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C3 Her wedding


After I came out of his office or should I say 'ran' out of his office.

Everything replayed in my mind again and again. And what did he mean by that sentence? It was a bolt out of the blue for me.

I was even thinking about giving a punch on his face. But I held it in because my one move will cause a huge impact on my father's company.

I remembered when my dad said that this company is his main shareholder.

Anyways, I took the taxi and got home. My mind was full of thoughts the whole ride.

As I was going home after paying the taxi driver engrossed in my thoughts, I suddenly bumped into a wall of flesh.

Caressing my forehead I moved my head upward to be startled by my boyfriend's (Eden Stameron) shining eyes that surprised me.

He cleared his throat that brought me back to reality saying "Hi" in his hoarse voice.

"Hey Eden. What brings you here?"

"Ah..I was about to tell you about this but guess its never too late. But are you gonna stay here and talk?" He said.

And that is when I came back to my senses that we were standing at the entrance of my house.

Feeling embarrassed I invited him in where I saw my mom and dad looking at me and Eden happily as if they has discovered a new planet.

They invited us to sit on the couch. " dear you just came at the right time. We were just discussing with Eden about you guys wedding" they said making my mind go blank.

Now I was unable to control my emotion.

Unknowingly tears of happiness blurred my eyes. I mean we have been dating each other since childhood, yeah we were childhood sweetheart's. If I haven't mentioned yet.

I can't even explain how many times I've thought of our wedding.

Yes, like every other girl in love I also imagined of my wedding with the love of my life, and now that it's been mentioned.

Seriously, I didn't even know whether to laugh or cry.

When Eden saw me cry. He gently hugged me" I know you have been waiting for this day for ever since I've known. So today I thought why not surprise you with it." He said caressing my hair. Not caring that I was wetting his shirt with my snot and tears.

My dad interjected" Ya and Eden wanted to tell you on your birthday, but then we told him that we have planed to have your wedding on your birthday as your present. As your birthday is coming in two weeks."

It means that I'll have all the happiness in one day.

But I didn't know that that day will be the saddest day in my life, the start of my torment.

The day I will loose my freedom and rights and will be kept away from my parents and the love of my life Eden.

Anyways, after sending Eden of I went to my room to freshen up and rest. After all this hectic and surprising event's I needed some time to process it in my system.

While lying on my bed his voice echoed in my mind 'YOU. ARE. MINE. '

I don't know if I should tell Eden about it or not. Or what will his reaction be.

I know he trusts me a lot but what if he flares the topic, I know his love for me he will not spare that man.

These all things are bringing me headache. So, I closed my eye's letting sleep to engulf me. Then I drifted into deep sleep.

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