Her Marriage To The Vampire King/C2 Asalea’s Reminiscence
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Her Marriage To The Vampire King/C2 Asalea’s Reminiscence
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C2 Asalea’s Reminiscence


While laying on the Victorian style bed inside the room where she is being locked-up, Asalea’s heart has been consumed with great anger as she reminisce the reason why she is here in this room in the first place.

It was the celebration of her coronation night as the Princess of Knostica when the Group of werewolves from the Kingdom of Ecleteon, attacked them, killing mostly the Knostican vampires. They were surprised and overwhelmed by the sudden attack, thus they failed to defend to the utmost their kingdom.

They only realized that they were attacked when the werewolves simultaneously jumped unto the seated Knostican vampires, who were then happily feasting with their foods. They did not even noticed that their guards in every gate of the Knostican Arena, where the celebration has been held, has been killed all already by the Ecleteon werewolves.

She shouted and cried in total despair as she saw how her parents have been brutally killed by the Ecleteon werewolves. The Ecleteon King with the use of his long and sharp nails dig the heart of his father and crashed it like mashed potato while her mother has been attacked simultaneously by three werewolves, munched her like bread and like his father, her heart has been removed from her body and smashed into bits. It was a nightmare that she wished she never witnessed.

Her anger overwhelmed her whole being. She had sworn to take lives of every Ecleteon werewolves, without sparing anyone, even up to their last offspring.

In a second, she made herself invisible; a power she inherited from her great grandmother. Vengeance is in her heart. Like a flash, she ran away from the Kingdom of Knostican. She cannot defeat that time the Ecleteons. She promised to herself that she will return to re-claim her throne and re-build their Kingdom.

Princess Asalea’s recollection has been disturbed when she heard some knocks on the door.

Her life might be in danger ninety percent but the ten percent hope that she might end up marrying the King of Glodeous gave her the courage to stand up with pride and face whoever is outside of the door.


“Mademoiselle, I brought you here some food. Please don’t attempt to run away, four vampires are outside of the door guarding.” A woman in her middle age is holding a tray with plates of food and glass of blood. She put it on top of the round magnificent looking table inside the room.

Asalea smiled at the woman and shook her head. “I won’t because I still want to meet your King.”

The middle aged woman’s forehead creased when she heard what the beautiful maiden have said.

“Have you not met the King yet?” she inquired.

Again Asalea shook her head. “Nope.”

The woman secretly smiled and said, “I don’t think so.”

“What did you say?” Asalea furrowed.

“Nothing. Please eat your food Mademoiselle.” She smiled again and then left after excusing herself.

“By the way, can I take a bath in the bathroom here?” she asked before the middle aged woman finally closed the door.

“Yes you may. I forgot to tell you. I will bring some clothes in a while.” Then she finally left.

Truly starving, Asalea ate the food after snipping it for three times. She just wanted to make sure that she will not be poisoned in this place. She knows that vampires here knew that she is a vampire too, as she was served with a glass of blood and cooked food from human flesh.

After a while, the middle aged woman returned carrying some clothing and under wear. Asalea sincerely said thank you before the woman left.

She took a shower after eating. She decided to wear the red dress out of the other two dresses brought to her by the middle aged woman. It is knee length, fitted on top but flowing from hips to knees. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and she smiled with satisfaction.


Asalea did not realized that she fall asleep after freshening up. She was awakened sensing that someone is deeply looking at her.

“Dreaming to be the King’s wife?” the blue eyed gorgeous man is standing at the end of the bed.

Asalea immediately woke-up and sit at the edge of the bed, away from the man.

“Why are you here again? Are you not going to bring me to your King?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.

The man laughed like he heard a joke. “Why should I? You will stay here until I decide what kind of death I am going to give you.” His eyes are full of laughter.

“No! You can’t kill me! Bring me to your King, I command you!” Asalea yelled at him ready to fight in case he will attack her.

“Who are you to command me, pretty vampy?” he is trying to mock her.

“I am just your soon-to-be Queen of Glodeous!” with pride Asalea held up her chin. She is controlling her fear actually.

Another loud laughs of the man filled the entire big room. Shaking his head, he step forward and in a flash, he is already in her side sitting at the edge of the bed too, holding her chin.

“Don’t you dare touch me!” she hissed.

He smiled naughtily, “I can do whatever I wanted to do with you right now.”

“Oh really? You think I do not know how to fight back?” she is trying to be brave to overcome her fears.

“You can fight back I know, but you will not win.” He tightened his hold unto her chin and moved his head too near, his nose almost touching hers.

Asalea gulped some of her saliva to fight the fears overwhelming her whole being now.

“If I will kiss you and take you right now, you cannot do something to control me.” He whispered, his fresh breath filled her nose. She shivered but she still tried not to let him feel her fears deep inside.

“How do you know, you cannot control me? I can make myself invisible right now.” She said defiantly.

“Visible or invisible I can see you and feel you. Don’t forget that pretty vampy.” He smirked, removing his hand from her chin.

She looked at him tersely without a single smile in her lips.

“I can take you now, but I can wait. Rest; the next day would make your world turn upside down.” Then he disappeared in the room like a flash.

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