Her Mysterious Mates/C12 The devil in disguise
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Her Mysterious Mates/C12 The devil in disguise
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C12 The devil in disguise

"Wait here. I will get you something to drink." Noah suggested and went ahead to bring some water to calm Sasha, who appeared anxious.

Once Noah left the place, Sasha's eyes travelled back to the table where Zach Reagan sat with his family.

As a loving father, he looked after the kids, helping them to cut the steak.

Sasha couldn't help but snicker at his actions.

She hasn't eaten or drinks anything from the evening, yet the man who was supposed to be her 'father' didn't even care whether his elder daughter was dead or alive.

While Sasha lived in the peony villa, Zach never attempted to talk or even look at his illegitimate daughter.

"Excuse me, are you alone?" A masculine voice brought Sasha back to reality.

She reverted her eyes from the family to the man who approached her. He was a decent-looking man in his early thirties.

"Alone!!! I have always been alone." She mumbled as if she was reminding herself.

"May I join over a drink?" The man extended a glass filled with transparent liquid as he sat next to her.

Without any hesitations, Sasha accepted the drink and gulped down in a single shot,

When the transparent liquid trickled down her throat, Sasha winced as the burning sensation overpowered her senses.

Even though the drink was slightly bitter, the after taste was on point, making her crave more.

Once she finished her drink, she snatched the other person's drink within a glimpse and chugged it.

"Miss, take it slowly." The man reminded the girl who was gulping down the alcohol as if it was water.

Hearing his concern, Sasha smiled sweetly at the stranger, waking the butterflies in his stomach.

"Can you get one more- ah two more glasses of water?" She requested with an innocent glee adorning her face.

"Water? It is vodka, miss." The man corrected her with a chortle.

"Ah...Vodka!!! Ah then three more glasses, please,"

"Sure, sure," He stood up and walked towards the counter that serves alcohol.

Meanwhile, Noah went for Sasha's drink was dragged away from the counter by his cousin, Alison Koster.

"Noah, is it true that Kit is attending the party?" Alison, who appeared like a fairy with her shimmery white gown and blonde hair, asked elatedly.

"I don't know. I haven't talked to young master Strombell for awhile." Noah rebutted without much interest and gently peeled off Alison's slender fingers that clutched onto his arms.

His cousin, a prodigy in the piano, treats her fingers as the most precious thing in the world, so he made sure to break her fingers for interrupting his errand.

"I thought you two are still on talking terms." Alison snickered when she heard his reply.

"Seriously, what is wrong with you all? Mili is our only niece. How can you all be so mean to a kid?

"I did nothing." Noah shrugged his shoulders in denial,

"Thanks to your stupid fight, poor Mili lost an opportunity to meet her uncles and aunts on her birthday," Alison rolled her eyes as she began to blame an aloof Noah.

Alison and her cousins, Natalia and Noah, grew up together with the three children of the strombell family- Kenny, Kit and Kia.

They were family friends, but the marriage between Kenny and Natalia made the two families unite.

Noah, Ali, Kit and Kia- They practically lived together till high school. However, once they went to different cities for higher studies, their friendship started to fade away, and only the family dinners were the only occasion they interacted with each other.

"Why are you mad at me? I am not the one who ran away to Neopolis after cutting his ties with his friends." Noah scoffed as he defended himself. According to him, the main reason for their gang's split was Kit, who refused to return to soul city as he busied himself to build his own company in a foreign country.

"What made you think that I'm mad at you? I'm just asking whether you are aware that Kit has returned to soul city?"

"Lia just told me that he has returned."

"He is not going back to Neopolis anymore. I heard that he got plans to shift their headquarters to Soul city." Alison shared whatever She heard from her friends and family members. However, hearing her words, Noah appeared more distant.

"Why are you saying all this to me?"

"Since Kit is attending, Kia decided to boycott the party," Alison explained with a straight face. Kit and Kia, the twins of the strombell family, fell apart when Kit decided to fool around with Kia's best friend,

"I would have done the same if I knew that he is coming." Noah scoffed.

"Aiishhh, how old are you, Noah? Why can't you act like adults?" Alison almost cussed when she saw her cousin behaving like a kid who fought with his friend over a candy.

"It is not like that you haven't cheated on your girlfriend."

"Ali...don't sugarcoat his actions, whatever he has done, it was wrong...cheating is cheating."

"Wow, that's a wholesome bunch of great words coming from a person why addresses himself as the biggest playboy in the city." She twitched her mouth and spat out the words.

"I might be the biggest playboy in the city, but I have never cheated my girlfriend with another woman," Noah argued his point when he heard her condescending remarks.

"He played with someone's feelings."

"Two years passed ever since that incident happened, and why are you bringing up that topic again?" Alison's fair nose turned red in anger as she talked more,

"It's you who started discussing that topic." The lines on Noah's face creased in a frown as he refuted.

"He cheated his girlfriend with some other girl. Yeah, that happens. But when his girlfriend caught them red-handed, he cunningly avoided that girl quoting that they were only friends."

"It was supposed to be a harmless joke. Nobody expected that she would take it seriously." Alison crossed her arms over her chest as she made her point.

"Somebody got hurt because of his harmless joke. How are you going to explain that?"

"But he is your best friend, Noah,"

"He was." Noah paused for a moment and continued. "I don't care whether you continue to be in touch with him or not. For me, he will always remain as a person who hurt an innocent girl. Not to mention, when Kia, his sister, refuses to acknowledge him."

"Do you think that our parents may not notice these conflicts anymore? One day or another, they will know that we fought with each other." Alison lowered her voice as she dragged his attention towards their family.

However, it didn't make any difference in Noah,

"Of course, one day or another, everyone will know the truth...Everyone will know that their beloved Kit is not an angel but a devil in disguise." Noah twitched his shoulders and walked away from her without any more explanations.

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