Her Marriage To The Vampire King/C5 The New Queen of Glodeous
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Her Marriage To The Vampire King/C5 The New Queen of Glodeous
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C5 The New Queen of Glodeous


As Queen Asalea woke-up the next day, the first thing she looked for was her King husband. Fortunately, he was still lying next to her.

She just thought everything has been a dream. But waking up beside her husband made her totally came to her senses that indeed everything has been real. She is now married to the Vampire King of Glodeous and the declared new Queen of the Kingdom of Glodeous.

“Good morning pretty vampy.” King Timodore’s deep blue eyes are dancing with naughtiness as he playfully looked at his wife Asalea.

Asalea covered her face with her left arm and fully sheltered her body with their black blanket.

“What are you ashamed of wife? Last night you were comfortable moaning underneath me,” He said teasingly.

“Shut up King Timodore. You owe me big time for setting me up to that marriage yesterday.” Asalea said still not looking at her new husband.

“I did not; I just followed your wishes. You know very well that you are going to marry the King of Glodeous right? You told me so.” Still in a teasing mode, he tried to hug his wife.

Asalea’s embarrassment grew more. “That’s it, you know very well that you are the King but you never told me. Most probably you were laughing at me.”

“Nope, you actually caught my attention on that. I was just amused knowing that I don’t need to find for a wife anymore because someone is already dreaming to be my wife.” He is already hugging his wife while trying to kiss her neck.

Asalea flipped. “Don’t you dare start again; I am still sore and feeling the pain you caused me last night.”

“Is that so?, Let’s heal it then my Queen.” Asalea giggled as he got inside the blanket and started kissing and smooching her all over. She has no strength to fight and say No because actually she liked what he is doing.


As the new Queen of Glodeous, Asalea started to roam around the Kingdom familiarizing herself with its ins and outs. Sometimes she will roam around in her invisible self so that no one will notice her.

While roaming, she decided to go outside of the Glodious Palace and was in awe when she saw big Pine trees planted on both sides of the streets. She just walked following the path with pine trees on both sides. The said street led her to a path going to a hilltop. At the hilltop, she was amazed to see waterfalls and underneath it is a brook with very clear water, surrounded with big rocks. The place seems too magical to ignore.

Queen Asalea walked nearer and without hesitation continued to walk into the brook. She felt the cold water. She really wanted to swim but she hesitated as she did not bring any clothes to replace her worn one. She just promised then herself that she will be back in this place ready with the necessary things that she needs to enjoy her day here.

Nearby at the back of big rocks, six pairs of sharp eyes are looking intently and greedily at the woman playfully tickling the water in the brook. Thereafter, their fangs grew longer and pointed and their nails too. They wiggled their tails and made some low growls.

Queen Asalea heard the growls. She tried to calm herself and strengthened her sense of smell and hearing. She knows at once that she is in danger. Werewolves are around.

She needs to get out of the water immediately so that she could transform into her invisible self. Before she could get out of the water however six werewolves are already waiting for her at the edge of the brook, ready with their sharp claws.

Asalea could determine that they are not Ecleteon werewolves. It is evident in their greyish furs. Ecleteons’ furs are combination of either black and gray or brown and black or brown and gray. Ecleteons could be easily recognized through their fur colors.


King Timodore suddenly felt a pang in his chest and his wife’s face quickly flashed into his mind.

He is currently in their training arena. He called Dreckos and asked him to take over the training. He will look for his Queen.

As he did not find Queen Lea inside the Palace, King Timodore called Dreckos and instructed their ten top men to help him find his wife.

“I have a feeling that she is in danger.” King Timodore said that makes his men worried.

As the palace guard told them that he saw Queen Lea walked outside the palace and paved her way going to the pine tree street, King Timodore almost curse as he know the danger at the end of that pine tree street.

“Men at the hilltop, let’s go!” King Timodore shouted. Like a flash all the ten Glodeous top men including their King ran going to the hilltop.

At the hilltop, Queen Asalea is looking for a space on the land part, farthest to the werewolves where she could run, touch the ground and transform into her invisible self. She cannot fight alone with these six werewolves.

Looking at the big rock in her left side at least four big rocks away from the werewolves, Queen Asalea readied herself to run fast. She knows that at the back of the rock is land part already. As she started to run fast, the werewolves did the same. When Queen Asalea reached the big rock, the six werewolves were already down the rock waiting to attack her.

When the six werewolves jumped simultaneously to reach her at the top of the big rock, Queen Asalea also jumped as high as she can and ran fast as she touched the ground.

The werewolves growled so loud in anger as they followed fast the escaping Queen Asalea.

Queen Asalea tried to be invisible while running but she cannot do it. She cannot concentrate. She needs to stop to do it. If she will stop however, the werewolves may catch her.

Nearby, the group of King Timodore heard the werewolves’ growl. They ran so fast like catching the wind, going to the direction of the werewolves.

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