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C14 Piano room.


It's been a week since Lucas had told me everything about Emma, and still I'm unable to wrap everything inside my head.

Its suffocating me from inside. The worst thing is that I can't even share my bundled up thoughts with anyone else. I still recall Lucas's venomous words when I tried to tell him what happened that day at the cafeteria of my college and tried to share my thoughts with him.

Although I feel that he was right. But it was not in my hand, if I can go back in the past then I would definitely not be friends with her. Unknowingly I've started to think that whatever happened to Emma was my fault.

Right now I'm sitting in front of my vanity mirror looking at my reflection in a gaze still contemplating his each and every word.

I feel like the walls in the room are squeezing, the feeling of suffocating is making my throat feel dry. Not waiting a single second I rush out of the room breathing heavily.

Clutching my neck I went towards the kitchen and took a out a water bottle not caring to pour it in the glass I hurriedly gulped down the water as if my life depended on it.

After sometime I felt better. But I still didn't wanna go in that room, then I suddenly remember that he has a piano room on the second floor. I discovered it that day when I went to his study.

I know how to play piano. when I was 10 years old my parents wanted me to learn it specifically, don't know why.

But right know I really want to get these thoughts out of my system. So without thinking much I walked in that piano room. Astonishment took over me when I saw it. Don't mind me because I've never seen this big beautiful white colored piano other than in pictures. I think Lucas also plays it. I mentally face palmed myself.

Of course silly girl he plays it. If he doesn't then why would it be in here. For decoration?

A small smile carved on my face, so it means that he also likes to play piano. But soon my smile faded away when I recalled his words. How many secrets is he hiding from me? Its as if I've been kept in the dark. And how casually he had told me about that unborn child. I can understand that that child was unexpected but he/she wasn't at fault.

unknown fear crept up inside me, thinking that what would he do if by any chance I got pregnant? Or what would his reaction be?

What did he mean when he told me that he had known me since 6 years back. What is he hiding from me?

Now I really want to know these answers, but how? This whole thing is giving me headache.

Shrugging my thoughts I walked closer to the piano and slipped/swapped my fingers a crossed the keyboard listening to its tune piqued my interest more.

Sitting on the duet(bench) I started to play my favorite song, when its soothing melody reached my ears peace filled within my throbbing nerves taking me to my whole new dream world.

I was lost in my own world completely oblivious that someone was standing at the door frame behind me watching me intensely with his dark and lustful gaze that can make anyone weak to their bones, while listening to my soothing music.

I instantly flinched when he stood behind me slowly brazing his rough fingers on my exposed arm and crossed his fingers with mine from behind. My heartbeat accelerated when his manly cologne filled my nostrils. Making me still in my place.

As if it wasn't enough, he moved my hair to my left side of the shoulder then started giving me his open mouth kisses on my right one moving straight from there to my neck then to my ear.

I cringed when I felt unknown sensation somewhere in my body.

"You like my touch on you, don't you?" His words broke my daze.

"Uhem... wh...what are you doing here? Are you following me?" I asked instead.

"Baby, why do you think so highly of yourself. Hm?" He said still nibbling with my right ear fanning his hot breath on my sensitive spot intentionally.

"So why did you come here?"

"Now that's more like it." Saying that he pulled me up to face him looking straight into my eyes. I don't know why but its always been my insecurity when ever I've eye contact with someone. I feel as if they are looking straight into my soul.

I try to move my eyes else where and tried to get some distance between us, as our bodies were way too close. His manly heat engulfing me making my legs to give up, but he being him grabs my chin to look at his darks eyes where I saw nothing but lust and dominance and unavoidable possessiveness, With the other hand he balanced me by putting his large and rough hand on the exposed of my waist causing me to shudder.

"You know butterfly. I've been thinking that its been centuries since I've lied my hands on this deliciously creamy, soft body of yours, you aroused me with just playing this single tune that I want to f**k you right here on this piano. Your c*m dripping on its keyboard...". he trailed off making me speechless on his disgusting and unfiltered remarks. Causing me to turn my face away from him even though I wanted to run away and fly for my life. But I couldn't because of his tight grip on my waist that was pulling me so close to him that it looked like we were bounded by a hard glue.

But how can I forget that he bought me here only to devour my body. He is clearly a fox wearing a mask of a gentleman. Always ready to hunt his prey and swallow it without losing any chance. The only difference is that he never wore his gentle mask in front of me. I don't know if I should be honored because he showed his true self to me, Or cry for being a scapegoat in his trap.

"So, I was thinking that why not we go on a vacation, in this way you would have a chance to get out of this mansion and have some fresh air and I'll have your body as my feast. Its a great idea right? I'm such a caring husband."

He planned everything on his own without asking my concern. But I've to agree that I really wanna get out of this suffocating place.

Hence, I only nodded and kept quit. I don't wanna waste my words on him.

"Listen carefully, we are going within two days. So without any word pack your bag along with your Hubby's. " he added pecking my pouted lips and walked out.

"And also don't forget to add some of your swim wear's." he added and left smiling crookedly.

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