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C3 -

"Hello sweetheart," the beta says, completely oblivious to what happened between the alpha and the girl.

"Alpha, beta Knox," her captors bowed slightly,

Meanwhile Venus was still frozen, unable to believe his silent rejection of her, her eyes begging him to say something.

"State the problem boys," knox says impatiently.

"Sir she was trespassing," they said.

"So whats new in this, question her and put her in the cells, you're acting as if you're new to this procedure," knox snapped.

All the while Dante was silent, his eyes cold.

Venus felt as if her lungs were on fire, his silent rejection and the fact that he was not even defending her made her wolf growl in her head, so she took matters into her own hands.

"Ive been over with this ten times, you three are clearly deaf, sir look, i didn't know i was on pack land okay, i meant no harm, can i please leave, your warriors are not as smart as rumour says they are, they look like fools?" venus exclaimed, she knew she shouldn't have said it, but damn, her wolf was restless and so was she.

"Hey how dare you-,"

"Listen here bitch-"

"Okay who the fuck-"

The three warriors were cut off by a loud bang, everyone straightened, Venus looked up to see that he had slammed his hand against the desk to silence everyone, his eyes bright, flashing with anger.

"ENOUGH!" Dante boomed as be stood to his full height, everyones heads in the room tilted downwards upon the sheer authority and power in his voice.

All except Venus, as she looked him dead in the eye, dismissing his command, her wolf standing on guard.

The occupants of the room peeked their heads up to see the stubborn girl had not moved upon the command, surprised and unnerved they looked at each other.

Knox was mind blown, what the actual fuck, he thought.

Dante growled, the disrespect he got from the stubborn chit was inexcusable.

"Take her to one of the rooms, and lock her there," Dante growled out, his lycan surfacing, his eyes darkening.

The warriors were surprised, after such a show of disrespect they thought the girl would surely be beheaded but the alpha wanted her in a room.

They quickly held onto her, Venus pulled her arms from their grasps and hissed through clenched teeth,

"Don't touch me, i can walk by myself," glaring at Dante on her way out.

After they left, the office consisted to silence.

Knox was the first to speak, grinning widely, he looked at his best friend who was trying to control his lycan.

"Shes your mate," it wasn't a question, it was a statement.

"Shut your mouth before i shut it for you," Dante snapped, his lycan was trying to mark her the moment she walked through the door but Dante was keeping him at bay.

Knox let out a loud rumbling laugh,

"Oh you're gonna have your hands full with that one, wait till Sophia finds out, she would be ecstatic." Knox said.

Sophia was Knoxs mate, a beautiful she-wolf, she was tall and slender, her feminine frame of 5'7 along with her blonde hair and baby blue eyes, and sharp features made her look like a model, she was stunning at the age of 23. Knox being 28.

"You will not tell anyone about this Knox," Dante hissed out.

Knox knew if he questioned his friend further her would loose it, so he refrained, and he walked out but not before saying,

"Dante look, i know how hard this must he but, give the girl a chance, don't do that to her man, see for yourself, maybe she could change you for the better like our mates did to us, you think you don't need it but trust me, you NEED her," he finished, as he sighed and walked out.


It had been two days since Venus had been locked in this room, it was a beautiful room, a nice bed, with night stands, a fire place, a walk in closet and of course a bathroom.

A maid, as Venus learnt her name Mary would give her three meals a day, consisting of good food such as stake, pasta etc.

She had also learnt that her mates name was Dante, her wolf Kaya was practically purring when the maid said it was his name, Venus on the other hand wanted nothing to do with him, she was losing her mind.

On the fourth day, the room was thrown open to see a beautiful blonde girl and a handsome young man,

"OH MY GOD ITS TRUE," the young man yelled, running towards Venus and tackling her into a hug, confused she looked at the girl who was smiling at them.

"James i think you should introduce yourself to people before tackling them like that," the blonde giggled.

"Oh how rude of me, hi I am James, Gabriel, the Gammas mate and this is my friend Sophia, Knox, the Betas mate." He finished with a squeal.

James was very handsome, he had symmetrical features, his dark brown eyes warm and welcoming, his fair skin looked perfect to ones eye, not a zit to be seen, while his brows were slightly arches, his hair slightly cut from the sides, which was the color black, he didn't have much muscle, his 5'7 frame was more feminine than masculine, and he was gay.

"Oh ... Hi," Venus greeted awkwardly, cringing when she heard her voice, she sounded like a mouse!

"Oh shes perfect for him James," Sophia squealed.

Venus knew 'him' was her mate and she was not on good terms with him.

Venus knew she didn't have much time to waste and this was he only chance.

