Her Forbidden Alpha King/C2 Chapter 2 - Cheating Bastards
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Her Forbidden Alpha King/C2 Chapter 2 - Cheating Bastards
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C2 Chapter 2 - Cheating Bastards

~~~ Hayden ~~~

I run my fingers through my hair, three more weeks until I’ll bear the weight of the crown. I would never admit that it makes me uneasy.

It’s my destiny to wear the title of King of Alphas and I’ve been trained for it my entire existence, but I can’t tell if that moment is dreadful or exciting for me. Perhaps a little bit of both.

“What do you think about the redhead with that cleavage that could win her a place in both Heaven and Hell?” My cousin, Landon, is pulling me away from my train of thought, his eyes flashing lust.

I let go of the breath I’ve been holding, my glance scanning through the club and landing on the woman he was pointing at. High heeled boots, trashy dress that leaves nothing to imagination, dancing on the table like a little whore.

I shake my head in disgust, no fucking way I’ll put my dick into that. It’s been a while since I had some rough meaningless sex, but I’m not that desperate. And there is that part of me that yearns to find my mate. It’s growing more powerful day by day.

“Picky, aren’t we?” He smiles cunningly, raising a brow at me.

I smirk. “Yeah, because unlike you, I do have standards.”

“Unless you don’t want to get laid tonight–” He stops mid sentence and I follow his gaze to see what caught his attention. Or better say who caught his attention, because Layla Addison is heading our way, swaying her hips in the alluring way that hints she’s looking for trouble.

Just my fucking luck.

I roll my eyes in annoyance, I’m in no mood to put up with her.

“So you are going to get laid tonight, after all.” He smiles playfully and I find myself glaring at him.

I slept with Layla a few months ago and since then she follows me around, asking for seconds, which I’m not willing to provide, for she was no good in bed. Not to mention, she proved to be a crazy bitch after our little night, and I’m putting it mildly.

“Who do we have here, Hayden Kingston and Landon Morgan, the infamous duo? I suppose you guys are up to no good tonight?”

“Just the way you know us, Layla!” He winks devilishly and I wish she would fall for that and pursue my cousin instead, but she’s stubborn on me.

Between the two of us, Landon is the real womanizer, his family owns a few clubs and he takes home a different woman every night, and they just love everything about him, craving for any piece of attention he throws in their direction.

Truth be told, our presence here tonight supposedly is for business purposes purely, he’s thinking about purchasing this club, but here he is again, at his game.

I do pity his destined mate, though it is said that a mate has the power to make one yield, and I sure look forward to seeing that happening to him.

“It never crossed my mind that I’ll find you here!” Layla declares under the pretense of surprise.

Yeah, I’m sure of that. A she-wolf in a club meant for humans.

“I’d love to keep you company, but I just spotted my next snack! See you later!” Landon pats my shoulder in a mocking manner.

“Fucking traitor!” I mutter a string of curses, my lethal glare holding the promise of revenge.

He holds on to his chest, feigning to be hurt, then he leans closer and whispers to my ear. “Enjoy the night!” And off he disappears into the crowd.

Layla does not waste any time, she climbs into my lap, her hands roaming over my body, her lips trailing wet kisses on my neck as she whispers filthy words into my ear, confident that it would turn me on.

It doesn’t. Her actions have no effect on me, and I am desperately wanting to leave this place.

That until the inconceivable happens.

Out of nowhere, cutting through all the smoke, an alluring scent fills my nostrils, it smells like black chocolate and mint, rich and delicious. I get up from the lounge, removing the Layla parasite from my lap in the process.

“Hey! You’re hurting me!” I hear her complaints somewhere in the background, but I can’t bring myself to give a fuck, that enticing scent is all I want in my system.

World slows down, I close my eyes to sharpen my other senses, and I inhale it all, almost feeling its taste. Every cell in my body feels aroused as if someone set me in flames.

Who is the wonderful creature that smells like this?

Could it be her, my fated mate?

I narrow my eyes, this is a club for fucking humans. No, this cannot happen, I am not 21 yet, I’ve never shape-shifted so it’s fucking impossible. Our wolf surface on our 21st birthday, and that’s when we find our mate.

An eagerness sensation that I did not know I had in me invaded my figure, I desperately want to see from where the scent came, I have to find her before I lose my fucking mind.

I scrutinize the thick crowd with my eyes, there are no she-wolves besides the leech that follows me around since our one night stand. I glare at her again, and she cowers in fear, not understanding my behavior.

“What are you searching for?” She dares to ask, I ignore her presence and explore the club again.

After what seemed like ages of excruciating torture, my eyes settle on a girl, and I admit that she is the most gorgeous woman I’ve seen in my entire life.

My brain suddenly malfunctions, all rational thoughts fly out the window, that girl is a goddess.

Long dark hair that compliments her heart sculpted face, eyes of almond shape and black pitch color, shining with intelligence and determination, plump kissable lips. Killer body wrapped in a black mini dress that could be easily considered a second skin.

Not a she-wolf, yet her scent feels like a drug to my senses, she confidently walks around this place as if she owns it, ignoring the lustful stares casted in her way.

Something stirs inside me at this abominable thought and I suddenly feel that I’m not close enough.

My body acts on its own, I follow her to the second floor, and into an office, my heart pounding erratically with every step I take. I cringe when I enter the room, the air is hard to breathe, it’s tainted with unnatural forces.

I take a mental note to investigate later, for now, I act upon my instincts and pull her from that room, it’s coated in ice and she’s freezing.

“You’re freezing, let me warm you up!” I drink in her heavenly scent as if my life depended on it, getting an instant hard-on.

My hands roam on her body, and I use all my self-control not to rip the clothes off her exquisite figure and claim her as mine. Her skin is bursting in flames underneath my prying hands, and I love the effect I have on her body.

“Why were you so cold?” I inquire, hanging on the last bit of my self-restraint, as I feel her soaking core.

She shifts in my arms, turning around to face me, her eyes holding strong emotions, and for a split second, they flash purple, something else that I cannot place stirring in them.

Just like that, a staring contest begins, a second passes, then another… and another. Time stops, I’m drunk on her beauty, I don’t even know her name, yet she already has me wrapped around her little finger.

“What are you doing with my boyfriend, slut?”

My body stiffens, the magic bubble bursts, Layla’s shrilling voice making my ear bleed.

Her glare drifts from Layla to me and back, she scoffs. “Keep him, he’s all yours! I hate cheating bastards anyway!” She pushes my body away with an unforeseen force and leaves my sight in a flash.

I turn my attention to the clinger in front of me, rage stirring inside. “You’re banished from my pack!” My tone leaves no place for further discussions, I should have done this from the moment she became my stalker.

And the goddess-like girl, ohh she would be mine, I’ll make sure of that.

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