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C9 The party

As soon as Sasha reached the largest shopping mall of Soul city, she entered the first clothing store that caught her attention.

When it comes to shopping, she has never been a picky fashionista.

Without searching and rummaging through the countless dresses in the shop, she picked up an emerald green full-length dress and paid the bill.

Since she had never been a party animal, there was no need to waste time while searching for the perfect dress for the evening.

After getting a dress, Sasha went to a toy store and bought a few "Frozen" themed merchandise and gift wrapped for the birthday girl.

When she finished the shopping, Sasha grabbed a coffee and returned to her penthouse without delaying for any longer.

On the way home, Sasha checked the location of the party venue on her phone.

Stromwood mansion, 42 B, Springshire.

Woahhh, Dr Lia lives in Springshire? Sasha's eyes widened in surprise.

Springshire on the south side of Soul city was the most expensive neighbourhood where the wealthy families resided from time immemorial. It was practically a Z category area which is not accessible for any commonfolk.

Even though she was not fond of posh residential areas, Sasha was excited to go and visit Springshire due to its historical importance.

However, when Sasha reached the mansion in the evening, she hated the idea of coming to the party.

The grandeur mansion that still oozed the regal charm of the imperial era was extravagantly decorated for a child's birthday party.

But the sight which made her out of place was the banquet arranged in the garden.

It was brimming with cheerful guests who showed up in dashing outfits.

"It was supposed to be a birthday party. How come everyone dressed up as if they were attending an award ceremony?"

Sasha mumbled in her mind while looking for a familiar face in the crowd. However, to her surprise, she could recognize some high-end officials and business tycoons whom she was only familiar with through the media.

All of a sudden, like a fairy who descended from heaven, a woman appeared on the podium in a white shimmering evening gown. She bowed before everyone and gracefully walked towards the piano kept in the corner of the stage.

As soon as she started playing, the whole place broke into silence where only the piano keys resonated.

On the next moment, with a loud round of applause, a five-year-old girl adorned in a blue and white gown, wearing a sparkling tiara, entered the stage with her parents.

It took a moment for Sasha to realize that it was her doctor's family. Natalia, whom Sasha has only seen in her casuals and glasses, appeared an entirely different person when she showed up in a midnight blue evening dress.

As for her husband, he looked equally dashing in his sapphire blue custom made Tuxedo.

One look and anyone can say that the girl inherited her parent's superior genes.

Once the woman finished playing the piano, the birthday girl's parents and her grandparents entered the stage for the cake slicing ceremony.

After a few minutes, the butlers took a multi-layered birthday cake to the podium.

With everyone's blessings, the birthday girl sliced the cake and gave the first slice to her grandparents, then her parents.

The birthday Banquet has finally started. A wide variety of international and traditional cuisines with different types of alcohol was available for the guests.

While Lia was busy interacting with guests and accepting gifts, Sasha sat alone in a corner observing everything. She doesn't want to get into the middle of the crowd.

She was wrong.

This birthday party was more lavish than an annual award function. It was more like a royal ball, especially with the sight of single men who searched for a possible partner to chat with and may be more.

Since Sasha immersed herself on the mobile screen, no one could get a clear view of her pretty face.

She was an introvert and hated to interact with people.

"Is this seat vacant?" Suddenly someone approached her table with a question.

Sasha raised her eyes from the mobile screen and looked at the intruder.

A handsome looking man in his late twenties stood next to her table with two glasses of champagne.

"May I sit here?" He asked with a flirtatious smile.

"Please," Sasha politely offered the seat.

"Oh, thank you." However, the moment he sat on the chair, Sasha stood up from her seat and walked away from the table.

What? He was left flabbergasted when he looked at the pretty woman who left the seat even before he could initiate a conversation.

"Hey, where are you going?" He called out from behind.

"The table is vacant. You can take it, sir," Sasha mumbled as she tried to calm down her boiling anger before vanishing into the crowd.

