Her Marriage To The Vampire King/C3 The Unexpected Wedding
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Her Marriage To The Vampire King/C3 The Unexpected Wedding
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C3 The Unexpected Wedding


This is her fourth day in this room and that blue eyed man never comes back since the last time that he visited her in this room. She shrugged her shoulder. Although he finds the man gorgeous but her purpose for coming here is their King not him.

While thinking what to do in case the blue eyed man will try to kill her, she heard some knocks on the door. It is the middle aged woman again.

“Mademoiselle, you have to be ready. Please freshen up. In a while our beautician will be coming in to prepare you for a big event.” She said while smiling then excused herself from her thereafter.

Asalea wondered what event the woman was referring to and why she is needed to attend it. Nonetheless, she followed the woman’s advice and took a quick shower.

She was drying up her blond long curly hair when the beautician arrived. She is a young woman with a colourful face and finger nails.

“Are you ready to be the most beautiful woman tonight?” the beautician admiringly looking at her asked.

Asalea just shrugged off and took her seat in front of the mirror.

She closed her mouth and decided not to talk while the beautician is fixing her hairdo. After giving her hair a queen hair like style and adornment, the beautician followed doing her make-up. Asalea remained silent. She does not want to ask. She will just go with the flow.

“Gosh, you are perfect!” the beautician’s eyes are glowing in delight while looking at her.

“Finished?” Asalea asked.

“Yes, yes. The fashion designer will be coming next to bring your gown Madam.” She smiled and after giving her a last glance, she hurriedly walked going out of the room.

Asalea looked at her face in the mirror. Indeed, she is beautiful. The hairdo really fits her facial shape and the make-up truly enhanced more her beauty.

She heard another knock on the door and thereafter a tall pretty lady with a black long gown on her hand and a paper bag, came inside the room.

“She must be the fashion designer.” Asalea murmured.

The fashion designer looked at her and nodded approvingly of what she saw.

“It’s time to wear your gown Madam. Here it is.” The fashion designer came near and unzipped the back of the elegant black long serpentine tube style gown. The upper part of the gown is adorned with black diamonds. They are flashing when lights are hitting them.

“Wow, this is beautiful.” Asalea exclaimed when the dress fitted her body well.

“Because you are so beautiful Madam. By wearing this dress, you made it more beautiful and elegant.” She clapped her hands in full satisfaction then got a shoe box inside the paper bag and a jewelry box.

The fashion designer asked Asalea to sit down so that she can put on, her high heeled shoes to her feet. She put next a pair of red diamond necklace and earrings to Asalea.

“Relax and wait here Madam, someone will pick you up and guide you going to the event venue.” Then the jolly fashion designer left with a smile on her face.


Asalea looked at her whole reflection in the full length mirror inside the room. Looking at herself, she is thankful that she got both the features of her Mom and Dad. The combination of her parents’ lovely features made her an almost perfect creation.

When she heard another knock, her heart beats fast. She did not know what would be next. Would it be her death or freedom? She is however prepared to fight just in case. She will do her best to escape.

A young man in his Armani suit entered the room and asked her to follow him. He has a paper bag on his right hand.

“Where are we going?” she was not able to control herself to ask.

“Just follow me Madam; we are going to the Palace’s Astrodome, which is just nearby.” He said while walking fast.

They entered the wide astrodome as told by the man who fetched her. It is somewhat dark. The only light that intrude its darkness are some torch put in every corner of the Astrodome and many in front, where a man wearing a black robe like a priest is standing beside the altar. He is holding a black book. She knows that it is the Vampires’ hallowed book.

Asalea’s eyes narrowed. She can guess that the event is a wedding event. So, she will be attending a wedding occasion. “Whose wedding is this?” she asked the man who fetched her.

“Yours Madam.” He said and then got something inside the paper bag. “Please wear this,” the man said again handing her a black veil with a tiara in it, beautifully adorned with black diamonds.

“What did you say?!” Asalea gasped in surprise.

“This is your wedding Madam.” The young man repeated her prior statement.

“Who shall I be marrying?” with narrowed eyes, Asalea asked again.

“You will know later on. Please be ready Madam. The wedding march will start.” Then the man step aside and motioned her to walk forward when the wedding march song started to fill the whole astrodome.

Asalea does not know if she will follow or will make herself invisible and run. She chose the first. She knows that she will be dead if she will run. At least they will not kill her. Looking at her gown, her veil with tiara and the venue of the wedding, she knows she will be marrying someone of high profile from the Glodeous Kingdom. She can still start her life here and then plan for her revenge later on against the Ecleteon werewolves.

With chin held-up, Asalea made her graceful walk going to the altar. Getting nearer the altar, she saw the back of a man standing in front, beside the first row of chairs. He is the only one standing in that place. The rest of the vampires are seated on chairs, two rows before the chair, where the man is standing beside.

Asalea surmise that he might be her groom. “Hmm, not bad,” she murmured.

Slowly the man turned his back and faced her when she was already walking almost beside him.

Asalea’s eyes grew big when she recognized the man.

“Hello my pretty vampy.” He whispered and intensely looked at her with his ocean like, deep blue eyes.

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