Her Forbidden Alpha King/C7 Chapter 7 - Mood Swings
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Her Forbidden Alpha King/C7 Chapter 7 - Mood Swings
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C7 Chapter 7 - Mood Swings

~~~ Allaya ~~~

** “She has to die!”

“That child is a nefarious creature which will bring destruction by drawing the wrath of Gods and the grudge of our ancestors!”

“The child will bestow misfortune on all of us!”

Their atrocious shouts are sharpening as we edge near the sinister castle pertaining to the Council of Magical Creatures.

Why are their judgements so bloodthirsty, what do they know about us? Nothing.

“The rules are very clear, why didn’t they follow them?”

“Yes, this would not have happened if they just respected our laws!”

“Kill her!”

“Kill her along with her abominable child!”

“Nooooooooo!”I cry out with the little strength I have left. “It’s just an innocent child!” My tone low, my voice shattered, I utter the words while holding my big belly, there is no one that will come and save us, no one… **

As though I’ve lost any ability to move my body, I’m awake, the dream flashing through my mind as a movie trailer, I cannot pull the plug on it.

The voice of my father muttering some strange chants is getting clearer and clearer, I must still be sleeping, how do I wake up from this?

“Father, did you say something?” I exert to open my heavy eyes, blinking the headache away.

“Yes, sweet baby, I said that I’m glad you came home for a few days. Your mother and I missed you. It’s getting late, don’t you want to have brunch with me and your mother?”

It did not sound like the things I’ve heard coming from his mouth, but then again, I don’t know what is real anymore. I might have imagined things.

“I’m… I’m not hungry yet.” I utter, running my hand through my hair in frustration.

He nods. “Okay, whenever you want, come downstairs.”

After pressing a kiss on my forehead, he steps out of my room, leaving me alone with my bitterness. Two weeks have passed since I last saw Hayden.

And Landon.

I refused to visit that club or any other one after the last events. And I returned home because I missed the feeling of security my room provides; Elena is gone anyway.

Mood swings are hurting my head, and nobody is able to keep up with me. I go from sorrow to desolation, misery and then despair in a matter of minutes.

To sum it up, I’m a wreck, too many things happened to me in too little time. I’m just a human after all, there’s a limit to what I can tolerate.

And to add a cherry on top of everything, I can’t take my mind of that moment yesterday when out of nowhere, my parents gave me the most fabulous gift ever. A lovely long dress, princess style, which I instantly adored because it’s not my birthday yet, so for a second, I thought that I’ve received something for no particular reason.

But I was wrong, so wrong for they soon briefed me that it is someone else’s birthday and we have to attend.

And whose birthday would that be?

Of all the people I’d expect to invite us to a party, this one I didn’t even bother to consider. It’s Hayden’s birthday and that’s the outfit I’ll wear to celebrate him tonight.

Though I’ve refused to attend, they didn’t listen, as if they could not even hear me, as if I have no say in this.

They’ve never been like this, letting me and my step sister decide for ourselves, that’s how they rolled before, like loving, caring and reasonable parents. I don’t understand why they suddenly changed.

Why did Hayden have to invite the whole planet to his birthday?

To show off his wealth? He did seem made of money every time we met.

Or does he plan to announce an event? His marriage with that girl maybe?

The unbreakable bond… Could it be that she’s pregnant? If so, he’d better take responsibility and marry her.

Rage is stirring inside me and it’s more excruciating to handle it day by day. I swear half of the time I feel heartbroken, and the other half, full of wrath.

The need to torture my body and empty my mind kicks in strong, I’ll have a bite and then go for a run to burn up some steam before I go ballistic and murder the birthday boy tonight.

How on earth is he only 21 years old?

He looked so well built and strong with his all-male demeanor that could dominate an entire building, making me all wet and needy inside with a simple glance.

‘Oh, God, Allaya, snap out of it already!’

* * *

My heartbeats accelerate as soon as I set foot in the forest nearby, something feels mystical. I'm getting the same vibe I got in the club some weeks ago, the one that fate is guiding my steps.

It’s not my first time here, in fact I used to jog here every day, this forest was always a good friend who never let me down, countless times I’ve searched for peace and sanity in the woods, running like a crazy beast.

Maybe half an hour has passed since I’ve started running, my body stiffens for I feel eyes on me. I stop to scan the surroundings, there’s no one I can spot, but what is this enigmatic energy that I feel?

The emotion is getting more and more consuming with every breath I take, it’s almost suffocating.

What is happening?

Somebody is unmistakably after me, my body is shivering from head to toe, my feet unable to move though my brain is screaming to run, to run for my life, to run as the woman from my nightmares runs every time.

‘Go, Allaya, go!’

I start running like crazy again, gaining more speed in order to lose whoever is stalking me. My senses are on high alert, the atmosphere is filled with an unnatural force.

I used to do this every day, with no exception, since I can remember.

My parents and Elena always made jokes that I could run before I could walk. I’ve broken all speed records in my high school, but I still have a bad feeling about this, like it’s not enough.

A sharp howl behind me creeps me out, my figure shaking life a leaf, my knees are starting to soften and I can barely walk. At this point, I’ll even fall.

Never have I met a big animal in this forest, I only had the pleasure to come across some rabbits, a few foxes and a couple of deer, all these years. From the way it sounded, that was a freaking big dog, not to say a wolf.

Another shrilling howl along with the sound of some branches moving make me lose the ability to breathe, please, God, let it be the wind, though it’s not blowing at all.

I opened my mouth to scream, the sound stuck in my throat as a wolf, a huge wolf appeared in front of me.

Oh dear God, what am I supposed to do now?

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