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C1 Encounter.

Amara's P. O. V.

It was a beautiful day. I woke up from my deep slumber. Today was a weekend. So, I woke up a little late.

Anyways, after tossing and turning for a while I got out of my bed lazily and did my morning routine.

Walking out of my bathroom in towel I took out a beautiful lavender dress from my closet and wore it.

Then I went downstairs, where I saw my dad(Daniel Miller) sitting on the couch of our living room drinking tea while reading the magazine, and my mom was working in the kitchen making breakfast for us.

When they saw me coming downstairs, they both smiled and greeted me.

I also smiled and said"Good morning mom and dad."

"Ah...dear I am busy today and there is a very important document that is needed to be sent to my company's main shareholder and I don't trust my employee on this so dad wants you to go to that company and hand it over to the CEO personally."Dad said.

I replied"OK dad I will do it furthermore I'm free today."

After eating my breakfast I bought the file and took the taxi to that company. But I was unaware of the danger ahead of me. That will completely turn my life upside down.

When I arrived at the company a huge glass building entered my line of sight. I mean my dad is also a business man but his company's building is incomparable to this building.

Anyways, When I entered the company the receptionist asked me"Miss where do you want to go?"

"Hey.. I'm here to transfer the file to the CEO, so can you tell me where the CEO's cabin is?"

She replied."It's at the top floor of this building with a glass door with the word CEO written on it."

I thanked the receptionist and walked towards the lift.

After I arrived at the CEO's office, I was scared out of my wits when I overheard the muffled sounds of a woman and the heavy breathing of a man.

I was in my dazed state when the door suddenly opened and a woman wearing a short dress with LV bag with heavy makeup on walked past me.

When that woman saw me, she smirked as if she had done normal thing and walked away. leaving me speechless.

After I came back to my senses when i heard the man's hoarse voice saying "come in."

So, I put everything at the back of my head. I muster up my courage and walked in.

When I saw the man working on his computer, my eyes were filled with disgust.

But then I adjusted my expression and walked up to him.

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