It was night. Tang Yichuan stumbled and locked himself in his hotel room, groped his way to the bathroom, turned on the shower, and let the cold water stimulate him. He was slightly sober for a moment.

"Ying..." "Hmm ?"

Outside the bathroom, there was suddenly a burst of breathing, causing Tang Yichuan's heart to burn again.

He clenched his fists and walked outside.

A scorching heat wave attacked, the scalding hot skin rubbed against Tang Yichuan's body.

The woman clambered up to his neck, her small tongue picking open his teeth and twining awkwardly with his tongue.

Tang Yu Chuan became more and more interested in this green technique. After a while, he took off his clothes, and the naked fruits' bodies rubbed against each other, as though he was playing with a phoenix.

When he woke up again, it was already the morning of the second day. There was nothing by his side, but the air was filled with the aura of the "great battle" that had occurred last night.

Tang Yichuan looked at the bloodstains on the bed and slightly frowned.

Last night, he had been schemed upon and drugged. He wanted to borrow the cold water to get through it, but he didn't know why a woman suddenly appeared in this room.

Was it arranged by the person who drugged him? Was it a coincidence that she was drugged as well?

After thinking for a moment, Tang Yichuan took out his phone and dialed: "Check who did it last night, and who is the woman in this room of mine."

On the other side, Jie ran out of the hotel, his face pale.

Last night, her elder sister had asked her to come to the hotel to handle some matters, but the moment they arrived, she was tied up and forced to drink some medicine.

No, it must not be elder sister's fault, someone else must have done something! It must have been a coincidence for her sister to let her go to the hotel!

She didn't believe that her elder sister, who had grown up with her, would do such a thing!

"Oh, running so fast?" The familiar voice changed its tone, and he lifted his head slightly to see the cold face of the man who understood the raindrops.

"Sis ?" "You ?" Jie felt that the raindrop had suddenly become a stranger.

"Finished?" Jie Yu sneered and waved his hand. A few bodyguards behind her immediately stepped forward and firmly held onto Di Xian.

"What are you doing!" Jie was struggling, but he couldn't argue with it. Several men were forced to their feet.

What did my sister say about getting pregnant? Could it be that he wanted her to be pregnant with the child of the man from last night?! But why did he do it!?

"What is it? "Of course it's to check if you have any children in your womb!"

With a sneer, Jie Wei's neck was hit and everything in front of his eyes turned pitch black.

Jieyu twitched his mouth. If she hadn't already lost her virginity, she wouldn't have brought Jieyu to Tang Yichuan's bed.

This illegitimate daughter of his had never been liked by anyone since he was young. He had greeted her with a smile, but she actually wanted to advance an inch and followed behind him all day. It was really bad luck that he still had to endure because of this plan.

However, once the child was taken out of her body, she would no longer be of any use. It was time for her to disappear.

After that, Top Scorer went back to his home.

When she woke up again, Jie Wei discovered that he had been tied up on the bed. In front of her, Xie Xie and her mother, Liu Yueru, seemed to be discussing something.

"I've just found out the characteristics of the union between the egg and the egg. When we can check whether she's pregnant, I'll pass the false news to Tang Yichuan." Liu Yueru said solemnly.

"Hm, you have to control whizz well."

He heard the conversation between the two and even forgot to struggle. His eyes were wide in disbelief.

The elder sister she trusted the most was actually going to wet her?!

No, there must be something wrong!

Back then, when he was pregnant with her, her mother had not been recognized by the Shi family, and his father had immediately switched his marriage to Liu Yueru.

So she was just an illegitimate daughter of the Shi family. In this place where the strong preyed on the weak, she was bullied. However, in order for her mother, who was still in the hospital, to continue receiving treatment, she could only endure.

When even her mother's faith was on the verge of breaking down, she could only try to break the raindrops in order to save her. However, the few times she did so, she was pulled back from the brink of collapse.

How is this possible!? How could he possibly stab her in the back!?

"Oh, you're awake?" Liu Yueru noticed him and turned around to pinch her chin. "Did you hear that? "Then let's hear it. Anyhow, Raindrop's father has tacitly agreed to let us handle this matter."

Jeopardy's father was Jeopardy's father, Jeopardy! That scumbag who made Jie Wei's mother's name go against the grain and still continued to rely on chemotherapy in the hospital!

"Wuuuuuuu ~ ~ ~" Jie was about to say something, but something was stuffed into his mouth and all he could do was whimper.

The raindrop went up to her and pulled the cloth out of her mouth.

"Elder sister!" Jie Yu's eyes reddened: "I don't know what happened, but there must have been a misunderstanding! We are sisters who have a heart to heart relationship, what kind of misunderstanding cannot be solved! "

Even now, Jie Wei still wanted to reunite with his sister.

"Sisters?" Jie Yu sneered and said arrogantly, "Who are you and your sister? I am the only lady of the family, and you are just a little illegitimate daughter!"

"Sis ?" "Elder sister ?" The explanation left him speechless.

"I'm not interested in having a heart to heart relationship with you. If it wasn't for you, do you think I would have smiled at you?"

"So... Elder sister, did you not have any intentions of helping me before this? " Jie Wei's eyes turned red, he still couldn't believe it.

It turned out that from the moment he approached her, the raindrop had been using her as an advantage ?

Was the comfort and care she received just pitiful? And it was to make use of her loathing towards him that he forcefully put on an act!

"Yes." Jieyu coldly said, "As long as you stay here obediently for ten months, I will arrange for you and your mother to leave the house together and give you enough money."

"Of course, the prerequisite is that you have to give birth safely." Liu Yueru crossed her arms, glancing at him from head to toe before sneering coldly.

Jie was tied up, but his head was almost buried in his chest.

She had been bullied since she was young. At that time, her mother told her to be strong.

She had been strong for more than twenty years.

His mother had been admitted to the hospital, and for the sake of his mother's medical expenses, she had worked as a servant in the house of the emperor. Yet, she had been living a life where she was inferior to even a servant!

She didn't say anything. In order to survive, she endured everything!

But all of a sudden, the 'big sister' in her memory sent her to a man's bed, wanting her to become a machine to give birth to a child!

Why! The sky was vast, and the only thing missing was her world! Fate must be so unfair to her!

Undid clenched his fist slightly, and the leather straps that bound her creaked.

"You have no other choice. Obediently obey. Otherwise, you will die!"

Liu Yueru left after settling the issue. She slowly raised her head. There was only hatred in her eyes that was carved deep into her bones.

"Shi family, if I give birth to a child ten months from now and leave safely, you will repay my pain a thousand times over!"

Outside the door, Liu Yueru looked at Jie Yu, "You still plan on letting her live after ten months?"

"How is that possible? I'm just giving her some thought so that her husband can have children." Jie Yu smiled: "After all, the children of 'Tang Yu Chuan and I' cannot afford to have any mishaps."

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