C4 Four


There were tons of reasons as to why I shouldn’t listen to Dad’s inconvenient request, and I was pretty much having a great time before he called. I could understand his attachment to Gene. My stepmother was one of a kind, and the sweetest thing that had ever happened to our lives. I couldn’t list everything she had done for us. She was a mother to me. Period.

However, Gene was enough. I didn’t like the idea of having a little sister. If it was a brother, I’d give it consideration. In addition, it was quite ridiculous to give out even the slightest part of my property that I worked my ass off for to a stranger. But since Dad asked nicely, I had no choice but to do it. Lastly, picking up this new little sister wasn’t that hard, but it was never my thing to engage myself in extra family matters.

At the airport, I didn’t see her right away. She was hard to remember. I’d only seen her once before. All I could recall was the skinny girl with mesmerizing brown eyes.

On the other hand, it’s astonishing how time could change someone. When I finally found her, she was too good to be true. She was one of the most beautiful faces I had ever laid eyes on. Her curves had changed through the years; I was guessing she was probably a late bloomer. Her breasts were full and round, stretching the fabric of her tight shirt as if they were screaming to burst out.

I groaned when she sat in the backseat. “What are you doing? Sit in the front. I’m not your driver.”

“I’m sorry,” she mumbled, then she moved into the front and buckled her seatbelt. “You still remembered me,” she stated, her mouth curved the slightest smile. Oddly, she sounded familiar. I wonder where I’d heard her voice.

“Yes, but don’t think I’m that friendly. I’m doing this for Gene. Do you understand?”

Her face went from red to pale, then she nodded. She still had the smallest face, like how I remembered her, and it was making me fucking mad, for some reason I didn’t understand.

“Is that how you normally communicate?” I had to ask.

“W-what? No,” she breathed. “It’s just… This is the first time we’ve actually talked.”

I swear I’ve heard her voice before. “Yes, this is,” I agreed, freeing my mind from such absurd thoughts. I revved the engine and pulled out of the place.


After the numerous heartaches in the past, I’d learned to divide men I was attracted to into two categories.

The first category could be described as ‘the dangerous ones.’ They were men who would like to fuck and forget. They would leave you when they were done. Jax landed into that category—the reason why I didn’t want to meet him. Then, there were ‘the safe ones.’ They were the type of men who wouldn’t expect anything from you, and also the kind that you wouldn’t get too attached to.

However, with Luke, I didn’t want to put him in either of those categories. He was my stepbrother—he was supposed to be out of the picture. But if I were to put him to any of the categories, he was precisely the man I should avoid.

I’d already had a crush on him in the past, but now I wanted him. If he was mine, I’d move my hands all over him—pleasure him, and whisper goodness in his ears. His presence alone made my skin itch as if I was yearning to feel him against my body, against my inner thighs. I imagined myself running my fingers along that strong jaw and kissing him senselessly. I would inhale his musk wood perfume and aftershave. His exquisite display of male beauty had me burning between my thighs. But from the moment our eyes met, I knew I should be running.

Damn. The thoughts scared me instantly. Every hair on my skin stood as the witness to my fear. I’d almost forgotten that he was my stepbrother. In an instant, I thought of calling Jax to relieve the sexual tension.

Maybe later, at home.

“Are you going to stay here for the week?” he suddenly spoke.

“Yes, Thomas asked me.”

He glanced at me. “Are you staying with them?”

“Yes.” I tried to divert my mind by looking through the window, filling my eyes with the beauty of New York City night lights. “Actually, I’d like to move up here.”

To my surprise, he nodded, and his eyes glimmered. “It makes you feel alive.”

I smiled. “How so?”

“It shows.”

“I’m home,” I murmured. “I’m sorry, I didn’t get your number to call you while you’re in Cambridge,” I said, trying to start a proper conversation.

“It’s alright. I’m busy anyway. I won’t be able to meet.”

I cleared my throat. “That’s what I heard.”

“I wouldn’t mind giving it, though.” He flashed a sexy smile. “You’re my new little sister.” He abruptly stopped the car.

“Are we home?” I looked outside, but it didn’t look like Thomas’ house.

We had stopped in front of the posh entrance of Hotel B. A five-star hotel Luke alone owned; a giant letter B was embossed just right above the opulent entrance. I’d heard from Mom that the B stood for “Bella.”

“Why are we here?” I asked.

“Because Dad has a plan.” He stepped out of the car first and turned around to open the door for me. “And you need to get dressed.”

I stepped out of the car. “For what?”

“Dad didn’t tell you?”

“He didn’t say anything urgent. No.”

He studied me from head to toe. “Do you happen to have a dress?”

I looked down at my casual shirt, ripped jeans, and sneakers. “I… I guess so. I think I brought one in my suitcase.”

