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Zhen Baolu was sitting on a rosebush chair with a frown on her face. She couldn't help but raise her head to look at Senior Servant Zhu in front of her.

Even after several days of adaptation, when Zhen Bao Lu saw Senior Servant Zhu's current appearance, she still couldn't help but exclaim in admiration. So Senior Servant Zhu was actually so fair-skinned and lucky. Her rosy cheeks, how could she see her spirit?

Zhen Baolu paused for a moment, opened her eyes wide, and asked again, "Mother still hasn't given birth to little brother?"

Zhen Baolu was the youngest daughter of the eldest son of the Qi Kingdom, Zhen Rusong, and the mother she spoke of was Zhen Rusong's wife, Lady Xu.

The Xu family was Zhen Rusong's continuation.

Zhen Rusong was 29 years old this year, and once this year passed, it would be the new year. At such an age, even if it was an ordinary family, they would only be able to have a son at this age. Moreover, this Zhen Rusong was under the pressure of his eldest son; he really needed a son. However, Zhen Rusong's original wife, the Xue family only had one daughter, and the Xu family had been in the family for nine years, yet they only had one daughter, Zhen Bao Lu.

Fortunately, at the beginning of the year, Lady Xu was diagnosed with happiness. However, the Old Granny was overjoyed. It was currently the time for crab fat chrysanthemum yellow. It was noon and Xu Shi was in the courtyard admiring the chrysanthemum. She suddenly felt a wave of abdominal pain and was about to give birth. Seeing that the child was about to be born, not only was the long room in a state of chaos, but everyone in the mansion was watching.

Zhen Baolu was no more than eight years old. Her voice was sweet and sweet like glutinous rice balls eaten during the Yuanjie Festival. Her pink and tender little face was accompanied by Lady Xu. Her lips were red and her teeth were white. She looked especially delicate and adorable. When Zhen Bao Lu was born, she was so angry that she could only hug her mother, Lady Xu. No matter who it was, they would always cry, but when she was carried by her grandfather, the Minister of the Qi Kingdom, she remained quiet and obedient.

Although he was looking forward to seeing his grandson, his heart was melted by the sight of this cute and cute granddaughter of his, and when he saw her staring at him again, his heart would be melted. His granddaughter's big, wet, black, and clear eyes were like that of a deer in the forest. She had personally come up with the word "Lu" as her granddaughter's name.

At this moment, as Senior Servant Zhu heard her young lady's voice, a gentle smile appeared on her round face. Naturally, she also hoped that Madam would be able to become a man in one fell swoop. Furthermore, with Madam's huge stomach, the doctor had already said that she was a twin. If they were both male, then Madam's days would be much easier. However, if it was a girl ?

Senior Servant Zhu didn't think any further and hastily replied, "Not yet. Miss, wait a little longer." It took a few hours for a woman to produce.

Hearing Senior Servant Zhu's words, the little girl felt a little disappointed. With a low "Oh," her thick eyelashes slightly lowered, like two small, flickering fans, she really did feel a sense of desolation.

Senior Servant Zhu felt that something wasn't right, but she couldn't quite put her finger on it.

Zhen Bao Lu lowered her head and looked at her pair of small hands. On the back of her hands, there was even a pit of flesh. Zhen Baoyun clenched his hands, and once again opened them. He repeated the same action over and over again, until he finally smiled and pursed his lips.

So small.


At this moment, a young maid wearing a jade-green armor with two bun hastily ran in. Perhaps it was because he was in a hurry, but his cheeks were red from running, and sweat was still dripping from the tip of his nose. He joyfully said: "It's born, it's born! Madam has given birth to two young gongzis. "

This was extremely good news.

Senior Servant Zhu let out a long sigh. With a round face and a smile, she clasped her hands and chanted a Buddhist prayer. When she recovered, she saw that the young girl who had been sitting on the chair had disappeared.

This young maid was one of the servants by Zhen Baolu's side. Her name was Fragrant Peaches.

Peach glanced outside.

Senior Servant Zhu immediately reacted and ran outside to see her young lady running towards the Madam's courtyard, Yi An, on her short legs. Senior Servant Zhu was worried that the young lady would bump into her, so she hurriedly said, "Young lady, please slow down." As he spoke, he hurriedly chased after her.


Yi An Residence.

On the Yellow-Pear Wood Ruyi Cloud Patterned bed, Lady Xu, who had just given birth to a twin, was weakly lying on it. Beside her were two swaddles containing two young nobles who had just been born.

The Xu were born in the House of the Marquis of Changning, had a gentle and virtuous disposition, and had a harmonious relationship with her husband Zhen Rusong. However, they had not given birth to a son for almost ten years after entering the clan. Even the old lady who used to be extremely satisfied with her had not liked her all these years. Now that she gave birth to these two fat and white sons, Lady Xu finally let out a sigh of relief.

The two children were younger than the average, but their crying was loud and healthy.

Lady Xu touched the little face of the child beside her. Her elegant and beautiful face was filled with the joy and love of a mother. After having just given birth to her child, Lady Xu felt very tired. However, she wanted to share her happiness with her husband, so she forced herself not to rest.

When her husband's voice came from outside, Lady Xu turned her head with joy. Looking at the usually steady man who seemed to be in a hurry, she called out softly, "Master."

Zhen Rusong was born eight feet tall, handsome and grand, with handsome features. He was a dignified and beautiful man. When he saw his wife and the sleeping baby, he took a step forward and sat on the edge of the bed. Holding his wife's hand in one hand and stroking her cheek in the other, he said gently, "Thank you for your hard work." She was the name of the Xu family.

