Her Mysterious Mates/C1 The nightmare
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Her Mysterious Mates/C1 The nightmare
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C1 The nightmare

Under the starry night sky, a forlorn female silhouette stood erect on the rooftop of the highest building in the Soul city. The cold night breeze fluttered her long ink-black hair, sending chills all over her body as she watched the yellow city lights illuminating the entire place.

She raised her head and immersed herself in the picturesque view of the winter night.


A deep masculine voice broke the tranquillity of the night and tenderly wrapped her into a warm embrace, resting his head on the nook of her shoulder, inhaling her sweet fragrance.

The corners of her lips curled into a charming smile as she turned to face the man.

His perfectly chiselled face glowed under the faint night lights, and a pair of dark obsidian orbs stared back at her with intense passion,

The strong arms that wrapped around her waist effortlessly lifted her from the ground. He gently placed her on the cold railing of the building, facing him.

Under his intense stare, she opened her mouth to articulate the words which have been ringing in her mind,


Even before she could complete, her mouth got forcefully shut by a blazing kiss. His hot breath laced with an intoxicating scent attacked her senses all at once.

Her amber eyes sparkled like stars as she melted under the sweetness offered by his lips.

He was like a voracious wolf that devoured on her velvety lips with an uncontrollable hunger,

Her mind fell into absolute chaos when he suffocated her with his overbearing kisses, just like a predator attacking the prey under its most vulnerable state.

Her slender arms pounded onto his broad chest, like a vague plea to give her a moment of breath.

He grabbed her rebellious arms and slowly pulled his ferocious fangs buried on her plump red lips.

While panting for breath, she tried to focus her gaze on the devilishly handsome man in front of her eyes.

This devil almost choked her to death with his brazen actions,

Yet she was delighted…

She was so happy that her heart thumped inside her rib cage as if it wants to break free and jump out.

“Sorry,” An apology escaped his mouth as he traced her soft cheeks with his burning fingers, painting it in a pretty hue of scarlet red.

His impatient fingers slowly travelled down her chin, gradually find their way to her rhythmically rising bosom,

It was cold as a winter night, yet he lit her mind and body on fire with his tantalizing touches,

“You deserved to die,” He chimed in a magnetic voice,

The dark orbs in his ocean-deep eyes replaced with burning red spheres and an evil grin spreading over his exquisite face,

She gawked at him with incredulous disbelief.

“Goodbye, Miss Sasha Amber Reagan,”

Even before she could comprehend his words, his strong palm pushed her down, plunging her into the depths of hell,


Sasha woke up from her sleep, yelling at the top of her lungs. Her heart frantically beats under the thick woollen sweater drenched in sweat as if she has run a marathon.

She squinted her eyes and swept a glance across the scattered documents on her table,

Neatly stacked bundles of papers and books resting on the shelves of her minimalist looking study room gave her a sense of familiarity and assured her that it is her apartment,

"Phew…It was a nightmare!!!!" She let out a sigh of relief and tilted her head towards the digital clock kept on the table.

4.00 am

Did she fall asleep while working?

Sasha tapped on the keyboard of her laptop and the document she was editing became visible to her eyes.

Thanks to the auto-save, otherwise her hard work for the last one hour must have gone in vain.

While letting out a yawn she flexed her knuckles and closed the laptop after saving the documents.

She groggily dragged her body to the bedroom and climbed onto the soft bed after removing the sweater, letting her tensed body cool down before falling into sleep.

While hugging onto the giant teddy bear on the bed, her mind wandered around the shreds of the dream she had a while ago,

It was the same nightmare that has been haunting her for the past week.

A nightmare where she found herself at death's door.

“But who is he, that man who is ardently trying to kill her, every single time?”

December 24, Soul city

Evening: 5 pm

Sasha stared at the flickering lights of the Christmas tree resting on the corner of the room.

It's Christmas eve. Like every other place in the soul city, this psychotherapy clinic was also decorated with a Christmas tree and fairy lights.

"Sasha," The receptionist called out for her, "You can go in,"

Sasha rose from her seat, thanking the receptionist with a faint smile and headed towards the consultation room in steady steps.

Natalia Stevens aka Lia, the consulting doctor sat on the chair with an amicable smile while she waited for the last patient of the day.

It is Christmas eve and she also wished to leave work early.

When her gaze fell on the person who entered the room, Lia's almond-shaped eyes widened in surprise,

"Sasha," She acknowledged her presence with a welcoming smile.

"Good evening, doctor." The mellow voice greeted, "I am sorry for the last minute appointment. But doctor, can you prescribe me something like sleeping pills?" Sasha made a quick request.

Lia fixed her glasses and scanned the skinny girl sitting across her with a worried face. The dark circles under her eyes indicated the lack of sleep.

"I am having a hard time falling asleep."

"You are already taking enough medicine. It is not good to take the sleeping pills with it." Lia advised,

It hasn't been more than three months ever since this girl started to visit the clinic for therapy sessions.

The first time Sasha showed up for the consultation, her exquisite countenance left everyone speechless.

A girl who could give a tough competition to the leading female celebrities came to meet a psychiatrist- it was unbelievable. But under the beautiful facade, Sasha failed to hide her melancholic heart.

Sasha Reagan, age: 24

Diagnosed with Clinical depression from an early age,

A head injury followed by memory loss.

A prolonged period of medication for anxiety and depression.

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