"Hey, i know this is too much to ask from complete strangers but can you please help me escape," Venus said.

James and Sophias smiles fell, they both looked at each other with worried looks,

"Escape! But i thought you're Dantes mate?!" They both exclaimed.

"I-I am but-" Venus tried to keep her voice strong but failed, all the pent up frustration and anger from the past few days was finally cracking her resolve, her voice wavered in the end and her eyes stung with tears.

James and Sophia immediately ran to her side and enveloped her into a hug, Dante, they both realised looking at each other with a concerned and angry look.

That stubborn lycan!

"Don't cry sweetie," James cooed.

"They say ice cream solves all problems, so girls," sophia said, wiggling her brows at them, as they laughed and pulled Venus out the room and took her into the kitchen.

The mansion was huge, finding ones way around the place would be damn hard, Venus thought.

Venus felt so at ease with the both to them, she felt as if she had known then for years, it warmed her heart, and she also finally felt relieved that she was out of the room.

As the three of them sat around the kitchen isle, enjoying their ice creams that Sophia had pulled out of the freezer.

While they chatted and were getting to know each other, they didn't realise that there were footsteps heading in their direction.

"What is the meaning of this?" A deep voice demanded, the guilty set of friends turned around to see a fuming Dante, smirking Knox and a straight faced Gabriel.

"We are eating ice cream?" It was more of a question and it came from James.

"Who gave you permission to let a prisoner out!" Dante demanded, his eyes ablaze and his jaw clenched.


Prisoner ...

Venus felt as if something broke inside her, as a bitter smile played on her lips, of course, thats all she was to him, a prisoner.

Her lips moved before her mind did,

"Why haven't you killed this 'prisoner' yet, if shes so much of a threat to you," Venus spat bitterly,

Three days she has been going out of her mind questioning herself, her worth and her looks, was she not enough?

An eerie silence settled, and everyone took the cue to the both the mates alone, this was a matter for them to solve.

As they stood, facing each other, their gaze on the other unwavering, ice and fire versus earth.

"Why have you kept me here for no reason, let me go and you'll never see me again," Venus started, trying to cajole him into letting her go.

"No, you are not leaving," Dante said, his voice turning deeper with every word.

Her wolf sighed in her head, putting dirty images in her mind, that and then realising that her mate was an adonis, he was the most beautiful sight she had laid eyes upon, the way his jaw ticked or the way his muscles flexed when he moved, or just him being him, she could look at him forever.

What no, Venus thought, not after everything he did.

"Why have you chained me here like a dog, let me go," she hissed, now angry at herself.

"Enough Venus, what i say goes around and you are not to question me," Dante ordered.

Venus stiffened when he said her name, the way it rolled of his tongue felt so sinfully right, that her knees almost gave out.

"I have rights, and since you are too much of a coward to accept your own mate don't think you will be getting any respect from me, alpha," she said, fires kindling in the depths of her brown eyes as she mocked his title.

His eyes glazed over, a deadly smirk made way to his face as he lazily took menacing steps towards her.

Venus felt as if her heart would give out, he was getting too close.

He stood in front of her, their chests almost touching, as Venus was trapped between him and the kitchen counter.

He raised his hand and caught a strand of her hair between his rough fingers, twirling it between his fingers.

The room suddenly felt hot,

"There are a set of rules I'm keeping that you have to follow sweetheart," Dante whispered, looking right into her eyes.

"First, don't ever disrespect me, second you do as i say without questioning me, and third," he trailed off, as he lowered his head, his hot minty breath fanning her ear.

"If you ever mention to anyone that we are mates ... Trust me darling the consequences will be dire and there will be punishments accordingly," he finished, lifting his head and smirking, waiting for her reaction.

Venus was torn, she wanted to throttle the bastard but at the same time jump his bones, fuck him, she thought.

She mustered up her most disgusted look, and looked him straight in the eye,

"Of course i wont tell anyone we are mates, no one wants to be mates with a monster and have people running from them right?" Venus said sweetly.

Something passed through his eyes, and before Venus could point it out it was gone and a cold mask took place.

"So alpha, may i be dismissed?" Venus asked politely, while her eyes threw daggers at him, his words had cut, hard, she felt like breaking apart. But she kept herself in piece till she reached her room.

"You may," he said, his voice clipped and cold.

And venus walked past him, willing that her tears hold in till she reached the safety of her room.

And when she entered she let them free, not holding them back.


Hello darlings,

Yes i know, even i want to throttle that hot devil, but he's just so ugh, man i feel for Venus, but anyways I'm updating two chapters in one day, call it a starter up free ball. Don't forget to show your love.

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