Her Marriage To The Vampire King/C6 The New Queen of Glodeous is at Risk
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Her Marriage To The Vampire King/C6 The New Queen of Glodeous is at Risk
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C6 The New Queen of Glodeous is at Risk


Queen Asalea runs as fast as she could. As a lady vampire, she runs five times faster than an ordinary woman. The werewolves however could also run as fast as she can. They are almost on the same pace.

Good thing Queen Asalea saw a big tree. Without thinking further, she jumped to the highest level and settled herself at the big branch on top of the tree.

The six werewolves down the tree growled in anger. Queen Asalea smiled. This tree is her saviour. However, not unless these six werewolves would go away, she cannot go down this tree. Minding that it’s almost dark, she was able to relax. These werewolves would go once the night is deep already.

Ten minutes later, Queen Asalea felt relieved when she saw her King husband together with around ten of his men. They all stopped near the werewolves who were surprised by their arrival. The werewolves tried to fight but at the end, three of them died and the remaining three, who are still alive yet injured, retreated to save their dear lives. King Timodore told his men not to follow them anymore as they need to get out of this place fast.

“Where is the Queen?”One of the King’s men asked.

“I am here.” Then Queen Asalea jumped off from the tree.

The moment Queen Asalea’s feet stepped on the land; King Timodore was already beside her; he hugged her tightly and put his cheek on her head. He was breathing fast and heavily. His hands are shaking now. He cannot afford to lose her wife now.

“Don’t come in this place again and most of all; don’t go somewhere without my knowledge or without me.” He gently said while kissing his wife’s forehead.

Asalea nodded. “I’m sorry,” she said softly and embraced him back.

He looked at her tenderly and then softly said, “Let’s go home now.”

The ten Glodeous vampires around looked at each other. They are thinking of the same thing. Their powerful King has a weakness now, and it is his beautiful newly wedded wife.


As they arrived in the Glodeous palace, Queen Asalea fell to silence. They are in their room now.

“Can you please tell me wife, why you went in that place?” King Timodore calmly asked her silent Queen.

Queen Asalea looked at her husband, who is lying down at the center of their bed with hands propped under his head. “I was just wondering around and got lost. Then I saw the beautiful waterfalls with brook underneath it. I was mesmerized, so I tried to feel the water in my feet.”

“Just like when you wondered before, got lost and I found you here in my room?” King Timodore just teased his wife rather than get angry. He knows that she was too frightened awhile ago already when she was attacked by the werewolves.

Asalea laughed and nodded. “Yes, just like that.”

Looking at his very charming wife, King Timodore could not help to adore her. “Come here wife and lie down beside me.” He patted the space on the bed beside him.

Slowly, Queen Asalea stepped forward. As she reached the edge of the bed, she crawled like a baby going to the side of her husband and settled there without moving.

King Timodore was too amused by how she crawled and now lying beside her unmoving. “Are you afraid of me my Queen? You looked like an unbending steel beside me.”

“I just feel nervous now with what happened a while ago.” Asalea made an alibi. She could not tell him the truth that she felt her body tensed beside him.

He glanced at her seriously. “I am not happy with what happened. Please don’t do it again Lea.”

“Were you afraid too, when you found out that I was not around?” Asalea moved on her side and watched her husband’s handsome face. Until now, she cannot fathom how lucky she could be to have him as his husband.

“Why do you want to know pretty vampy?” He moved to his side also, facing Asalea now.

Asalea smiled seductively while caressing his chest. “I just wanted to know if my husband is afraid to lose me.”

“Will you be satisfied, if I say, I do?” his eyes now are warmly looking at her.

“Thank you. Would you want a prize for giving me that very good answer, hmmm?” She continued to caress his chest.

“I want my prize everyday.” He then rolled over on top of her.

Queen Asalea giggled as he started kissing her neck.

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