She just looked at him, at the men in front of her. He was clearly someone who had already been a mother for a long time. At this moment, he was like a little girl who had just gotten married, her face slightly red as she said, "I don't feel any pain." In the eyes of the Xu family, bearing children for one's own man was a matter of course, and not considered hard work.

Zhen Rusong loved his wife so much.

Zhen Rusong and his deceased wife, the Xue Clan, respected each other greatly. Since the Xue Clan was able to control the household, Zhen Rusong was naturally satisfied. After the Xue family gave birth to their eldest daughter, Zhen BaoQiong, she passed away. Zhen Rusong was filial for a year before she married Xu. The Xu family was of illustrious birth, and they were well-educated and well-informed. There was no need to mention their looks, who didn't know of the two beautiful sisters that were born in the Residence of Chang Ning? However, Zhen Rusong was not a person who coveted beauties. His personality was reserved and his feelings were cold. On the other hand, this seemingly delicate Lady Xu was not only warm and considerate towards him, she even treated the daughter of the Xue clan as herself. With such gentleness and benevolence, even if Zhen Rusong was a stone heart, he would still be covered up and warmed up.

Now, he was really putting his wife at the top of his heart.

After Zhen Rusong finished looking at his wife, he lowered his head to look at the two identical little faces in the cradle. His handsome appearance became especially gentle.

Only when Zhen Rusong carefully examined his own son did he hear the sound of footsteps. * Thump thump thump thump thump thump *. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Following which, he saw the little girl wearing the cherry pink embroidered lotus seed run into the room.

The little girl was so young, and she had a fair and delicate little face. Her pair of big, wet eyes were twinkling, causing the hearts of those who saw it to go soft.

When Zhen Rusong saw his daughter run to the side of the bed, he looked somewhat anxious. The usually cold and distant man had a gentle smile on his face. He carried his daughter in his arms and rubbed her bun as he asked, "Did Ah Lu come to see you, little brother?"

Zhen Baolu really did despise her eight-year-old body. She ran only a few steps to catch her breath. She gasped with her mouth wide open before she turned her head to look at her father's handsome and gentle face.

With this look, Zhen Baolu's large watery eyes immediately began to glow with tears, causing her eyes to unconsciously turn red.

She felt relieved when she smelled her father's scent.

Just thinking about how she lost her parents and how she had to live under someone else's roof made her feel sad. She had always been in the palm of her parents' hands. When had she ever suffered like that? However, she didn't expect that after losing her father, her life would be so miserable.

Zhen Rusong was a precious daughter of his, and with Zhen Baolu's liveliness and liveliness, Zhen Rusong poured even more love and concern onto her. Looking at her daughter's red eyes, Zhen Ruoruo's eyebrows knitted together before coaxing, "Who dares to bully Daddy's Little Lu? Tell Daddy to avenge you. "

Zhen Bao Lu turned red with tears in her eyes into smiles, she shook her head, tilted her neck and looked at Father, saying in a soft voice, "No one is bullying A'Lu." It was just that A Lu had heard from Senior Servant Zhu that her mother's own little brother was in pain. "A'Lu is worried about mother."

Once those words were said, not to mention Zhen Rusong who was somewhat surprised, even Lady Xu who was sitting on the bed felt that it was inconceivable.

This daughter of hers was spoiled. She was usually only concerned with herself, when did she ever think about others? The Xu had a weak personality, but in regards to teaching her daughter, they had their own principles. However, every time this girl did something wrong in front of her and she had to punish her, she would hide behind her father and wail out in distress. Zhen Rusong was someone who doted on his daughter to the point that she had no rules. When he saw that his precious daughter had lost her gold beans, he naturally protected her tightly. Because of this matter, the usually meek Xu family had argued with their husband quite a few times. In the end, she still listened to her husband, reciting the words of her daughter that she was still young and that everything would be done slowly.

Now, he knew how to take care of people.

Having just given birth to two sons, the Xu family was already happy. Seeing their daughter being so sensible, they felt even more gratified.

When Zhen Rusong heard his daughter's considerate words, he smiled. He pinched his daughter's tender cheeks and said, "Our A'Lu has really grown up." "Come, let's take a look at our younger brother together, father."

Younger brother.

When the smiling Zhen Baolu heard these two words, her small face tensed up, and even her small fist under her sleeve subconsciously clenched into a fist. She was a little nervous. Although she was worried just now, she knew that her mother and brother would be safe today. Even though she knew the result, she still couldn't sit still. Now that she heard that her mother had successfully given birth to her two younger brothers, she couldn't hold back her joy any longer and directly ran over ? She was looking forward to her two younger brothers.

However, thinking of Brother Rong's pale, fat face in her previous life, and Brother Shang's accusatory gaze, Zhen Baolu felt as if a needle had pierced into her heart.

Zhen Baolu bit her lips, and stopped thinking about it. She lowered her head to look at her two newborns.

Logically speaking, a newborn baby shouldn't look too good. It must be wrinkled and red. However, her two younger brothers were rather cute and looked quite cute.

Zhen Bao Lu looked at the two identical faces and subconsciously reached out her chubby little hand to touch her little brother's face. The little fellow moaned and pursed its lips, then continued sleeping like a piglet.

Zhen Baolu's eyes were filled with tears. She couldn't help but laugh and touch the other one.

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