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Kung ganda lang ang pag-uusapan,super ganda siya.Maputi at makinis ang balat,sexy and she has all the curves in right places.She is really gorgeous.She is a sight to behold.Hindi siya GGSS (gandang-ganda sa sarili).I am not even sure if she knows how good-looking she is.She is not a flirt.Simple siya and mabait.Her beauty has landed her many modeling jobs. Her father died when she was 18.He died in a car accident. Shelly has a stepmother and a step-sister. She has been trying to have a good relationship with them but it has always been one- sided.

"Give me your most seductive look! Make love to the camera! We are selling swimwear here miss, so the least you could do is bring out your sexiest expression." The photographer demanded.

Gosh! She has been posing for the last one hour and most of the time, this photographer isn't satisfied.Ang sakit na ng panga niya and ngalay na ngalay na siya.Halos rayumahin na nga siya sa pagpalit-palit ng position tapos ang lamig lamig pa sa studio.Totoo tlaga na money doesn't grow on trees.

And whoever said that modeling is a cushy job? Shelly asked herself.

"Okay,okay! Let's take a 15 minute break! I hope we can finish this photo shoot before noon." Sir Luis finally said at last.

She quickly went to the makeshift dressing room a few steps from the stage where they are doing the shoot.She is wearing a one-piece black bikini so she instantly grabbed her robe on the chair nearby.

"Super demanding talaga si sir Luis no? I thought hindi na kayo magbe-break! Whew!" Anya the make-up artist exclaimed as Shelly sat on the chair in front of the big mirror.

"Miss Shelly kahit hindi naman kayo magretouch ang ganda ganda pa din ng skin mo.Flawless!" dagdag pa nito.

'Ikaw talaga Anya,binola muna naman ako. Don't worry bibigyan kita ng mga make-up ko next time.Nagpadala na naman yung inendorse kong cosmetics dati eh." She told Anya, ang bading na make-up artist for this photo shoot.

"Ay thanks so much Miss Shelly! Excited much na ako!Sarap kaya ng libre!" she said with a big smile while retouching her foundation.

"Shelly!" Patricia, her bff na acting alalay niya minsan caught their attention.

" I talked to one of the advertising managers of Herrera Modelling Agency.She told me that she can accommodate us this afternoon.So after ng photoshoot mo today,go na tayo.It's just nearby."Pat added.

"Wow! Parang last two weeks ago pa lang natin napagusapan yan now nakakuha ka na ng appointment with one of the top modelling agencies sa Asia.Thanks for the help." Shelly smiled.

Well to think na halos dati puro pipitsugin products lang ang ineendorse niya.She really came a long way na.She became independent since her passed away a few years ago.Her mother died when she was 12 from a hit and run accident. Ang father niya was a real estate agent. He earned by commission but they managed to get by. A lot of her father’s friends and most of their relatives advised him to get married para daw may katuwang ito sa pagpapalaki sa kanya .It was okay for Shelly.Since mamamtay ang mommy niya,she moved with her father's family, his parents and one older sister and a younger brother. Mr. Fernandez dated women but he never really got serious with any of them, until he met Marga. Shelly only saw her twice before her dad announced that he is marrying the woman..Ayaw ng lola niya sa tita Marga niya kasi mukhang socialite at saksakan ng arte. Shelly was barely 16 when they got married.At kagaya ng tipikal na kwento about step-mother, ganun na ganun ang madrasta niya.Mabait kapag nakaharap ang ama niya pero nag-iibang anyo kapag wala ito.Samahan pa ang anak nito na si Lorie na evil stepsister ang peg,

"Shelly! Take na daw ulit sabi ni Sir Luis!" Pat nudged her with her elbow which brought her back to the present time.She just nodded and smiled.No need to think about her unhappy days. She is 23 now so oras na to face a brighter future. It's time for Shelly Fernandez to think about herself and what's good for her .

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