Her Mysterious Mates/C8 Where did I hear this name?
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Her Mysterious Mates/C8 Where did I hear this name?
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C8 Where did I hear this name?

Sasha contemplated the merits and demerits of cancelling her so-called plans for a while,

She gritted her teeth and headed towards her closet room, to take a look at her clothes.

It is a kid's party, there won't be any creepy bachelors who are going to stalk her. Then what's wrong with attending it?

As the clock ticked at 10 pm in the night, Sasha was still sitting in the middle of her clothes.

She was a geek.

Eat read Sleep and repeat, it was her motto for the last few years.

Because of that, she had no interest in attending social gatherings and parties or any worldly affairs.

However, due to the challenge made with Daniel, she was forced to attend a party.

And what was the worst thing about going to a party?

You at least need to wear presentable clothes so that you won't look out of the place.

If you wear something inappropriate for the party, you will gain attention from others as well as you become a laughing stock in front of everyone.

However, no matter how thoroughly she checked her closet, including pulling out all of the clothes one by one, she couldn't find an appropriate outfit for the party.

Truth to be told, she had no party wear dresses.

Her closet was filled with casual and comfy clothes like sweatshirts, jeans and t-shirts.

Well, there are some business suits which she bought while working cloudsphire, to wear it on formal occasions.

Does it mean that she should buy a new dress for the evening?

Sasha gritted in disappointment.

To get away with one sloppy decision, she was now forced to follow up with even worse decisions.

She needs to go shopping, nah must go shopping.

Since the party is tomorrow, even if she orders a dress online, there is no guarantee that it will be delivered by tomorrow evening. Not to mention that she has to buy a gift for the birthday girl.

By the way, how old is Lia's daughter? She wondered for a minute.

As she recalled Lia's conversation with her daughter, from the doting and playful tone in her voice, it was sure that her doctor was talking to a little girl...

Little means how much little?

Four, five or seven like Sky and Zay?

What kind of gift would she get for a little birthday girl? It was evident that she cannot avoid going outside and mingle with people.

"Everything happened because of that stupid nightmare." She grumbled in protest.

If she never had that nightmare, she wouldn't have lost her sleep and went looking for a doctor for sleeping pills.

The root cause for all these awkward situations is that stupid nightmare.

"Oh God Why," Sasha lashed out her torment and stopped for a moment,

She just said, God!!!!

"There is no God...it is only science," She corrected her words, "Oh pretty universe why me?"

"What is the point of meddling with my hormone levels and let me go through all these mood swings?

She grieved as she began to fold the clothes she pulled out from the wardrobe.

While she was going through her clothes, Sasha got reminded of the name "Queen Elsa," which Lia used to address her daughter.

Queen Elsa, from the frozen series, yes that's it.

The birthday girl likes Queen Elsa, so she should buy some Frozen merchandise as a gift.

Once she cleaned the mess that had been created in the closet room, Sasha went to sleep.

While lying on the soft bed, she began to mentally prepare herself to attend a social gathering.

When was the last time she went to a party?

The next morning itself she dressed up in a pair of turtle neck sweaters and jeans.

After wearing thick-rimmed glasses and sneakers, she picked up her favourite tote bag to go shopping.

As she walked out of her penthouse, Sasha ran into the supervisor of building management at Crimson Bay,

George Jefferson, a man in his late fifties, exchanged pleasantries with Sasha who appeared in the corridor.

"Is there anything that I can help you with, Mr Jefferson,?"

"No miss Reagan. We are waiting for a tenant,"

"Someone is moving in?" Sasha's curvy eyebrows creased in worry, Is this going to be the end of her freedom?

"They are coming to take a look at the penthouse, nothing is finalized yet," Jefferson informs the girl who was lost in thoughts.

"Oh have a good day then," She slightly nods her head and leaves in the direction of the elevator.

"I still can't believe that such a beautiful young lady stays in this condominium and we are the only ones who have talked to her," The other man who stood with Jefferson shared his bewilderment.

"She is quite different from youngsters these days," Jefferson sighed and checked the time in the wristwatch.

"Ah instead of coming here, we should have waited with Wilson on the ground floor for the new tenant," The other man complained,

"They are almost here. I really hope someone should start living on this floor otherwise if something happens to Miss Reagan, we would never know," Jefferson said with a tinge of sadness and glanced at the woman who stood next to the elevator.

Roughly after one minute, the elevator opened with a "Ting," and a well-dressed gentleman in his late twenties followed the manager of Crimson Bay and stepped out.

"Good morning Miss Reagan.”

"Good morning," Sasha returned the greetings and gave a sidelong glance at the gentleman.

"He must be the new tenant," She said inwardly,

"Have a good day Miss.”

"You too, Mr Wilson." Sasha quickly replied as she got onto the elevator and pressed the button for the ground floor.

As the elevator door closed, Robert Wilson, the general manager, turned towards the man who was standing next to him.

"Mr Salazar, miss Reagan stays on the same floor,"

"Miss Reagan, where did I hear this name?" The man searched in his memories,

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