“Good. You need to change.” Luke plucked my suitcase out of his car and dragged it with him. I tried to catch up with him.

“Hey, what’s the occasion? It’s already nine and—” I paused. “Wait. Mom’s birthday party is tonight. I remembered her mentioning it over the phone.”

He stopped by the lobby. “You don’t know a single thing, do you? The party starts at eleven.”

I frowned. “But I thought it’s tomorrow. Thomas said—”

“Stop talking. This is the plan.” He rolled his eyes, then he dropped my suitcase on the floor.

I gasped. “Hey! Did you just toss my—” I lowered down and picked up my luggage, but when I got up, he was already gone, “bag…”

Did he just leave me?


SINCE I had nowhere to go, I went to the reception and tried to book myself a room, but there was already a reservation under my name. Luke might have had it prepared for me—or maybe Thomas. Luke was no gentleman. Certainly, he was nothing like his father. If only I knew he was a jerk like this, I shouldn’t have fantasized him for the last six years.

I dragged my suitcase with me and stepped into the elevator as soon as I got my key card. Good thing, my room was a suite. I freaking needed a good bath.

The first thing I did, I dug into my suitcase and laid out the only dress I could ever bring. A Burberry crimson backless dress with a hem two inches above the knee, and a pair of Christian Louboutin silver stilettos. Fortunately, I had also brought my charms with me and my ruby necklace. I touched the gem with my finger and briefly admired its beauty.

I wasn’t a greedy person, and I’d never imagined myself wearing these extravagances with my life before Mom’s marriage. It’s not that I desired any of it, but when Mom married Thomas, I wouldn’t deny that I also lived in luxury as a result. My stepfather was generous. He provided things for me. I lived in an apartment leased in my name in Cambridge, he sent me to Harvard, gave me everything I needed—not to mention he was also a good adviser.

However, there were times I wondered what Luke thought of me.

Did he think I wanted his father’s fortune? Was that why he couldn’t like me or accept me as his stepsister? Thomas did mention that I needed to sign papers for the transfer of assets, but I didn’t want any of it. I had enough of the material things. But who knows? Maybe he changed his mind.

Enough thinking about Luke.

My mind screamed at me. I had to get moving. I stepped into the bathroom and had a delightful bath.

Shortly after, I slid everything on, applied a classic smokey eye, and finished the evening makeup with a touch of red lipstick. All I needed to do now was inform Thomas about my arrival at the party tonight, and get myself an Uber. However, I stopped as I noticed the blinking of my notifications.

13 missed calls from Thomas

2 missed calls from Jax and another message from him

I ignored Thomas’ missed calls because I was a bad daughter, and I opened Jax’s message first.

Have you arrived yet? – Jax

I bit my fingernail, thinking of a reply.

Yes. I just arrived. Thank you. – Ericka

I typed another.

Can I call you later? I need to get an Uber. – Ericka

He replied right away.

Getting out already? Good for you, I’m stuck with my family tonight. – Jax

I giggled. I was about to be stuck with my family, too.

I’m starting to count. It’s going to be three weeks, and you still didn’t find a date. – Ericka

Except there’s still one woman in NY right now that I haven’t fucked. Just tell me if you want to advance our meet-up – Jax.

Hey, I really need to go. I’m overly dressed-up tonight, and I might ruin the makeup if I don’t go now. I’m going to be late. – Ericka

Do you have a date? He replied.

I didn’t answer and texted Thomas instead.

On my way, Thomas. See you later :* – Scar

I was about to put my phone in my purse, but my phone buzzed. It was Jax again.

“Damn it,” I cursed, but answered the call anyway. “What? I’m busy.”

“Then why did you pick up the phone?” he asked.

“Because the sound of my voice makes you hard,” I joked. I rolled my eyes. “Seriously, Jax. I told you I’m busy.”

“Funny,” he said, but he didn’t sound pleased at all. “You didn’t answer my question. You have a date?”

Did he call just to ask me that? “So what if I have?”

He groaned. “That’s not such a good idea for you to fuck someone else before me. Can’t you wait for us to meet? Then you’re free to go.”

I sighed in frustration. “Don’t push your possessive shit over me. I don’t know how your brain works—but for someone who fucks different women weekly, you had the guts to say that to me?”

“So you’re really going out tonight, huh? Where are you going?”

“Why should I tell you?”

“No reason. I’m just asking.”

I rolled my eyes. “Where else? To meet my family. I’m not going on a date. Happy now?”

“I thought it wasn’t until tomorrow.” His tone softened. “It’s a boring night for us, isn’t it?”

“Mine should be heartbreaking. I miss my mother,” I said. It’s like Jax grew on me. I loved talking about personal things to him, because unlike the others, he would only listen—I mean literally, without talking at all. “Can I call you later?”

“Always.” I heard him chuckle before he finally hung up.

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