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Seeing that her daughter liked her two younger brothers so much, Lady Xu was somewhat surprised. Then, with a slight curve to her lips, she softly said, "In the future, Ah Lu will be big sister. You must take good care of your younger brothers."

Lady Xu had casually said these words. She understood her daughter's temperament. It was already considered good if she didn't bully others, but she didn't expect her to protect her little brother like how a normal family's elder sister did.

Who knew that the young Zhen Bao Lu would actually obediently nod her head at this time. With a sweet voice, she said, "Yes, Ah Lu will take good care of little brother."

After saying that, Zhen Bao Lu raised her head slightly. When she saw the look in her mother's eyes, she paused for a moment before realizing why her mother was so astonished.

That's right, she was already unhappy when her mother's brothers from her previous life were not even born yet. Back then, when she was still young, she heard from the people around her that once her parents had a little brother, they would stop caring for her. She was worried in her heart, hoping that her little brother would not be born. In the end, blood was thicker than water. When her two little brothers were born, she still instinctively liked them.


Zhen Baolu frowned as she tried to recall exactly who it was that whispered in her ear, causing her to instinctively reject her two younger brothers.

Although she was sincere at the moment, she still felt guilty when she said those words. When had she ever done her duty as an elder sister in her previous life? It was hard for these two little fellows to have generous personalities at such a young age, so they didn't haggle over things with a second sister like her.

For Zhen Baoyun, his second life was something that she had never even dreamed of.

Zhen Baolu carefully caressed her chubby brother's tender face.

This time, she would try to be a good sister.

Lady Xu naturally wanted the three siblings to cultivate their relationship since they were young. She smiled at her daughter and asked, "LuLu, guess which one of these two younger brothers is older and which one is younger?"

At this moment, with her parents by her side, she was sure that this was not a dream. Naturally, she would cherish the new day. Her eyes curved into a smile as she hugged her father's neck. She playfully blinked. "Does father know?"

When Zhen Rusong saw his two identical sons, his expression froze.

Such a small problem had actually made things difficult for the honorable Han Lin Academy's Grand Scholar.

Zhen Rusong awkwardly shook his head.

Just now, he had been thinking of his wife and had exchanged a few words with her before coming in. He really did not know which of the sons was the older.

Zhen Baolu chuckled and then gently pulled away the swaddling clothes wrapped around her two younger brothers' shoulders.

The inner one had a red birthmark on the right shoulder, the smaller one, and the one on the outer one was a quarter of an hour earlier.

She remembered that Brother Shang had matured at such a young age, possessing the bearing of her father. Brother Rong, on the other hand, had a temper with her mother. He was simple, honest, kind and easily bullied.

"This is Fourth Brother, this is Fifth Brother." Zhen Bao Lu said in a crisp voice.

Although these two kids were Zhen Rusong's eldest and second sons, compared to Zhen Rusong having no sons for years, the other two houses in the Qi Kingdom already had three young masters. According to the rankings, these two kids would naturally be ranked fourth or fifth.

Mrs Xu laughed, saying that it was her daughter who had guessed indiscriminately. She said: "It seems like she guessed correctly."

Zhen Bao Lu's lips curved up into a smile, as if she had returned to the relationship of an eight year old. Her state of mind also became much simpler.

Seeing her daughter being so obedient, Zhen Rusong was naturally pleased.

"Father, Mother... "Little sister."

Just as the family was enjoying themselves, Zhen Rusong heard a voice coming from behind them and turned his head to look.

The little girl that had just entered the room was wearing a peach and red dress with ten kinds of makeup. She had a delicate and beautiful appearance, and she looked even more like a lady than the child Zhen Baoyun Lu.

This was Zhen Ruquan, the eldest daughter of the Xue Clan, Zhen Baoqian.

Seeing that it was her eldest daughter, Zhen Ruoruo called out in a soft voice, "Qiong'er."

Zhen Rusong only had two daughters, so naturally, they were both doted on. It was just that with Zhen Baolu's young personality, she was someone who would act like a spoiled child and act like an obedient child. It was hard to avoid loving and loving her more. Even though Zhen Baoqian was only eleven, she had always been a sensible person. The man had an open and easy going personality. How could he understand the temper of his youngest daughter? As the stepmother of the Xu family, she treated Zhen Baojun with care and love. From the looks of it, she was even more attentive than her own daughter, Zhen Baoyun Lu.

Lady Xu truly loved Zhen Baoqian, and thought that this child was pitiful. She was afraid that she would think too much into it, so she took extra care of her. Zhen Baoqian was a very sensible person. At the beginning, she was very careful, but now, she treated the Xu as her own mother.

The Xu mother and daughter pair had a good relationship, so the young Zhen Baoyun would naturally feel uncomfortable. For example, when Zhen Rusong came back from a long journey and brought some small stuff with him, the first thing that came to Zhen Ruquan's mind was Zhen Baolu, but the meticulous Xu family let Zhen Baokong choose first. Zhen Baokong was an older sister, so she would naturally give in to her younger sister. However, when the younger kids saw their mother so much in love with their older sister, they would always feel uncomfortable.

After hearing Zhen Baoqian's voice, the smile on Zhen Baoyun's face immediately disappeared. He turned around to look, following the gaze of his father.

