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C10 Orders


When Amara entered the washroom the first thing she saw made her blood froze on the spot.

She stood rooted in front of the mirror in disbelief, her body was covered with large amount of hickeys and his scent still lingered on her reminding her of the torture she had just gone through the whole night.

She stood under the shower and rubbed her arms and neck harshly trying to remove his touches, his licks, his bites then with a thud she sat on the floor clutching her legs close to her body, curled up into a ball and cried her heart out.

She had never cried this much in her entire life. But ever since she met him tears have become like her daily chores.

At first he kidnapped her then married her forcefully and now raping her was a cherry on top.

Wiping her tears harshly"why should I cry? his is not worth my tears, what does he think of himself, huh? He wants me to submit to him. Then I'll show him who is Amara Miller. I won't bow my head in front of him till my death."

After calming her nerves down, 1 hour later she walked out of the washroom to see the angry Lucas sitting on the bed glaring at her.


"What was taking you so long in there? Are you trying to play your childish tricks on me? Than let me tell you, you won't succeed in that." he said with a smirk.

Is he crazy or something? Samjta kya hy apny ap ko? (what does he thinks of himself?) What can I f***ing do in the bathroom. I mean I don't even have a cellphone with me.

I think I'll go mad if I stayed a little longer with this narcissistic guy. He only knows how to blabber about himself.

I rolled my eyes and started walking to the closet to pick out some clothes to wear as I was only wearing a bathrobe around me.

But before I could even open the closet a hand pulled my arm harshly and with a jerk he turned me around. to face him. " Who gave you the guts to ignore me, huh? " he said with his eyes spewing fire scaring the sh*t out of me.

Now I knew that I've touched his pride, seeing how proud this great demon king was of himself, this must be the first time that anyone has ignored him.

I tried to console myself in my heart that I should not show him my scared face because that will make him satisfied and i don't want that.

Crossing my arm in front of my chest I said." Yes I ignored you, so what huh? You will punish me or kill me? So be it, if you want me dead then satisfy yourself" I said looking straight into his eyes showing that I'm not afraid of him, even thou I can clearly feel my heart beating so hard as if ready to jump out of my throat at any moment now.

"No butterfly I'll not kill you because I know the most precious person whom you care about most and I'll hurt that person to punish you, then you'll submit to me, keep my words marked in your tiny little brain, sweetheart" he said making my world clasp in his just one sentence.

"Now go and make breakfast for your dear husband,SCRAM AND DON'T SHOW ME YOUR CROCODILE TEARS FACE" He said this and gripped my hair, if he used a little more strength than I'll surely go bald, I thought hissing in pain.

Then without wasting any more second he dragged me out of the room pushing me into the kitchen.

"And listen carefully from now onwards you will do all the house chores which also includes making three time meals everyday, and also satisfy all my needs" he said or should I say 'ordered' me then left the kitchen leaving me flabbergasted on the spot.

So many events happened in the blink of an ayes that I was completely unprepared for this sudden change in my life leaving me dumb struck.

But I have no other choice but to obey his orders or else I don't even dare to think of what he is gonna do to Eden. Yes the most precious person he was referring to was Eden, this bast**d really knows how to play his cards.

Huffing I started to prepare our breakfast.

I don't know how many blows am I going to see in the future.

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