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C4 The Groom


Asalea’s feet felt frozen. She stood in front of her groom stunned. Her eyes grew wide with surprise and amazement. “You?! Why would I marry you? I am here to marry the King. Can’t you understand that?” she murmured in an angry tone.

“I can clearly understand that, that is why you are marrying me now.” His smile is so mystical.

The man wearing a black robe like a priest and holding the vampire’s hallowed book, started to hum the devil’s song while slowly raising up the book he is holding. His head is up and his eyes are closed.

“Hail to the King of Glodeous and to his lovely bride!” suddenly the priest said in a loud voice. All the sitting vampires stood up and vow their heads then simultaneously said, “Hail to the King of Glodeous and to his lovely bride!”

Asalea’s forehead furrowed when she heard what the priest and all vampires have said. With furrowed forehead, she flipped her head, faced her groom and asked, “Who the hell are you?”

“I am your groom. Now face the priest and enjoy our wedding.” He hissed and looked at her with full authority now. Asalea’s heart tumbled as she looked deep into his eyes.

Quickly, Asalea faced the priest.

“I hereby solemnize and give my blessing to this marriage bond between the King of Glodeous, King Timodore and her lovely bride Lea. May you conquer the world together, build a greatest and long lasting family together with your soon to be heirs, who will inherit your powers and your thrones as the King and Queen of Glodeous!” The priest voice is booming filling all the ears of every Glodeous vampires.

“King Timodore, do you accept Lea to be your wife and soon to be your queen and the mother of your children, that you may conquer the world, defend each other and defend the Kingdom of Glodeous together?” the priest asked.

“Yes I do.” The groom said while glancing at his bride who is now too embarrass to look at him.

“Soon to be Queen Lea, do you accept King Timodore to be your husband and your King and soon to be the father of your children, that you may conquer the world, defend each other and defend the Kingdom of Glodeous together?” the priest asked Asalea too.

Asalea cleared her throat first. It seems like no words could come out of her mouth. She did not know what to feel. Her mind is floating and her heartbeat is like thunder.

“Lea, answer the priest!” he murmured with a pissed-off tone.

“Err, yes … I do.” She closed her eyes and controlled herself not to stammer, but she did still.

“Good girl.” He whispered again, now with a grin.

“Therefore, King Timodore get this ring and you Lea, get this other ring.” The priest opened a black box and showed to the groom and bride, a pair of wedding rings studded around with black diamonds.

The groom got the small ring first and gently put it to Asalea’s left ring finger. Thereafter, Asalea got the other ring and with shaking hands, put the ring to her groom’s left ring finger.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife; King and Queen of Glodeous. You may now kiss each other,” the Priest declared.

Asalea’s face grew paler as the man, who is her husband now, turned to her, cupped her face and deeply kissed her.

The vampires’ applause filled the air and all the corners of the Glodeous Astrodome.


The wedding celebration has ended with every vampire burping and full. They have feasted for special vampire foods.

While everyone is one by one leaving the Glodeous Astrodome, King Timodore tightly hold Asalea’s hand and whispered grinning, “Let’s go and let us rest on my bed.”

Without any word King Timodore suddenly carried his new wife and run like a flash to the surprise and laughter of every remaining vampire in the astrodome.

Before Asalea could resists, they were already inside his room and he was putting him gently on the bed. He pinned her down when she tried to get up. He looked at her with a naughty smile and said, “Are you not going to say anything my Queen?”

“You tricked me! You lied to me!” she said annoyingly.

King Timodore laughed in full amusement. “I did not. You never asked before who I am.”

Asalea’s mouth swiftly shut up. Indeed she never asked him, she assumed at the onset that he was not the King of Glodeous. It was her fault.

“Yes, it was your fault.” He mimicked what Asalea was thinking. Asalea forgot that he is a vampire too and he can read her mind if she would not blocked him immediately.

Embarrass, Asalea tried to struggle but his whole weight is pinning her down. As he started to kiss her nape going to her face and then lips, Asalea could not do anything but to close her eyes and grunts in defeat.

“Ready for me my pretty vampy?” he sexily murmured in Asalea’s ear, bringing voltage of electricity unto her every vein.

King Timodore in A flash was able to unzip his wife’s black gown and removed it unceremoniously. He trailed down some small kisses from her neck down to her breasts; stayed there for a while, licking and sucking each of her nipples. Asalea moans as she feels her one breast inside his warm mouth and his lips trying to tease her nipple’s tip.

“Gosh, what are you doing?” Asalea gasped and suddenly arched her body when she felt his kisses trailing down to her core, while his hands are still caressing her breasts gently. He glided his tongue inside her nether region and let it roamed deeper and in circling motion, that made her wife shivered with pleasure.

All of a sudden, King Timodore stood up. Asalea was disappointed.

“Why did you stop?” she asked confused.

He removed his clothing and joined his wife again, grinning wide. “I need to remove my clothes to make you more satisfied.”

Embarrassed again Asalea put her hands on her face covering her eyes.

King Timodore laughed out loud with the reaction of his lovely wife. Still laughing he removed her hands on her face and immediately kissed her on her lips. He started softly, sensually and then aggressively thereafter plunging his tongue inside her mouth, trying to find her tongue too. His hands glided and caressed all over his wife’s soft body. All of a sudden he caught her right hand and brought it to his fully erected manhood. “Hold it and caress it my sweet,” he murmured while breathing so heavily. He is burning with passion and he knows that she can feel it.

Asalea followed obediently to her husband’s request. As she did it, her husband groans, then after a while removes her hand, opens up her legs and while gently murmuring to her, enters her with full thrust. Asalea gasped with the sudden pain that she felt that made King Timodore stopped and looked at her with a surprised expression. He then gently nipped her right ear and slowly thrusts again. As Asalea became comfortable now, he thrusts again with a little speed until speeding fast, coming in and out. Asalea is moaning and shouting, tightly embracing him and wrapping his hips with her legs. They both shuddered as they simultaneously hit the peak.

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