Her Mysterious Mates/C14 I will not forgive you
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Her Mysterious Mates/C14 I will not forgive you
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C14 I will not forgive you

The crowd at the party turned their heads to look at the devilishly handsome man who stood on the podium.

The man's overbearing aura and exquisite countenance resembled a sovereign ruler. The sharp obsidian eyes on his chiselled face were capable of encaptivating one's soul.

"Who is this young man?" One of the guests inquired as he witnessed the authoritative power he held among the people present in the party.

"Kris Strombell...Strombell's second son. He was working somewhere abroad,"

"What do you mean that he is working abroad? He owns a company. Not just a company, but a gaming corporation," Someone meddled in the conversation and made his point.

"Gaming corporation?" The man was surprised for a moment, "I thought business and trade runs in the Strombell blood," One of them commented.

"Well, that's why Kenneth, the eldest of the family, followed his father and entered into business. Kris always wanted to be different. That's why he made his own company, that too while he was in university. He doesn't want to follow his father or brother."

While everyone immersed themselves in the discussion about the second son of Strombell house, in one of the lonely corners of the garden, Noah tried to pacify a girl who was on the verge of crying because of the effect of alcohol.

"Sasha," Noah called in a voice filled with concern and care,

"There is no point in staying in a relationship- Nah, even having feelings for someone who hurts you," He advised her. Well, there is nothing else he can do.

People who were trapped in toxic relationships, won't be able to get out of it unless they make an effort on their own.

"Staying in a toxic relationship will bring nothing but despair in your life,"

"There is no need to bring despair...I have a lot of it," Sasha sounded sarcastic.

Noah, who was taken aback by the actions, stared at the girl in incredulous disbelief.

The girl who put her guard against him at the beginning of the party was nowhere to be seen.

"Maybe she acted unapproachable and cold because of her so-called boyfriend,

What if her boyfriend is possessive and hurts her when he finds out that Sasha has been mingling with other men?" He concluded in his mind and looked at her pitifully.

"I have to leave...I have deadlines to meet," Sasha informed in a staggering tone and tried to get to her feet.

However, due to the effect of alcohol, she seemed to have difficulty keeping a steady posture.

Sasha took a step forward and immediately lost her balance. If Noah did not catch her at the right time, she would have fallen on the ground.

He looked at her crimson red face, she was drunk beyond control, and there was no way she will reach home safely if she went alone.

"Sasha, where do you live? I will drop you at home," He held her soft body and offered his help.

"Nah...I will not bring men home...I can go alone," She protested while clinging onto Noah's shoulders.

"You can barely stand, and how are you going to get home all by yourself?"

"I should go…," she peeled off Noah's hands which were trying hard to make her stay at the place and moved ahead on a drunken stupor, only to crash into a man

Due to the effect of the crash, the food plate in his hands slipped onto Sasha.

"What the- oh miss, are you okay?" The man who was about to raise the voice immediately softened his tone when he found that he got crashed into a pretty lady.

"Sorry, sir, the ground is not even here," She smiled at him and apologized gently.

"Ah no, no, miss, I am the one who is supposed to apologize. I've ruined your dress,"

The man looked at the risotto stain on Sasha's dress. He was going to his seat after getting a refill of risotto for his wife. But who would expect that he will get to meet a goddess along the way? He scanned Sasha's beautiful countenance with a pair of lustful eyes.

"Let me help you to clean," He extended his hand and tried to wipe the stain from her midriff.

However, the moment his hand almost touched her, Sasha smacked the stranger's palm and glared at him with her burning eyes.

The man took a glance at her and subconsciously retracted his hand in fear.

Her glowing amber eyes had an intimidating aura that was capable enough to scare off the flies who surrounded her.

Noah, who was silently watching the scene, felt relieved as he walked over with a hearty smile and stood facing the girl, who was sending daggers with her eyes.

If glares could kill a person, that man would have died by now. It was a cold night, yet the man felt that his back was soaked wet with sweats.

"Sasha," Noah called out in a submissive tone to gain her attention. Sasha tilted her head to give a sidelong glance at the man who entered the scene, and the fire in her eyes turned down a little,

"Let's clean up, and I will send you home," He extended his arm and to his surprise, she reached out to hold him.

"Excuse me," Noah pushed the man aside and led Sasha away from there. As soon as Sasha left his sight, the man gasped and clutched his chest in relief.

It felt like somebody had lifted the stone which kept on his chest, and finally, he could breathe again.

He glanced at the couple who was leaving the garden.

The man with her- wasn't it the young master of Orco group of companies? It took him a while to recognise Noah, but who is that intimidating woman who even made the young master Stevens appear like her butler?

While they were walking out of the garden, Noah turned towards the podium and glanced at the man, who stood there like an emperor.

"Kris Strombell, everyone's beloved Kit," He said in his mind,

The corners of his eyes slightly perched upwards in happiness. However, Noah's facial expression was frozen like an ancient glacier, as if he was hiding something.

"Nice to meet you, my friend, but that doesn't mean that I forgive you for the crime you have committed."

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