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C7 Darkest side.


Right now I am in my office standing in front of the French window with my hands in my pocket looking at the bustling city ahead of me with my dark profound gaze.

I remember that when I went to the Miller's mansion I really wanted to drag her with me but I don't want myself to be carried away by my emotions. So I had to walk out of there, because I knew that if I stayed there a little longer I would have done something that would be beyond repair. And I didn't want that.

Suddenly someone knocked on my cabin's door.

I knew it was my secretary "come in" I said without looking back.

"Good evening sir, I have collected the information you asked for. The first one has all the information about miss Amara's childhood and the second one is about her wedding." He informed me.

Turning around I saw two folders, then without saying anything I took the folders." You may leave now"

"Yes sir" I replied and started leaving.

Then I suddenly remembered something. "Halt" I said. Making him instantly turn towards me.

"Any order's sir?"

"Yes, have you done what I asked you to do?"

"Yes sir everything is prepared along with the contract you asked for." He replied.

I nodded and then ordered him to leave.

Then without wasting any time I started going through the information.

I first started with her childhood that is when something caught my sight about 'Eden Stameron' my business competitor.

I smirked, I got to knew they were dating before I got this folder.

Because after I got out of the Miller's mansion I immediately ordered my detectives to follow their every move. I was curious to know who had the guts to take my butterfly from me.

The thing that astounded me the most was that person was none other than 'Eden Stameron' my business competitor and now also my love rival.

Gritting my teeth an evil smile form on my lips, "This journey is going to be very interesting Mr. Stameron" I scoffed.

Everything I lay my eyes on is always in his hand. I don't know if it's misfortune or what.

But not this time, Now I will take what's mine and he will watch my face when I snatch everything from him one by one, including My butterfly.

While flipping through the information I got to discover that they were highschool sweetheart's, So he know her before me, I smirked. The rage of jealousy was filling in my lungs.

It didn't matter how long he had known her, because she will be mine at the end.

This wedding will not take place, and I will make sure of that.

Amara Miller you rejected me when I was being polite with you, but you didn't appreciate my kindness. There are thousands of women wanting to lay on my bed. But I chose you.

Now you will see my darkest side. Just wait and watch. I am the man of my word. I will change my name if I didn't break this marriage.

I picked up my internal phone and made a call to my detectives.

The call connect. "I want you guys to keep more surveillance on them and keep informing me about their every move" I ordered. with my eyes blood shot. I cut the call without waiting for their reply.

Then again I looked at those folders with my profound deep gaze. I can feel my blood boiling looking a them.

"The play is about to began Mr. Stameron."

Saying that I flipped all the documents on the floor.

*Two weeks later*


Two weeks past by in the blink of an eye. Today is Eden and Amara's wedding day. As well as her birthday.

The bride is getting ready in her room filled with makeup artists and designers.

Amara is wearing a beautiful and sexy off shoulder V neck gown that is giving full justice to her gorgeous curvy figure with an sapphire blue diamond necklace refining her long elegant neck along with a same pair of sapphire earrings, her hair tucked in a high bun paired with a snow white veil.

Whereas, groom is busy in his own preparations in the hotel along with groomsmen, he is wearing a maroon tuxedo with an elegant black bowtie. And his hair combed backwards giving a charming look.

After about an hour and a half Amara's mom(Julia Miller) comes in her room. Seeing Amara in the wedding dress, unknown tears suddenly forms in her eyes.

When Amara catches her mother sneakily crying appearance in the mirror, her eyes also burred out with the thin layer of moisture.

She walks up to her mother then without saying anything she hugs her. "Mom I'll miss you and dad", she didn't know if it was on a whim or what but suddenly she felt that after this day she would not be able to see them and wanted to preserve this last moment forever.

Wiping away her daughters tears she said" No need to say that dear, this is your home as well you will always be welcomed here whenever you want to visit us." she said looking at her lovingly.

"Yes mom" she said with a small smile.

" can't believe my tiny bundle of joy will be grown up so fast".Her mother said as she smiled warmly.

"Now stop crying or else your makeup will be smeared and we don't have time for that, the groom would be waiting for us. And ya I'm going to see your dad he is busy watching that if everything is perfect or not." Her mom said as she walked out of the door.

At this point Amara is alone in her room when out of the blue a big hand holding a white napkin blocks her mouth from behind. She tire's to struggle but her strength is incomparable to the man's, Then few seconds later everything blacks out.

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