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C2 -

It had been a week since Venus had been walking around, in search of a pack she could settle into and call home, as she was walking through the thick forest, silently munching on her chips while her headphones were tucked in her ears.

She heard slight rustling, due to her sharp werewolf senses she felt it, and took off her headphones, adrenaline pumping in, the entire 'fight or flight' kicking in.

She put her food away, and she then heard footsteps, shortly after three tall and burly men emerged from behind the thick bushes, all three of them shirtless with impressive bodies on show.

Werewolves were used to seeing such toned bodies, humans weren't.

The one in the middle snarled and looked at her in disgust, slightly offended she looked down at herself, she was wearing a white tee that was tucked into her light denim jeans, a pair of white converse and a denim jacket to complete here look, Venus had also showered this morning in one of the motel rooms.

"What are you doing on pack land rogue?" The middle one spat, as he flashed his canines at her.

Slightly confused she looked between the three of them.

"Speak! What is your business here?" The one on the left asked, angered by her lack of response.

"I-I didnt know this was pack land, i was just passing by," Venus said, defending herself, she didn't want to get into trouble.

"Lies, you came here for a reason rogue, no one just 'passes by' in Dark Crescent, so tell me you ball of filth, who sent you?" This time the one on the right spoke.

Okay they are taking it to far with the names, Venus thought, when it hit her, she had trespassed in the Dark Crescent pack, the same one that destroyed her old pack, shit!

Her eyes widened slightly, and before she could open her mouth to say that she was on her way, the wolf on the right struck her, catching her off guard as he twisted her arms behind her back, frightened she stomped on his foot, hard.

The injured wolf growled and the middle wolf then caught onto her arm, intending to throw her to the ground, she turned and kicked him where the sun doesn't shine. His eyes widened and he cupped his crotch and fell to his knees.

As Venus was recovering from their sudden attack the third wolf already had hold of her, in a way that she couldn't save herself now. She was trapped.

The dude that she hit in the nuts was red from anger, as he tried to slap Venus across the face but both the men stopped him, as their eyes became distant, they were mind linking.

"Walk bitch," the dude she kicked in the nuts said, glaring holes into her head as she walked with her hands restricted behind her back.

As they walked out of the forest they started towards a big blank building, and it wasn't the good kind, even a blind person could tell that it was a dungeon of some sort.

Just as they reached the gates, there stood a man, conversing with the guards, his form emitted power, he his skin a beautiful shade of mocha, his body had a good amount of muscle, it complemented his 6 ft height, a mop of dark curly hair sat on his head, as if sensing someones eyes on his he turned around, his eyes were a dull green, like that of faded autumn leaves at the start of November.

His jaw was sharp, and his brows thick, he was a very handsome werewolf, he looked like a model.

"Who is this?" The good looking wolf asked,

"Gamma," the three wolves behind her tipped their heads downwards as a sign of respect, so he was the gamma, Venus thought.

A gamma was third in command, his status was right after the Beta.

"Sir we caught her sneaking around the borders, when we asked her why she was here, the she-wolf decided to act coy and told us she was only passing by, when she clearly was not," one of her captors explained.

Liars, she thought.

"With all due respect sir, your pack members are lying, i had no intention of trespassing, i did not know i had walked on pack land, and if they had patience enough and not attacked me firsthand and if they had asked, i was leaving anyways, and i was NOT sneaking around," Venus said, agitated that she was being held back from reaching her destination.

The Gamma silently studied the she-wolf in front of him, judging by the way one of the warrior was limping when he came, while the other grimaced and secretly cupped his crotch.

The daring she-wolf had put up a fight, this was new Gabriel thought, his eyes full of amusement, either she was very courageous or very dumb.

"Take her to the beta, he would know what to do, i see her as no threat, but since you feel otherwise..." Gabriel trailed off, the warriors got the hint and started towards the Betas office.

What a spitfire she was, Gabriel thought, chuckling lightly.

The trip to the Betas office consisted of pushing and pulling and constant cursing.

When they reached towards a beautiful building the guards informed them that the Beta was with the Alpha in a meeting.

Groaning they once again pulled her to another place.

From lush green gardens to beautiful shops and buildings, Venus was in awe of the pack beauty, startled because she thought it would be some dark gloomy place but it wasn't.

As a beautiful big mansion came in view, they went past the large mahogany doors, in to see a beautiful foyer, with big chandeliers and equally beautiful decor and furniture, on the side was a round staircase.

At this point, all of the bravado Venus had in her started retreating and fear took place, even her wolf Kaya was whimpering.

They started up the stairs, walking past a couple of rooms, and standing outside a beautifully carved mahogany door.

As they stood outside and silently waited, Venus could have sworn that the people on the other side of the door could hear the thumping of her heart.

The mens eyes glazed over, they were mind linking, shortly after they opened the door and pushed Venus in.

She shivered, her wolf was in a frenzy, and her heart was about to beat out of her chest, she didn't dare look up.


Dante sat in his chair, his Beta, Knox, sat in the char in front of him, as they discussed pack matters.

Knox was a scary man to most, he was 6'2 with oozing muscle, defined features, and mahogany coloured hair, his brows were thick and there was a light scar running across his right cheek, it only added to his frightening allure. His eyes were a sharp colour of metallic grey, it looked striking against his tanned features, and his thick beard, women craved for his attention and touch, he was a stunning man, but he already had a mate.

Dante was conversing with Knox, when one of the pack members linked his Beta, telling him there was an urgent matter that needed his attention,

"Tell them to discuss it here, and cut it short," Dante snapped, annoyed that his meeting was being interrupted.

The door was thrown open and a girl was pushed in, her head bent, as her waist length brown hair covered her face.

It was then that the scent of Lavender and mint hit him, hard.

Venus on the other hand was almost sent to her knees by the strong scent of spice and woods, the scent was so alluring she snapped her head up to find the source, her eyes met with the pair of most beautiful eyes, it robbed her of speech and breath, his face was beautifully chiseled to perfection, his left eye was pulling her in, like sinking into the depths of the ocean, but instead of feeling frightened she was in awe of the beauty, while his right eye was green, with gold specks around the iris, it was like pushing her into a land of never ending lush green forests that she never wanted to come out of, the broad expanse of his shoulders had her mind reeling, as he wore a black dress shit that was rolled up to his forearms, the skin showing was tanned and covered with tattoos, it was the sexiest thing.

Was she breathing too slow or too fast?

She couldn't believe it, as the occupants of the room were a blur, it was only him.

Her eyes softened, as her wolf yipped happily, she finally found him, she looked for traces of warmth and recognition in his beautiful eyes, the only emotion she had seen was slight shock upon seeing her, only for it to vanish and a dark, in different look to come upon his face.

His face was emotionless, and she flinched slightly from his gaze that held her. He looked angry now.

"What do we have here?" The man sitting in front of the desk asked, he was big and very very handsome.

"Hello, sweetheart."


Hello darlings,

So they meet, but i wonder whats going on in Dantes head, next chap coming up soon.

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