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Her Mysterious Mates/C5 The nosy parker
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C5 The nosy parker

Under the lush black sky, Kris's high-end sportbike speeds across the empty beach highway.

The cool winter breeze fluttered Sasha's loose hair, the wet clothes sticking on to her body, spreading a chilly sensation over her skin,

"Ma'am are you still there? Why don't you say something and let me know that you haven't fallen somewhere." Kris's muffled raspy voice along with the wind fell on her ears,

"I will not fall," She rebutted,

"What if you fall asleep and lose your balance? Falling from bikes are not cool," He asked the question and answered himself,

"I am not sleepy,"

"But I am," He let out a chuckle and continued, "I have been travelling from Sunny dale, all myself,"

He is coming from Sunnydale? Isn't it too far from Soul city? Sasha wondered,

Sunny dale was a mountainous county situated on the northern border of Z country. It was famous for its orchards and vineyards and numerous sparkling rivers.

It was a perfect vacation spot for city dwellers who lead a suffocating life in the concrete jungles.

While Sasha was twelve years old, she spent her summer vacation in the farmhouse in Sunnydale.

Those days spent in the orchards held a special position in Sarah's memory.

"I promised my mom that I will come home before 12," Kris's voice broke her line of thoughts, "I guess I will not be able to reach home, as I promised,"


"I have to drop you off at home," He said enthusiastically,

"You don't have to do that, just drop me off at any place where I can find a taxi," She suggested. Although the security system in her condominium is the best in the city, she wouldn't dare to bring a stranger to her neighbourhood and put her life in trouble.

Sasha wished to cry, but no tears to shed,

What if this man turns out to be a bad guy?

What if he takes her to some random place and tries to mug her or at worst murders her?

Isn't it too late to have second thoughts?

"Oh!!! then I will drop you off at the central square in the Soul city," He proposed,


"What is your name, ma'am?"

Is he trying to dig out information about her before killing her?

"Sa... Sayonara," She lied,

"Sayonara...ah sounds nice. What does it mean?"

"It means Goodbye forever."

"Though it sounds nice, the meaning is a little bit sad," He sighed and moved on to the next question. "Are you working or?"

"Is it really necessary to talk about my work?"

"Oh you are working, then let me guess, you are model or someone who works in the fashion industry,"


He again went on suggesting various jobs which are related to the fashion or entertainment industry,

"I don't understand why you are associating me with these glam fields, do I look like a person who works in the fashion industry?" Her words sounded sarcastic,

"Of course, with your height and extraordinary looks, I thought you are a runway model."

"Have you seen a model with sunken eyes and dark circles?"

"I haven't seen a model closer in person to check out whether they have cute panda eyes."

"Did he just say cute?" Sasha scrunched her face as if she heard something cheesy.

"I mean, having dark circles and sunken eyes isn't a normal thing? Isn't it something that happens with everyone?" The man casually enquired.

"I don't know, I have never seen them on any celebrities, especially on models." She retorted.

"Let me guess again since you mentioned dark circles, you must either have a job which does not allow you to sleep properly or you are working in a job which includes lots of reading. Do you work in the medical field?"


"Huh, then you are a writer,"

"Almost got it correct, I am copy editor," She sniggered."

"Editor, oh man then you must have a tight schedule," He sounded surprised,

"I am a freelance copy editor,"

"So you set your own time and schedule, yet you are having trouble to rest properly," He commented,

"What do you do?" Sasha inquired about him,

"I work in a tech company, doing a normal 9-6 office job." He lied with a smile hung upon his lips. "I was working in the Neopolis. Recently I have returned to the country and went on a road trip. Conchester beach was the second last destination on my list,"

"Where are you going next?" She became curious,


"Oh," Sasha's curiosity died all of sudden,

"After wandering alone for a long time, you are bound to get homesick. So I thought why don't I spend this evening with my loved ones."

Though, Sasha couldn't see his face, she was sure that he must be smiling as he spoke about his loved ones.

"What were you trying to do earlier? When I found you on the beach?"

"Ahhh...that...I had a sudden urge to swim,"

"Really, I have never seen a person who is going to swim with sweaters and jeans?"

"I told you, it was sudden,"

"I thought you are drowning, that's why I pulled you out of the water, damn it.I interrupted your swimming session,"

Throughout the way, Kris went on asking questions like a curious five-year-old and engaged in a light-hearted conversation with Sasha.

Other than her senior editor and doctor, he must be the first person who made Sasha talk,

Kris pulled over his bike at the central square of the soul city.

"So madam Sayonara, it's time to say Sayonara,"

Sasha removed the helmet before getting down from the motorbike and extended it to him,

"Thanks for the ride,"

"Are we going to meet again?" He asked her while reaching out for the helmet,

"This world is vast, we will meet somewhere, someday,"

"But how about we exchange our contact details? Only if you are okay with it?"

Sasha looked at her wrist-watch and raised her eyes at the man whose face was partially visible under the matte black helmet,

"There is half an hour left for midnight. If you leave now, you can still reach home at the time,"

"Ahhh you are not willing to share the contact number, fine I won't force you then," He hung the helmet on the side of the bike.

"Good, then I will take leave, once again thanks for the ride and drive safe,"

"Madam Sayonara, wait a minute," He stopped the woman who was preparing to leave,

"I don't know what keeps you awake during the night or the reason why you decide to take your life earlier. Nothing is constant in this world, this shall too pass and everything will be alright, just wait for a little more," He smiled warmly,

"I hope everything gets solved by the new year and let it brings you the happiness and peace you have been searching for,"

Sasha remained silent until he finish preaching and prepared to strike back,

"Do you charge hourly or are these bits of advice free of cost?" She asked icily,

Even though a flustered look flashed in his obsidian eyes, he immediately retaliated with a victorious smile,

"Normally, I do charge for my advice. But for you, it is free,"

"Why?" Sasha crossed her arms over eyes and countered him coldly,

"Do you believe me If say that I have a weak spot for damsels in distress?"

"Of course, I believe you. Not every man jumps into the sea to rescue someone who is swimming and offer a ride for strangers," She enunciated each of her words.

"So, thanks for everything and let's part of our ways here,"

"Yes. Then have a warm Christmas and a great New year," He wished and started the engine,

"You too," Sasha replied and moved towards a vacant taxi parked on the designated spot for the taxi.

"I hope Santa brings you the Christmas present you have been dreaming," Kris commented from behind,

Hearing his childish words, Sasha halted her steps and turned back in bewilderment,

"Just go...your mother will be waiting for you," She retorted,

He smirked and waved his hand at her before driving past her,

"What a weirdo!!!" She exhaled and approached the taxi driver to recite her address, "Crimson Bay, Autumnshire,"

"Yes, madam,"

As soon as she got into the taxi, it sped off towards the south side of the central square, towards the wealthy downtown of the Soul city.

Unknown to Sasha who was immersed in the neon lights and busy streets, a matte black sports bike began to follow her taxi.

Kris was well aware of the fact that the world is vast and wide enough and it took him two years to find her among others.

"Where were you, Sasha Reagan, when I was ardently searching for you?"

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