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Spirit Wife Fierce: National Male God Pet Addicts > 003 Leads to Evil Ghost 003 To Evil Ghost

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The Three-Inch World's God of Mastering and Divine Remembrance The Peak Level of Martial Arts in Han Xiang with a flying sword asked the Supreme Sword Emperor. The Supreme Sword Sovereign's superb Magus, the Medical God, Zhen Ziyun, opened the back door and said, "Old rules, eat your food first, then work!" There's a pretty good restaurant nearby.

He sat down in the carriage.

Zhen Ziyun followed him into the front passenger seat, "Drive."

The restaurant wasn't far. The car drove for ten minutes before it arrived.

Yun Xiu loved to eat, and his appetite was surprisingly big.

He knew her habit, and he would reward her for every action she took. Of course, he had to pay for the rest.

However, the reward from the police station was very little.

Zhen Ziyun booked a private room, and when they arrived, the waiter led them to the private room.

The driver was the police officer, Xie Fei. He had just graduated from the police force and was well liked and trusted by Zhen Ziyun.

After ordering, Zhen Ziyun took out a plate and handed it to Cloudfall.

It was a surveillance video of a car crash in the early hours of the morning.

After watching the video twice, he put the video down and said, "By ghosts."

Monitoring could not detect ghosts and monsters, and could only record strange scenes of deaths.

This ghost was bloodthirsty and cruel. Even an innocent child would kill him.

Zhen Ziyun frowned, "The same went for the previous three incidents. Only the taxi driver, Wang Xinyang, managed to keep his life.

Currently, Wang Xinyang was still recuperating in the hospital, according to him, Yu Guanyin, who had been brought up to fend for him since childhood, had passed by the entrance of the alleyway at two in the morning. Seeing a young man appear at the entrance of the alleyway, causing the taxi to overturn after braking quickly, he was severely injured and fainted.

The next day, when I woke up, I was already at the hospital. Yu Guanyin was already shattered, and in the surveillance video provided by the police, there were no youngsters appearing at all! "

"This ghost has some cultivation skills. If I want to capture him, I'll probably have to put in a lot of effort."

Zhen Ziyun understood that this was the beginning of negotiations on rewards. "Cloud Roughpeak is a pure and kind person. This kind of evil spirit has maimed dozens of people, yet he didn't even let go of his children. He's full of evil." Yun Yu will definitely help the people to get rid of the harm, and take the law for the heavens. It can also be considered an apology to those who have died in vain. "

A tall hat hung over his head.

He paused for a moment and sized up the expression on his face. Then, he continued, "You know that the financial resources of the team are limited, but they won't treat you unfairly. We'll start at the usual price."

He smiled and said, "Sure, sure." The reward for helping the Criminal Police was not very high. Cloudkit had never cared about it. She was not short on money.

Zhen Ziyun smiled as he looked at Cloudmist. He handed her the menu and said, "I'll treat you to a meal. Feel free to order."

He knew how much Yun Xiao had to pay for catching the ghost. It was at least two zeros more than that.

It was almost twelve by the time they finished their meal, but it was still early.

At half past one in the morning, Yun Xiuxiu and her two companions appeared on the road.

This time, he sat in the front passenger seat to better observe the traffic conditions.

The sky was overcast with dark clouds, and the night was too dark to be dispersed. There were no pedestrians or cars to be seen on the long and quiet road.

The air was filled with coldness and terror.

The silence in the car was terrifying. Xie Fei could even hear his own heartbeat, plop, plop.

"Xie Fei, relax, don't be nervous." His voice was soft and melodious, like the sound of dripping water from a mountain stream, pleasant to the ears.

The next intersection was at the mouth of Liuzhou Alley.

Xie Fei's palms were covered in sweat. He held his breath and concentrated even more on driving.

In the originally empty street, a young man suddenly appeared. Xie Fei panicked as he stepped on the brakes, both hands furiously steering.

Cloudfall pursed his lips. They had arrived.

Instead of stopping, the car sped up.

Xie Fei stepped on the accelerator.

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