Her Mysterious Mates/C4 The pervert
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Her Mysterious Mates/C4 The pervert
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C4 The pervert

"How about I give you a ride?" He suggested,

Listening to his deep husky voice, Sarah's eyebrows creased in doubt,

"Why does he sound so familiar?"

"Do I know you?" Her amber eyes narrowed as she interrogated him.

"Are you scared that I might hurt you? Hahaha It's Christmas eve and I don't do any bad deeds," His words were laced with a touch of gentle sarcasm.

However he was abruptly interrupted by the woman who was on the verge of breaking down,

"Do I know you?" Sasha's voice was trembling in a wave of unknown anger and fear,

For some reasons this man was giving off an eerie feeling to her,

He remained silent to Sasha's queries and continued to stare at her with his dark obsidian eyes which resembled daggers that could pierce one's soul.

A dark cloud of ominous thoughts shrouded over her.

Sasha twitched her lips and headed back to the bus stop, without waiting for his reply.

"My name is Kris." He said to the fragile figure who is walking away from him, "And Merry Christmas, Miss,"

"Kris," Sasha mumbled and searched for the name in the whirlpool of her memory,

No. There is no such person exists in her memory,

"I hope you have a great Christmas and Happy New Year, Miss," He called out again,

Sarah refused to turn back and return his greetings.

"He is a stranger and strangers are bad, especially those who look good...stay away from them...they are dangerous…" She muttered under her breath like an old woman and strode away with the little energy left with her.

He stood there watching Sasha,

The corners of his thin lips curling into a devilishly handsome grin,

Once her silhouette was no longer visible before his eyes, he turned and headed towards his sports bike parked in front of the beach restaurant.

Sasha sat on the lonely bus stop, leaning her head on the cold pillar,

Even after waiting for half an hour, there wasn't any sight of buses or taxis. She rummaged her bag and fished out the cell phone only to realize that it's dead no longer ago,

What a terrible day!!!

She decided to go out for one day and ended up being stranded in a place that has no transportation facilities.

This is it... There is no way she is going to look for her forgotten memory.

Let the bygones be gone.

She rose to her feet and decided to walk while looking for a taxi.

However, after walking a few metres from the bus stops, an eye-catching matte black sports bike stopped in front of her with a screeching sound, blocking her path.

Sasha tugged on her bag, preparing to resist the attack from the stranger.

The man on the bike took off his helmet and smiled in familiarity.

"Miss, I can still give you a ride,"

It was the same man.

Sasha glared at him as if she was looking at some kind of evil creature.

This man, doesn't he know how to behave with strangers?

"There will not be any buses from this area after 10 pm and the nearest place where you can find a bus or taxi is at a distance of one hour drive. Are you going to walk that long?" He raised a logical question at the girl who appeared on the brink of collapse,

The truth to be told, Sasha was tired to death and she wished to snuggle with her teddy bear under the warmth of her bed,

"If you are worried about me being a creep, then ma'am I would like to deny. All I can say is that you can trust me, my mom wants me to get home before midnight. If you are not interested, then I am sorry for disturbing you," He wore his helmet and started the engine, urging a perplexed Sasha to decide quickly,

"Wait," Even before Sasha could refuse, her remaining consciousness acted up and agreed to accept the stranger's offer,

His dark eyes brightened upon hearing her answer and immediately unbuckled the spare helmet, resting on the side of the motorbike.

Sasha reluctantly accepted the helmet and wore it before perching on the back seat of the motorbike.

"Are you ready Miss?" He asked her,


As he got her confirmation, Kris started the motorbike,


A soft cushiony chest bumped onto his broad back covered in a leather jacket.

"Pervert!!!" Sasha mumbled inside her brain,

She has read a lot about this particular strategy of man, who desires the softness of the female body.

"Miss... I won't mind if you hold me," He proposed with a sheepish smile,

"No thanks." She denied and opted to keep her arms resting on her thighs,

"In your dreams. There is no way, I am going to touch you, sly human." Her mind voice sneered,

As soon as Sasha replied the next thing Kris did was to raise the acceleration with a smirk, once again jerking her body to his side.

However, Sasha who saw through his evil scheme balanced her body by keeping her arms on his broad shoulders to avoid one more collision.

"I might be careless once, but not twice." The corners of her lips raising in a condescending sneer for a moment.

Kris adjusted the rearview mirror of the motorbike to take a look at the woman who sat on the back seat with an indifferent expression.

Her gorgeous demeanour was cloaked under a thick frosty aura, creating a tough guard against everything surrounding her.

"No one is allowed to climb over the walls and trespassers shall be frozen to death." A warning like this was the only thing left to paste on her face.

However, her amber eyes blazed like fire, fanned by long dark eyelashes, creating an interesting contrast to her cold attitude.

As he glazed over her breathtakingly stunning face, Kris remembered the words which he wished to say to her, the very first moment he saw the lonely figure sitting alone at the beach, sunk into the deep ocean of thoughts.

He wishes to pull her into his arms and whisper sweet nothings while showering with kisses,

"Miss Sasha Amber Reagan, finally, we meet again,"

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