"What the hell!!!" Shocked by her actions, the man slammed the champagne glasses on the table with a thud, spilling them on the pure white table cloth.

"What happened, young master Stevens? where is your sexy partner for the night?"

Another handsome man came and sat next to him with a mocking smile.

"Shut it, Dylan." Noah Stevens, the birthday girl's uncle, cursed his friend and drank the champagne in one shot.

Noah Stevens, the heir of the Orco Corporation, was known as the biggest playboy in the city. Wherever he goes, women used to throw themselves at him. But this was the first time he met a girl who totally ignored him.

"Hey, hey easy, easy." Dylan Carter, his friend, tried to console the heartbroken Noah, who chugged down the drink. "What did she say?"


"Nothing?" Dylan arched a brow,

"She left even before I started talking."

"What the-?" Dylan cracked upon Noah's reply and immediately controlled his laughter."Believe me, bro, not every girl wants to crawl into your bed."

Aiishhh!!!!! Noah hissed in dismay.

"She was a nice catch. But way out of your league. So cheer up and look for someone else." Dylan patted Noah's shoulder.

"No, let me try one more time." Noah, who was not ready to give up, mustered his confidence once again. "Not every day you will come across a ravishing beauty like her."

"Looks like someone is craving for humiliation." Dylan couldn't help but let out a teasing comment again

"Go to hell!!!" Noah stood up from the seat and quickly searched for the girl who was vanished into the bustling crowd.

When Lia's gaze fell on a familiar yet different woman who stood next to the podium, her eyes widened in surprise.

"Sasha, you came" Lia sounded astonished when she walked towards Sasha. When she invited her patient to the mansion, she never expected that girl would attend the party.

"I am glad that you are here."

Sasha faintly smiled and nodded her head as she listened to her doctor.

"Why are you standing here? Come, let's meet my daughter." Lia led Sasha towards the podium-towards the epicentre of the birthday party.

As she climbed onto the podium, the entire crowd turned their heads towards the gorgeous woman who approached the birthday girl in steady yet poise steps.

Even though she wore a simple dress and makeup, no one could deny the fact that she was alluringly beautiful.

With her well-balanced body proportions and lush black hair, Sasha gave off an aura of an alpha queen.

Apart from her height and figure, the feature which made Sasha different from the rest of the group was her amber eyes.

Her big cat eyes had a strong coppery tint which was an absolute rarity in the population.

"Happy birthday Queen Elsa," Sasha crouched down to the height of the birthday girl and smiled sweetly.

The birthday girl looked at Sasha with wide eyes and turned towards her mother,

"Mamma, who is this beautiful aunt?"

"She is my friend. Her name is Sasha." Natalia introduced Sasha to her daughter, who looked at the pretty woman in admiration.

"Hello, aunt Sasha, my name is Emilia. You can call me Mili," The little girl cheerfully suggested.

"Mili. That's a really nice name," Sasha handed over the gift box to the girl and greeted, "Once again, happy birthday to you, Mili,"

"Thank you so much, aunt Sasha."

"Mom, dad...this is Sasha, my friend...Sasha, they are my in-laws," Natalia introduced Sasha to her family,

As they exchanged pleasantries with each other, Noah walked towards the podium and meddled in their conversation.

"Lia, you have such a beautiful friend, and why aren't you introducing her to me?" He asked his sister in a reprimanding tone and placed his hands over Natalia's shoulders.

"Sasha, this is my younger brother, Noah Stevens, the biggest playboy in the entire Zestria."

"Woahhh, sister!!!!" Noah almost screamed at his sister's words.

"What? I just told her the truth." Lia shrugged her shoulders and haughtily smiled, "Even if you try your best, she won't fall for your sweet talks,"

"Really?" Noah glanced at the woman who was practically shooting bullets with her eyes and casually asked the question he uses with every single woman.

"Do you have a boyfriend?"

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