Her Possessive Billionaire/C8 Contract marriage.
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Her Possessive Billionaire/C8 Contract marriage.
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C8 Contract marriage.

🔞⚠Warning mature content ahead⚠🔞

Amara P. O. V.

I slowly woke up to see a completely different environment around me. The first thing that I noticed was that I'm now in a car, when suddenly I heard a very cold freezing voice beside me. "You woke up at the right time."

Hearing that bone chilling voice I felt a chill run down my spine, turning my head to the side I was astound to see the person I didn't want to see the most. 'Lucas Michaelson'.

I tried to speak when I discovered that my hands and mouth were tied up. He removed the duck tape from my mouth, instantly I started shouting. " What the heck did you do to me? where are you taking me to? what do you want from me?"

He pulled my hair bringing my face close to his own, our faces were now so close to each other that we were inhaling each others breaths." You don't need to ask those questions because you'll soon get to know where I'm taking you, and don't you dare speak a word or I'll throw you out of this car without any second thought" saying that he jerked me back to my seat making my head hit the window.

Caressing my head tears started to form in my eyes, today was supposed to be the best day of my life. My parents and Eden must be worried about me. I have being eagerly awaiting for this day since so long.

The car suddenly stopped at some point, first he got out of the it then walked up to my side opened the door, untied me and forcefully pulled me out by my forearm making me hiss in pain.

"I'm warning you if you dared to not sign the papers then you will bare the consequences of loosing your parents" he said with a voice that left no room for any arguments.

Not caring about my pained expression he dragged me forward. Now the realization hit me that he had bought me to the civil affairs bureau.

After he signed the marriage contract it was now my turn to sign my name, tears kept rolling down my face. I really wanted to dig a hole and burry myself alive. A few moments ago I was going to marry my love. And now out of no where I'm going to sign a marriage contract with this devil. It all seemed like a dream that looked like reality, that when I'll open my eyes everything will be back to normal.

I got out of my dazed state hearing his angry growl wanting me to sign the papers.

Now I had no choice other then signing my name or else I don't even dare think of what he will do to my parents. So, I signed the papers with my shacking hands.

Then he brought me to his mansion. That was double the size of our house, but now I was not in the mood to appreciate anything around me.

He stepped out of the car first and then again took my hand which he had held earlier and now it was paining like hell. So, I couldn't control myself and a moan escaped my mouth, I hurriedly blocked my mouth with hands but he having very thin ears heard it and slowly loosen his grip on me.

Then he took me to a king sized bedroom on the second floor, then as soon as we got in he instantly threw me on the floor. saying with venom dripping from his dangerous voice" So, Mrs. Michaelson how do you feel having this surname?" He asked, as his sharp eyes kept analysis every inches of my body which was making me feel like I was standing naked in front of him.

After hearing his question every cell in my body exploded and the anger that I wasn't able to express the whole day flared out " Don't you dare call me by this name this marriage was forced upon me by you, you may have made me sign those papers but let me tell you once and for all Mr. Lucas Michaelson that I Amara Miller might have married you but you'll never get my heart, ever." I said all this in one go. But I didn't knew that my words were like a torch igniting the flames of hell, instantly awakening the cruel devil.

The next second he forcefully grabbed my arm making me stand in front of him, before I could stable myself he tore my gown into half, I couldn't help and shriek escaped my lips along with the tears of humiliation. But he didn't care, now I was felt only in my inner wears, when I saw his hawk like eye roaming around my body I immediately try to cover the exposed parts with my hands.

His handsome sharp face was like a hurricane that forced me to retreat several steps even though I knew that today no one will save me from this devils clutches. I keep going backwards until my back hit the wall, now he was only few inches away from me. I couldn't help but swallow the big lump in my throat.

Ignoring my shacking body I looked no his beastly eyes that wanted to swallow me alive, I asked"what do you want to do? What do you want from me?"

He came closer to me pressing his body's heavy weight on me then trapped me in between his arms on the wall, I flinched and looked away not daring to look into those well-like eyes, his hot breath was fanning on my face making my mind go blank.

His mouth went close to my earlobe" Do you remember the words that I told you that day?"He counter attacked with his question. When I recalled those nasty words my breathing became hurried.

His thumb went to my lips caressing them his not leaving my lips, then he brushed his lips with mine saying "Or do you want me to recall them do you, hmm butterfly?"

"I....wh..." Before I could utter a word his kiss poured like rain. First he brutally kissed my lips as if punishing me for something, then he started planting wet kisses from my jawline to my neck making shivers run down my spine.

Then before I could process anything he brought my thigh on both sides of his hips then again started kissing me until we both were out of breath, my heart beating rapidly in my chest. Breathing heavily he put his forehead on mine saying "You rejected me right, now you'll see the real me".

Then his left hand snaked behind my back, while the other was holding my waist to prevent my body to fall down. At this point I knew what was going to come. In the next second he opened my bra then thew it on the floor making me speechless.

"Pl...please do...don't do thi..is to m..me I'm not re....ready yet."I said with a trembling voice.

But he didn't pay any heed to my pleas and the next second I was on the bed looking at him standing upright at the foot of the bed staring at me other his blood thirsty and lustful gaze. While taking off his clothes one by one.

When he thew his boxers away the view in front of me astounded the sh*t out of me. Looking at his size I knew that this night was gonna be the most dreadful night of my entire life.

He was amused to see my reaction"tonight I'll show you my inner beast, and I won't stop until your legs are shacking, moaning my name and when you'll beg for mercy" hearing that my ears started buzzing.

Then without waiting for me to reply he pulled my ankle and came between my legs ripped my last piece of clothing (panties), he hovered over me kneading my breast and panting kisses on my body, giving me shivers from his touches. Scream escaped my lips when he bit my nipples, not caring about my cries and pleas started sucking my other breast. Then started again sucking my neck planting bright red hickeys.

Then he went backwards I knew what he was going to do. This was going to be my wedding night with Eden. But now I'm lying underneath this beast of a man.

I closed my eyes not wanting to see what coming next when I heard his angry growl"Open your fuckin eyes bit*h" clutching my jaw with his hand. I opened my eyes from the pain. Then he didn't gave me any chance to analyze and entered in me with his full length, making me scream on top of my lungs. I fisted the bedsheets underneath me. He kept plundering until the dawn.

The torture finally ended my lower abdomen was pain in like hell I knew it must have been torn by him. Then he fell on top of me his head on my shoulder.

I was so exhausted that I didn't even had power to move my fingers. Not caring about current appearance I also drifted into deep slumber.

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