This was the first time she saw Zhen Baoqian ever since she was reborn.

Zhen Baojun was born dignified and generous, and her eyebrows looked a little like her father's. However, she had heard others say that her appearance was the same as her mother's, the Xue family. To this older sister, Zhen Baolu had never given her a good face before in her life. In her opinion, she was pretending to be obedient, snatching her mother away, and pretending to be gentle. This caused her two brothers to like this half-brother more than their blood sister ?

She hated Zhen Baoqian to death.

However, this kind of elder sister, whom she hated, used her delicate shoulders to prop up the sky for her siblings when her parents died one after the other and left them to live under someone else's roof.

Zhen Baoqian saw her sister staring at her blankly. She knew that she was just like how she normally was, not wanting to see her. For a moment, she was at a loss as to whether or not she should go over.

The little girl who had originally come to see her brother in excitement just stood there frozen in place.

The Xu also had the same thought, but they still smiled as they greeted Zhen Baojun, "Qiong'er, come and visit your little brother."

Zhen Baoqian answered with a smile, and slowly walked to the bed.

Zhen Baolu was originally sitting on Zhen Rusong's lap to watch her little brother. Now that Zhen Baoqian had arrived, she was bound to be next to him.

Zhen Baokong stood next to Zhen Rusong and looked down at her baby brother. Looking at her two younger brothers, Zhen Baojun had a warm smile on her face. It was obvious that she was very fond of them.

The body of an eleven year old girl was filled with an extremely fragrant scent. Zhen Baolu knew that it was her mother who had personally made it. Currently, she was only eight years old and still young. Naturally, she did not need incense.

However, she still remembered her previous life. She loved to be beautiful, so she pestered her mother for some ointment. Thus, her mother gave it to her. This was the first time she had used a scented cream, and it was very fresh. She later found out that her scented cream was the same as Zhen Baozhong's, and threw away her mother's hand-made scented cream in one breath ? After that, his father passed away due to an illness, and his mother also passed away due to excessive grief ? Zhen Baolu, who had lost both of her parents, was no longer the beloved daughter of the Qi State Duke. How could she be so picky about these scents?

As if she felt her sister's gaze on her, Zhen Baojun suddenly turned her head, and just barely bumped into Zhen Baolu's large moist eyes.

Zhen Bao Lu was stunned as she stared blankly at Zhen Baojun's beautiful face. After a while, she hurriedly opened her eyes and nimbly got down from her father's lap. She then turned around and left without saying a word.

No matter how sensible she was, Zhen Baoqian was only an eleven-year-old girl. Looking at the petite figure of her younger sister, she knew that she still didn't like him. For a moment, Zhen Baokong felt somewhat lonely, but she was sensible and didn't show it.

After Zhen Baoqian left, Lady Xu couldn't help but let out a sigh, worrying about the relationship between the two sisters.

Zhen Rusong understood his wife's concerns. He kissed her on the cheek and comforted her, "Don't worry."

Lady Xu looked at her husband and couldn't help but laugh. In the end, he was still a man that didn't know how to speak. He didn't even know how to speak words of consolation. And yet, she did.

"It's all your fault," said Lady Xu. "You spoiled A Lu."

Lady Xu knew Zhen Baoqian's character. She was kind and magnanimous, and her thoughts were meticulous. Therefore, the two of them didn't get along, and her little daughter didn't want to get close to anyone.

Zhen Rusong said protectively, "A Lu has a straightforward character. As a father, I like her very much." Always spoiling your daughter for lack of principle.

Mrs Xu said helplessly: "You're the only one protecting A'Lu."


Indeed, in the entire Residence of the Marquis of Qi, only Zhen Rusong, his father, was favored by Zhen Baolu.

The Qi Kingdom had a total of three houses, all of which were direct descendants. Zhen Bao Lu was ranked sixth, with four older female cousins at the top, and Zhen Bao Qiong as her blood related older sister.

The young girl Zhen Liu was frowning and looking worried ? she didn't know how to face her sister Zhen Baojun.

In her previous life, her father had died when she was ten. It was at that time that her extravagant and luxurious life underwent a tremendous change. When her mother died of an illness, she felt as if the sky had fallen. Normally, she was arrogant, but Grandmother didn't like her. Even when she was young, she liked her grandfather, so she didn't like her selfish personality. She hadn't felt anything when her parents had spoiled her. It was only later that she truly felt that she couldn't take it anymore and left her two younger brothers behind to run to the manor to find her grandmother and uncle.

Although her uncle was kind to her, her aunt didn't like her, and her life wasn't that easy either.

And then.

When talking about her uncle, Zhen Baolu couldn't help but think of her gentle and refined cousin, Xu Chenglang.

At that time, she had thought that if she were to marry this cousin of hers, then she would no longer need to be looked down upon and live under others' roof. She could go back to the life of a pampered girl, free to buy rouge and cosmetics that she liked, and never have to work so hard to buy a piece of jewelry that she liked. Most importantly, Xu Chenglang also liked her. Once they were married, he would definitely treat her well.

Even if he said how much she liked Xu Chenlang, that was not necessarily the case.

If Xu Chenglang was not the heir to the house of the Marquis of Changning, she would not have been so concerned about this cousin of hers.

But in the end, he still married someone else.

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