Xinyu wanted to see what she wanted to do!

"Xinyu, I'm an aunt. I heard you're going to get married soon."

She was getting married, how could she not know? Yao Xinyu sneered in her heart.

"Aunty, let me tell you, I've asked around. Director Mo is the number one person in Southeast Asia. He has money and power, you have to grasp it well." This shop will not exist after this village. "

"What good is it for you if I marry him?" Yao Xinyu knew her well as an open-minded aunt.

"Child, look at what you're saying." Yao Susu said flattering on the other end of the phone, "What can I get? It's not because I want you to. You never had a mother since you were young. Marry a good family. We're happy. Aunt is thinking for your sake."

Yet another good family member who had done this for her!

Yao Xinyu could almost think of her greedy face right now, "Aunt, I'm tired. I have to go to work tomorrow." He directly hung up without waiting for her to speak.

It was too tiring, too tiring! Yao Xinyu leaned against the bed and stared blankly, thinking back to everything that had happened today …

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