Her Mysterious Mates/C13 The mistake
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Her Mysterious Mates/C13 The mistake
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C13 The mistake

Once Noah returned to the table where he left Sasha, all he could see was a tipsy talkative woman lecturing a few drunk men.

He just left her alone for a moment, and Sasha got surrounded by men.

"This woman!" Noah sighed and hurried towards Sasha and crouched down before her seat,

"Hey, what happened to you?"

"Oh, hi, handsome!" She gave a welcoming smile and cheerfully waved her palm.

"Handsome? Did you drink something fancy?" Taken aback by her sudden amiable behaviour, he looked and asked in a voice full of concern when he got stumbled upon the countless crystal glasses resting on the table.

"I drank water."

"Water?" He arched an eyebrow and took one of the glasses from the table to take a whiff of the colourless liquid. Anyone could figure out that it was vodka.

"I was drinking water and having a conversation with these gentlemen," She sipped down the vodka and replied.

"What were you talking about?" Noah, who got confused by the turn of events, asked to clear his doubt.

"We were discussing the importance of drinking water." One of the men who sat next to Sasha answered in a sloppy voice.

"Huh? Were you talking about drinking water?" Noah asked once again to confirm his doubts,

These people and the topic of their conversation felt odd.

"You must drink three litres of water a day and eat your meals regularly," Sasha advised in a drunken stupor,

"Or else you will end up falling sick. What happens when you fall sick?" She asked men at the table like a primary school teacher,

"If you fall sick, there will be no one to take you to hospital," Someone answered,

"Yes, you are right...If you fall sick, there will be no one to take you to hospital, and you will die alone."

"Oh, God!" Someone sighed,

"Who called God? There is no God. Only science is there. Only science is true," Sasha corrected with a frown,

"Sasha, are you an atheist ?" Noah grinned as he heard her statements.

"I hate Gods...I hate humans. I hate everybody." Her reply came quickly,

"What about me? Do you hate me?" Noah decided to try his luck to find out her opinion about him. Well, that's the advantage of getting drunk.

Sasha looked at Noah with scrutinizing eyes before opening her mouth to ask a question rather than replying to him.

"Who are you?"

"Me?" Her question was enough to leave him baffled, "I am Noah."

"You are Noah?" She pointed her index finger and moved a little away from him.

"Ah, I've hated you from a long time ago."

"But we just met. How can you hate me already?" He almost whined at the girl, who became more expressive after getting drunk.

"You left mermaids." She stated and glared at the man who appeared clueless.

"You left them behind when the flood came."

It took a moment for Noah to realize what Sasha had been mentioning.

"Ahhh, you are talking about the real Noah. No. I'm not him." He corrected with a grin,

"If you are the real Noah, then will you take mermaids on your ark?" She asked in a sulky voice with her red lips curled into a cute pout. "Will you?" She grabbed his arms and went ahead to seek an answer from him.

"Only if they are pretty as you," Noah replied as he decided to play along with the drunk girl.

"Mermaids are pretty, it is humans who are ugly...ugly in the sense that, they hurt others, abandon others...try to kill each other...even if they look pleasing to eyes, they look ugly inside...that's why I don't like them...I don't like humans," Sasha went on ranting,

"You are also a human, aren't you? or let me guess, a Mermaid," Noah grinned as he talked to the girl who sat with a confused look on her face,

"Mistake...I am a mistake," She rumbled in a barely audible voice, "My existence itself is a mistake,"

"Well, I don't think so...you must be a blessing,"

"Blessing to whom?" She let out a sneer and looked at him.

"Maybe for me," Noah replied honestly,

Hearing his words, the lines on her forehead creased, and she went silent before coming up with another question.

"Are you flirting with me?"

"Well, thanks for noticing," Noah grinned ear to ear. However, Sasha's reply was made him break into a burst of laughter,

"Don't flirt with me. I have two boyfriends," She raised three fingers at the same time,

"That's three," He chuckled and pointed out,

"Actually, it's three...I have three boyfriends," She counted her fingers in a drunken stupor, "Sky, Zay and him."

"Ahha, what do they do?" Noah was suddenly curious about her three friends,

"They are studying,"

"Your classmates?"

"No, they are younger than me,"

"If they are younger than you..perhaps freshman year?" He shared his doubt.

Sasha looked like a university student in her early twenties at first glance.

"Nah..they are in first grade," Sasha corrected him.

"Pfftttt...so your boyfriends are in first grade?" Noah couldn't control his laugh when he realized it was a joke.

"You will be old when your boyfriends grow up," He explained as a matter of fact.

"I won't grow old." She rebutted and continued to blabber on and on, "He will kill me before I turn old,"

"Who?" Noah tried to probe more, "your other boyfriend?"

She wobbled her head with a despondent look on her face,

"Ahhh...let me guess, this boyfriend of yours, does he studies in second or maybe third grade...am I right?" He decided to play along with her innocent act,

"He is an adult...older than me, stronger than me," She rendered with an emotionless face,

Noah's face darkened all of a sudden. Is it true that she has a boyfriend? His mind wandered along with the endless possibilities of Sasha being in a relationship. With her beauty, there is no way that she would stay single, and even his sister was saying that Sasha has a boyfriend.

"Every time I try to confess my love...he grabs my hands, chokes me to death and pushes me down," A teardrop rolled down from her eyes as she spoke,

"He will kill me. He will definitely-"

"Sasha, what are you saying...are you really in danger?" Noah panicked as he heard the whines of the girl who was in tears,

"Does he hurts you?" He grabbed her tightly clenched fists,

"Tell me, I can help you," Noah tried to re-assure her,

"He is evil...he will kill you too...Just like the way he tries to kill me," She dropped a warning, teardrops were continuously falling,

"Who is he?" Noah sounded dead serious when he interrogated her. "Tell me,"

Suddenly, an uproar was heard from the crowd when everyone's attention turned to a man on the podium.

His devilishly handsome looks and the overbearing aura suffocating everyone as if he is a grim reaper,

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