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Her Mysterious Mates/C11 The pair of amber eyes
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C11 The pair of amber eyes

"Hi there." Noah elegantly moved closer, giving off a beaming smile to Sasha, "Are you leaving?"

"Hmmm." She nodded while wondering whether he had heard her conversation or not.

"Oh, that's so bad. The party just started, why do you have to leave early? Do you have a curfew at home?" He inquired like a close acquaintance.

"Yes, good night." Sasha wasn't ready to have a conversation with him, kept her reply short and quickly walked past him in hurried steps.

However, the very next moment, Noah abruptly grabbed her slender wrist and stopped her from fleeing away from him,

"Have a drink with me before you leave." He demanded in a honeyed voice that is impossible to refuse.

"Sorry, I don't drink," Sasha replied as her gaze moved to the palm which held her wrist, silently demanding Noah to take off his hands from her.

"Hey, don't lie," The corners of Noah's thin lips curled upwards as he listened to her lame excuse to avoid him. Taking his hands off from her, he cooed alluringly, "Everyone drinks."

"But I don't, " Sasha coldly denied and crossed her arms over her chest, putting a guard against his advances.

"I am not allowed to drink."

"Seriously!!! Your parents still restrict you from drinking, oh good Lord!" Noah cackled as if he heard something funny and shook his head.

"I can't believe it...how old are you? Twenty-two or twenty-four? Nowadays, everyone starts drinking from high school, and yet you-"

"I am your sister's patient." Sasha shut him with a single statement.

"Currently, I'm under medications and strictly not allowed to drink alcohol." Her unexpectedly sharp words pierced Noah like an icy dagger as he stared at the girl in incredulous disbelief.

He was well aware of his sister's occupation.

Natalia Stevens belonged to one of the wealthiest families in soul city. However, rather than joining their family business, she became a doctor who specialized in mental health. And everyone knew that her late mother was the reason which urged Natalia to choose a different career than her family members.

Rachel Stevens, her mother, was a renowned singer all across the nation. However, after her marriage, she was forced to quit her career to be the lady of the house.

She was a person who loved to live like a free bird, but her family responsibilities clipped her wings and locked her in a golden cage.

Unable to endure the agony, she gave up on her life one day.

However, only after her death, the Stevens family understood that their beloved madam Rachel was under severe depression and sought help from no one, not even from her family members.

She hid her pain within her heart and lived under the mask of a happy, go-lucky person.

Noah stared at the woman who stood before him.

For some reason, Sasha's expressionless face reminded him of his late mother.

"Did you eat anything?" Noah's voice softened as he asked, almost surprising Sasha with his question.

"I mean, I haven't seen you eating anything...you were sitting all alone...Eat something before you leave."

"What is with his sudden caring persona?" Sasha wondered when she noticed the change in the so-called playboy of the city.

A tinge of sympathy and melancholy rippled in Noah's bright blue eyes, giving off a considerate vibe.

"Thanks, but I don't usually eat dinner." She refused his offer and slightly bowed before walking away.

"How about drinking something....not wine or alcohol...something like fruit juice?" Noah asked again, unable to part way with her.

Hearing his words, Sasha turned around with a faint smile and headed straight towards the podium.

Noah, who was about to follow her, was left frozen for a moment when he saw her faint yet beautiful smile.

Whether it was her simplicity or aloof demeanour, something was alluring about her entire existence,

After a momentary daze, Noah looked around to find Sasha rushing towards the Lia to bid her farewell.

But just as he hurried over to stop the girl, he saw her halting her steps.

With her eyes glued to the podium, Sasha stood there mortified.

Her line of sight ended at a man who was congratulating the birthday girl.

Even Noah, who followed Sasha, stopped in his tracks when he saw the man.

He was the man who lived as a perfect example of a legendary figure in the business world.

Even though the man was in his mid-fifties, he looked dashingly handsome and younger than his peers.

However, his glowing amber eyes and radiant smile made him stand out from the rest.

Zach Reagan, the renowned CEO of Reagan corporations, the giant who rules the country's economy, also happened to be Sasha's father.

Even though he was her father, Sasha never shared any filial bond with him.

For her, Zach Reagan was another relative whom, she rarely meets at family dinners.

While growing up, she shared no memories with him and ever since her accident, Sasha never met the man who exists in her life in the form of monthly deposits in her bank account.

As she kept staring at Zach, her eyes caught the sight of an elegantly dressed woman and two children who stood beside him.

While she was recuperating from the accident, Sasha heard that Zach Reagan officially married his childhood friend for the sake of his family.

The boy looked exactly like a miniature version of his father, except for his eye colour. Unlike his father, the boy had green eyes.

A loving father and mother with two cute little children!!! A lovely sight that warmed everyone's hearts did the exact opposite to Sasha.

Zach Reagan being a loving father was an unbearable sight for her.

A pang of pain arose from the depths of Sasha's heart as she watched him carrying his little daughter in his arms.

That man is her biological father, and all these years, Zach Reagan never made an effort to visit his illegitimate child who lived in the shadows.

Sasha clenched her fists to suppress the excruciating thoughts surging inside her head.

"Sasha," Noah shook her stiff shoulders and woke her from the thoughts,

"Are you alright?" He repeated his question at the woman, who appeared pale as a white paper.

For some reason, he felt that something was wrong with her, and she needed help.

"Come with me," Noah gently held Sasha's shoulder and led her to a nearby vacant table.

Unlike before, she followed him without any hesitations or protest.

After making her sit on a chair, Noah grabbed her tightly clenched fists and inquired softly.

However, Sasha's eyes were still on the family stepping down from the podium.

Noah chased her gaze and found that her attention was on the father-daughter duo.

Zach Reagan's five-year-old daughter Hazel was Emilia's best friend. Even though the Reagan family was on a vacation trip, they made sure to attend the birthday party because of their little daughter.

"Do you know Mr Reagan?"

Hearing his words, Sasha slowly reverted her gaze helplessly, giving Noah a chance to get a closer look at her.

The peerlessly beautiful face that could shake any stone-cold heart appeared agonizing,

The pair of her large, feline eyes were brimming with tears.

However, her irises had one of the rarest eye colours in the world, a shade of burning copper.

A pair of amber eyes.

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