Her Mysterious Mates/C7 Don't even try to cancel your plans
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Her Mysterious Mates/C7 Don't even try to cancel your plans
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C7 Don't even try to cancel your plans

Though Sasha never really cared about Christmas, she decided to utilize the holiday for doing house chores.

After having her bread toast and bacon for her breakfast, Sasha began to clean her apartment.

For a person who prefers to live alone, the penthouse on the top floor of Crimson Bay was huge for Sasha.

It was one of the expensive condo units not only in Crimson Bay but in the entire Autumnshire area. It was rumoured as the temporary houses for the wealthy people, especially bachelors in the Soul city.

While working in the cloudsphire she used to live in a mediocre apartment in the main city, however, due to the issue which happened during her trainee period, she even had some stalkers following her and keep on a watch on her life. That's when she decided to move to a well-protected residential area, where no one can easily access.

Sasha never planned to buy the penthouse in Crimson bay, however, when her realtor said that no one lives on the top floor, she decided to throw the money from her personal bank account and sign the contract.

Even though the penthouse was big for her with three bedrooms, she loved the silence and calmness offered by it.

She didn't have any noisy neighbours or creepy stalkers. The top floor of Crimson Bay has basically become her own lair.

However she never leaves the four walls of her penthouse or never had any visitors other than delivery guys and condominium security, it was more like the entire top floor was vacant.

Sasha took the vacuum cleaner and began to clean her living room. Even though she grew up in the Reagan family's mansion surrounded by housemaids and butlers, ever since she started to live alone Sasha learned basic house chores and cooking to survive.

As she finished cleaning the living room, Sasha plopped onto the sofa with an exhausted look on her face.

According to her, her penthouse had two major defects.

Firstly, it had large and heavy furniture which is impossible to move around by a single person.

Secondly, it had too many glass doors and ceiling to floor windows which reduces her privacy.

Since Sasha never uses any other furniture other than her bed and study table, she somehow managed to solve the first defect by moving and cleaning other furniture once a month.

Since there aren't any neighbours to peek her into privacy through the glass doors, the second defect got nullified, but she did note down to buy curtains and blinds as soon as a neighbour moves in.

After resting for a few minutes, Sasha picked up the vacuum cleaner and went to clean her bedroom and her study room.

The third room which was supposed to be the guest room has been turned into a temporary storage room for her books.

Even though her father and mother live in the same city, she doesn't have any friends or family who will visit her and stay over, the guest room should remain as a temporary library for her.

For Sasha, everything was temporary. She never felt any bonding to the places where she lived or people with which she has interacted, the only exception was her grandmother.

While everyone, including her own parents, treated her as non-existent, her grandmother was the only one who acknowledged her as a member of the Reagan family.

When Sasha came to know that her existence itself was a mistake at an age of six, she has never made an effort to seek attention from her so-called parents or anyone.

Unlike every other child in the Reagan family, Sasha asked her grandmother to send her into a boarding school so that she can avoid meeting her extended family.

She only came home during the vacations and rarely left her room.

She has always immersed herself in reading and she felt unknown happiness as long as she is left alone with books.

In order to change Sasha's silent and withdrawn personality, her grandma used to take her on trips on vacations along with her cousins.

However, nothing has changed. She doesn't even know some of her cousin's name even now.

After her grandmother’s death, she left the country and went abroad for studying.

Since she lost her one and only relative, the grievance has left her in a state of depression and sorrow. To get over it she just wanted a change of environment.

By that time both of her parents remarried and started a new family.

Even though with her family's influence she could have easily got admission to any university, Sasha studied hard to secure admission along with a scholarship with her own hard work.

Her father's assistant has always deposited a huge amount of money in her bank account every month for her living expenses, she never touched a single penny from it, while studying in Amorpolis, a country which is famous for art and literature.

However, the first time someone has used her black platinum card to withdraw money was when she fell from the university building.

According to her hospital staff, other than a few of her classmates, no one has ever come to visit the hospital while she was in a coma.

After remaining in a vegetative state for a while, her father made arrangements to move her into Z country. Rather than taking her into the family, she was admitted to a multi-speciality hospital in Soul city. Once she came out of the vegetative state, she figured out that her memories were lost in the accident.

Other than her nanny and her father's assistant who occasionally visits her in the hospital, no one was there for her.

And to everyone's surprise, she never complained or inquired about her "family," who never came to visit her.

After her physical condition got better, her father gave her two options, through his assistant. She can either go back to Amorpolis and continue her studies or stay in Soul city and join a university. However since her memories were wiped clean, Sasha proposed a third option,

"Moving to a countryside and recuperate her health,"

Since Sunny dale was famous for healing purposes, Sasha was sent to live in the Reagan family's farmhouse.

Even though she was able to recollect most of her memories over time, some of the doors to her memory lane remained locked.

A year ago, her nanny died in a car accident as Sasha became alone once again. That's when she decided to leave sunny dale and start afresh in a vibrant and colourful city like Soul city.

Though she informed her father about her arrival, she never said anything about her plans. As usual to her father's self, he still deposits money in her bank account.

The penthouse was bought using that money.

Once she gets bored of this city, she will leave this place.

By afternoon, Sasha finished cleaning her penthouse. After taking a bath she cooked some porridge and ate before starting working on the drafts she had to edit.

Around five in the evening, she got a message from Daniel, after their conversation last night,

"Did you buy any gifts for the birthday boy/girl?"

Sasha stared at her phone screen as another message popped in, sending her soul out of her,

"Since it is a birthday party, make sure to doll up and take as many pictures to send it as proof. Even Sky and Zay are excited to see their girlfriend in some pretty clothes, P.S: Sky says that, if you don't send the pictures, he will never going to marry you,"

After reading the message Sasha couldn't help but curse herself to death.

Like seriously!!! How can Daniel tell everyone, especially his nephews about her fake birthday plans?

Skyler and Zayne, twins and Daniel's nephews met her once while she came to collect the drafts at their uncle Dan's house. Since his sister was hospitalized Daniel was asked to babysit the seven-year-old kids.

When they found that a beautiful girl has come to meet their uncle, their first question was whether she is uncle Dan's girlfriend or not,

However, Daniel explained that Sasha is not his girlfriend, Zayne who never had a girlfriend at his school asked the Amber eyed beauty to become his girlfriend.

Listening to his twin brother's proposal, Skyler made an even better deal,

"Let me marry you and in return, you can play with my toy trucks as long as you want,"

As the twins argued with each other and try to impress their girlfriend with countless offers, Sasha who never had associated with children, couldn't help but seek Daniel's assistance to get over the toughest situation she has ever faced,

"Don't even try to cancel your plans," Daniel's reminder message came as a warning.

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