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Her Mysterious Mates/C10 The boyfriends
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C10 The boyfriends

"Do you have a boyfriend?"

" Are you single?"

No one knew how much Sasha hated these two questions.

After moving to Soul city, those were the most frequently asked questions in her daily life.

Where ever she goes, due to her breathtakingly stunning looks, Sasha always becomes the centre of attraction,

While working in cloudsphire, her colleagues, clients, people who work in the same office building, and even her fellow passengers on public transport used to approach her with enquiries regarding her relationship status.

However, for a person like Sasha, who hates human interaction, all these advances were nothing but torture.

To avoid such interactions, she started to use glasses and oversized clothes as a disguise to blend in with the crowd.

"Miss Sasha, are you single?" Noah repeated his question with a face brimming with anticipation.

Sasha narrowed her eyes at the man who threw a time bomb at her with glee. Though she remained quiet, questions were boiling inside her mind.

Why does society urge a woman to be in a relationship? Why can't she stay single in her life?

"Ring, ring!" A sudden ringtone broke the awkward silence between them.

"Sorry, I have to attend this call," She excused herself and stepped down from the podium to pick up the call.

"Leave her alone." Lia, who was silently observing the interactions between the duo, warned her brother in a steely voice, "She is not someone who is looking for a relationship."

"Well, who told you that I am looking for a relationship?" Noah let out a chortle and looked at the direction which Sasha had been heading,

"I am just intrigued by her...that's it." He tilted his head and beamed at his sister, who appeared frustrated by his answer.

"Tell me, Lia, does your friend have a boyfriend?"

"Yes. she has a boyfriend...someone who is far..far...better than you," Lia gnashed her teeth and mouthed a white lie.

"Hey...there is no one better than me in this entire city...you can go around and ask anyone about the most eligible bachelor in the capital city. I'm damn sure that the answer will always be 'Noah Gregory Stevens'." Noah haughtily replied and nudged her shoulders.

"Then I am sorry to burst your fantasy bubble, Mr Noah Gregory Stevens...someone returned to Soul city last night."

"Your little brother in law has returned?" Though he sounded surprised for a second, his sparkling blue eyes quickly turned cold as he continued, "What the hell. Why did no one tell me about it? Damn it!" Noah gritted his teeth in disdain.

"Be ready to hand over your title of most eligible bachelor in the town."

"Well, I would be glad to give away the title and end my bachelorhood if you let me date that girl." Noah pointed at Sasha and retorted in a teasing voice,

"In your dreams!!! I would rather introduce Sasha to my brother in law than my good for nothing brother." She got back to Noah with the greatest weapon to defeat him.

While the siblings argued over, Sasha thanked Daniel for helping her escape from an awkward situation.

Letting out a sigh of relief, Sasha attended the call, "Hello, Daniel,"

"Where are the photographs? " Daniel's manly voice heard from the other side,

"We need them !!!!" He interrogated Sasha as if she had committed a crime.

"Dan, how about we have a video call now?" She suggested after contemplating for a moment.

Since taking photographs at the party was such a hassle, Sasha felt it was better to have a video call and show him the crowd to get over that stupid challenge.

"Ahhh, then give me two seconds, let me get the kids," Daniel ended the conversation.

Sasha moved towards an empty corner in the garden, away from the chirpy crowd and waited for Daniel's call.

Exactly after a minute, the notification for a video call popped up on her phone's screen.

"You can do it!!!" She reminded herself and selected the accept option.

As soon as she picked up the call, the startled faces of Daniel and his cute nephews appeared on the screen.

"Hi everyone!" Sasha greeted them with a confused smile when she saw the frozen frame.

It took a moment for the trio on the other side of the call to respond.

"Girlfriend, you look so pretty!!!!" Sky and Zay shouted from the other side with a big fat smile adorning their

"Ah, thanks," Sasha sheepishly replied. "How are you guys? Did you enjoy the Christmas holiday?

"Yes, yes... we had lots of fun... Uncle Dan even took us skiing.

"You should have come with us." One of the twins sulked.

"Oh, I am sorry, Zay. I was busy with work."

"Will you come with us next time?" Zay asked with a pair of glittering eyes, "We can bring uncle Dan too,"

"Of course, If she is willing to come with us, then I will help her." Daniel had no other option to play along with them

"Will you come with us then?"

"Let me see if I am free," Sasha brushed away the hair strands falling on her face and replied,

"You always says the same and never visit us," Sky pouted his lips and complained, "You don't love us."

Hearing his cute little tantrums, Sasha was rendered speechless for a moment.

"Ahh, kids, it's getting late, you should sleep earlier...let her enjoy the party," Daniel proposed and rescued Sasha, who was struggling to come up with an answer.

"Are you having fun at the birthday party?" All of a sudden, Sky pointed out,

"Yes, it's fun." She gave a soft smile to make her lie more believable.

"Ah, then enjoy the party, but don't talk to any boys. If anyone tries to talk to you, tell them that you have a boyfriend."

"Not one, but two boyfriends," Zay added with a serious face,

"Where did you guys learn all these?" Daniel, who got baffled by his nephew's words, couldn't help but ask, "When I was at your age, I had trouble remembering all of my classmate's names."

"You don't remember your classmates' name at the age of seven? Uncle Dan, you are so dumb." The kids retaliated with huge laughter, "No wonder that you don't have a girlfriend,"

"Hey, hey, no personal attacks." Daniel immediately retorted and peered at Sasha to wrap up the conversation. "We will talk later, have fun."

"Yeah, good night and sleep well, kids." Sasha ended the call and took a deep breath to loosen the knots in her heart.

Since Daniel got the proof that she attended a party and socialized with others, there is no need to stick around and call it a day.

"Let's go home now." She muttered while picking up her wallet and stood up to leave.

However, as soon as she turned, her amber eyes fell on Noah's tall figure, who stood just behind her.

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