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Her Personal Soldier King/C1 Bar Application
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C1 Bar Application

Zhang Youbin had never dreamed that he would one day decide to apply for a waiter at a bar.

Ever since he was ten, he had joined the Blood-red Mercenary Group. He had been a mercenary, an assassin for fourteen years, and possessed countless skills. However, when he returned home, he did not even have a proper job because he did not have a diploma.

He was surrounded by men and women who took advantage of the night to indulge themselves. As for himself, he was sitting at the bar, holding a cup of the cheapest beer, hesitating whether or not he should ask the people in the bar if he still wanted to recruit waiters.

After all, to make a terrifying soldier like him take the initiative to ask such a question was something that made him feel somewhat embarrassed.

However, when he left the Bloody Mercenaries, he had almost gone out of his own pocket. This meant that if he didn't find a job as soon as possible, not only would he be unable to find one, even his stomach would become a problem.

On the dance floor, a pair of eyes was constantly staring at Zhang Youbin's side profile. Zhang Youbin glanced at Zhang Youbin, a woman, twenty-three or twenty-four years old, beautiful looking, and also dressed extremely beautifully, she was currently fidgeting and twisting around on the dance floor, her eyes slightly red and somewhat intoxicated, she must have drank a lot of wine, and her target of pleasure, Zhang Youbin, was locked onto the tall and handsome Zhang Youbin.

Zhang Youbin smiled bitterly. Normally, he wouldn't reject this kind of direct suggestion. He rushed up to it, said a few words, and then took it away. He opened a room for a night of happiness before breaking it down.

However, he didn't have the money to get a room right now. He didn't even know where he should stay tonight.

After drinking a few cups of cheap beer, Zhang Youbin stood up and walked into the bathroom. At the same time, the drunk woman on the dance floor also followed him.

The moment Zhang Youbin entered the bathroom, before he could even close the door, the woman pushed open the door and entered. The moment Zhang Youbin entered the bathroom, before Zhang Youbin could close the door, the woman pushed open the door,

Zhang Youbin smiled bitterly. This woman was indeed drunk. Plus, it seemed that it wasn't the first time she came to this kind of place to look for excitement. Her clever tongue even lightly touched his earlobe as she spoke.

This kind of teasing wasn't unfamiliar to Zhang Youbin. On the contrary, he was familiar with this way. However, even if he took this woman away, where could he take her?

At this moment, the drunk woman also felt Zhang Youbin's body slowly change. She immediately gasped and knelt on the floor. She took the initiative to untie Zhang Youbin's belt and zipper.

Zhang Youbin could only feel that he was ignited by her actions as the woman whimpered. At this moment, he could no longer control himself and a thought emerged in his mind: [I might as well kill this woman right here!]

It was a one-night stand anyway, and it didn't matter where you got it, as long as you could get it done.

Then, Zhang Youbin helped the woman up and made her lie on the washstand while he lifted up her skirt. When the woman saw this, she naturally knew Zhang Youbin's intentions. She looked at Zhang Youbin with her charming eyes and said in a daze: "Doing it here will be even more exciting!"

Zhang Youbin had already taken off the woman's underwear. He took out his unoccupied wallet, then took out a condom from a compartment in the purse.

This was the standard configuration that Zhang Youbin had carried around for a long time. Every time he went to a place, he would always find a woman he loved.

Just when Zhang Youbin was about to get his gun on the horse, the bathroom door suddenly sounded. The knocking sound was very urgent, and it made Zhang Youbin shudder.

Zhang Youbin sighed and became a little more clear-headed. He knew that a battle would start for at least half an hour and it would be hard for him to resolve it here if someone knocked on the door. He could only put on his pants bitterly and pull down the woman's skirt before opening the door.

There was a beautiful woman standing outside the door, and she looked very anxious. Seeing Zhang Youbin come out, she wanted to go in, but suddenly, she saw a woman lying on the washstand. Her posture made people's imagination run wild, and she was wearing revealing clothes.

At this moment, the drunk woman was a bit anxious. She said in a daze, "Handsome, come in quickly. I can't wait any longer …"

As soon as she finished, the absolute beauty who knocked the door looked at Zhang Youbin with anger. Just as she wanted to ask, Zhang Youbin quickly walked in and helped the drunk woman out. He said with a serious face: "Miss, you drank too much. Come, I'll walk you out."

"I don't want to go out, I want you …" The drunk woman was still complaining coquettishly, but Zhang Youbin didn't care about that and quickly helped her out of the bathroom and returned her to the seat on the side of the dance floor.

After that, Zhang Youbin ran back to the bar, picked up his beer glass and took a big gulp depressingly.

"What f * cking bad luck. Without money, he couldn't even get a hold of the woman who delivered him to his doorstep!"

Previously, Zhang Youbinqian had never encountered such an aggrieved situation, and he felt greatly agitated. Earlier, he was unable to put down his pride to ask about hiring at the bar, but now, he had thrown his pride to the back of his mind and said to an 18-year-old male waiter behind the bar, "Little brother, do you still want to recruit Waiter?"

The waiter looked at Zhang Youbin in surprise. He didn't know why this well-dressed man would ask him about the recruitment of Waiter, but he still said very politely, "Hello sir, we are here to recruit Waiter."

Zhang Youbin hurriedly asked him: "Can I do it?"

The boy said embarrassedly, "I can't decide on that. When our boss comes over, you can talk to her about it."

"Alright." Zhang Youbin nodded and said, "If your boss comes, can I trouble you to introduce him to me?"

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