"Guess what I have here."

The long haired man leaned his head against the desk, smiling as he looked at Tang Yuchuan in front of him.

"This is worthy of being the young master He. He's efficient. It's only been a week and he's already done the investigation. Speak."

His men had been searching for three weeks, but they hadn't found anything, so he left the task to the few people who came to seek refuge. As expected, the He Clan's pillar of support had only used a week to find out the news.

"According to the news from your subordinates and some analysis, that woman is the Jieyu's answer to the rain."

Tang Yichuan frowned slightly.

Didn't the Shi family have a very deep background? Since when did they need to use medicine to swindle a marriage alliance?

"The Top Scorer wanted to tie the knot with me unilaterally. They will be able to prosper together, and I won't let them suffer any losses."

"But there's something more interesting." He Xian suddenly smiled, his long hair covering half of his face.


"I called the surveillance cameras over there, and after comparing them, I found that the woman wasn't the answer to the rain." He Xian played with his hair and teased, "Looks like there's a traitor here."

Tang Yichuan raised his hand and rubbed his chin, deep in thought.

What did the Jie clan mean by this? They wanted him to release fake news so that he would think that something had happened with Jie Yu.

But wouldn't it be better to let the raindrops flow? So who was the woman with him?

"I suggest for you to go to the house. The raindrops are probably waiting for you." He Xian slowly said, "Who knows, maybe you'll have one more wife."

"Yes, I have to go take a look." Tang Yichuan responded and suddenly changed the topic: "When are you going back?"

"Go back? Don't joke around, if the He Clan doesn't bring an eight carriers palanquin to pick me up, then I won't leave! "

A week ago, because of the family's arranged marriage, Young Master He went out of the He family and directly went to Tang Yichuan, where he had a cold war with the He family.

Tang Yichuan was actually very confused. The marriage arranged by the family was good enough, why did they have to fall out with their family?

But he patted him on the shoulder and told him it was love.

But in Tang Yichuan's eyes, what could possibly surpass the family's interest? Love? Nonsense.

This week, the He Family had lost more than ten million of their assets and was in a mess. In Tang Yichuan's eyes, it was a complete waste!

"The He Clan really needs you."

He Xian didn't reply, and Tang Yichuan also didn't say anything as he walked out of the office.

This sort of thing couldn't be rushed.

After Tang Yichuan came out, he directly went to find out about the family. He wanted to see what kind of tricks the Xie Clan could play.

As if they didn't know he was coming, the servant led him into the living room in pleasant surprise, as Jieyu and Liu Yueru rushed over in a hurry.

"So it's Yu Chuan. Why did he come so suddenly?" Liu Yueru smiled.

This caused Tang Yichuan to be unable to understand, could it be that the Shi family still wanted him to take responsibility for the other day? That was a good plan!

"Aunt Liu, didn't you know? Didn't I tell you about the raindrops?" Tang Yichuan also put on a faint smile.

Liu Yueru pretended to be surprised as she turned her head to look at the raindrop with a puzzled expression.

Jeopardy's face immediately turned red, he lowered his head, and said in a delicate voice: "For things like Yuchuan, it's better if you agree ?"

Tang Yichuan's current mood suddenly felt a sense of disgust towards the solution of the raindrops and disdain towards the solution of the family's scheme. But since the deceiving family had set up this trap, he couldn't jump out right now.

"The main reason why I came here is to hear what you have in mind." Tang Yichuan laughed.

Although they were in the Shi family, but who knew if there were spies from other families here, and the monitoring system was working in real time. Therefore, he still had to pretend.

"I... I already ? have your child. " Jieyu walked over to Tang Yichuan and naturally took his hand.

Tang Yichuan resisted the urge to shake it off: "Then ??"

"Let's get married!" Jieyu lowered his head, looking incomparably shy.

"Yes, since Rain is pregnant, and you are of equal status, I agree to your marriage." Liu Yueru hurriedly said.

"Yes, I will prepare." Tang Yichuan lowered his eyebrows.

Just a moment ago, she was still looking surprised, and now she wanted to immediately give him the raindrops. It seemed like Liu Yueru was truly impatient.

To the side, a servant-looking person approached Liu Yueru and whispered a few words into her ear. Liu Yueru's expression changed again and again.

"Yu Chuan, Rain is pregnant and needs some rest. Why don't you go back and prepare!" After the servant left, Liu Yueru immediately sent her off.

"Yeah, we need to prepare as soon as possible!" Seeing Liu Yueru's expression, Jie Yu smiled and retracted his hand behind Liu Yueru's back.

Tang Yichuan also didn't stand on ceremony as he bid farewell and left.

At the door, inside Tang Yichuan's car, He Hsiang was leisurely lying down in the back seat, holding a laptop in his hand and watching with great interest.

"How is it?" Tang Yichuan got on the car, and He Xian gave him some space.

He Xian pushed the object in front of him to show him.

On the screens, Liu Yueru and her daughter flashed by in a hurry. From the looks of the surveillance cameras, they had probably gone up to the third floor and taken a long turn into a room in the corner.

"The woman is here." He picked up the laptop and switched to the monitor from a few days ago.

After debugging for a long time, He Xian finally managed to call out the monitoring system for the Sky Interpretation.

Tang Yichuan narrowed his eyes, "It's her."

"So now your problem is this woman." He Xian rubbed his chin.

The key was this woman, whether she was pregnant or not.

If he became pregnant, then Tang Yu Chuan's bloodline would be firmly in the hands of the Xie Clan, and the Xie Clan could use their child to threaten him at any time.

If not ? If that was the case, the Shi family was betting that he would give in and be afraid of the Shi family having children.

"We can go and rescue this woman." He Xian suddenly laughed.

"How?" Tang Yichuan frowned. Although this place wasn't the ancestor residence of the Jie clan, the guards for the Skysplit Dragon's residence were also very tight.

"Hmph, with my He Clan's identity as an underworld expert, are there not many people who would set up camp in the Jie Clan?" He Xian said proudly.

As a top family in the imperial city, the He family was actually built on the underworld and then gradually cleaned up. Even though they were a top family with a white path, they were still powerful and influential on the underworld.

As for the underworld, they were most adept at doing things in the dark.

"Then I'll leave it to you?"

"Don't, my wife knows that I will be jealous when I save other women." He Xiang waved his hand, "I'll give you the technical guidance, you can do it yourself. Save your own wife, do you know that! "

"..." Tang Yichuan was very helpless: "Your wife? I've always been curious about who she is. "

"Hehe, it's a secret!"

The house, the house.

"Why did she suddenly pass out!?" Jieyu was flustered, "Quick, undo it!"

She was slightly tied up here, but suddenly she became feverish and fainted. What if the child in her womb was hurt like this?!

The servant hurriedly untied her and helped her up.

Just as the droplet of rain was about to enter to investigate, the droplet of rain suddenly opened its eyes!

With a flip of his body, he grabbed the small bowl on the table, smashed it into pieces, and picked up the fragments. He retreated to the corner of the room and aimed the piece of porcelain at his stomach.

"Everyone move out of the way!"

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