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Zhen Baoyun lowered his head to look at the scarlet gold circle of light around his neck, as well as the magnificent Hibiscus Blossom dress he was wearing. His hands couldn't help but tightly clench inside his sleeves ?

In her previous life, she had learnt her lesson and coveted wealth and riches so that she could marry Xu Chenglang and lose her life in the end. To be able to reunite with her next life, it was her duty to lead a life of luxury and luxury. However, to say that she did not wish to continue with such a life, it would be a lie.

she thought!

She wanted to remain as the precious daughter of the Duke of Qi's estate, Jin Zuyu.

As long as nothing happened to her father in this life, her mother would not die.

Thinking of this, Zhen Bao Lu secretly took note of this in her heart. After two years, as long as she could think of a way to pester her father or reveal the truth earlier, her father would be able to escape this calamity. Her father was still alive. Even if he was the eldest son of the Qi Kingdom's Duke, he would never give this hereditary title to his second uncle.

Zhen Bao Lu's lips curved up into a smile.

Suddenly, she heard someone calling her name. She raised her head and saw a woman dressed in a green robe with goose feathers and a wide green collar calling to her from a bluestone path not far away.

It was her second aunt, Mrs. Cheng, followed by two maidservants in jade-green clothes.

Mrs. Cheng came from the Cheng family in Yinzhou, her father was Cheng Ji, the president of the Ministry of Rites. Her eldest brother Cheng Qi and her father were the best Scholars of the same year, and they were both in the Han Lin Courtyard. And her other third aunt came from the House of Xue, the Duke of An. She was a cousin of Zhen Baojun's deceased mother, Lady Xue. She didn't like Zhen Baokong, and neither did the people of the House of Xue. Her relationship with Third Aunt naturally wasn't as close as Second Aunt's Mrs. Cheng's.

Zhen Baolu looked at Lady Cheng.

She had a heavenly face and a perverted bun. Although her beauty couldn't compare to her mother's, she was still a bright and beautiful woman. However, the Cheng Clan's beauty was too frivolous. For this reason, her grandmother had always been dissatisfied with the Cheng Clan's daughter-in-law.

The Cheng family naturally heard the news of the two young masters of the Xu family being safely born. Although it was a pity, since they were already born, what could they do? Seeing that Zhen Bao Lu was from Yi An Zu's side, he casually asked, "Has An Lu seen little brother?"

Zhen Baoyun looked at Lady Cheng's smiling face, and gradually recalled the face of her parents. Only then did she smile innocently, nodded and said, "Yes, I've seen them. There are two of them."

Mrs Cheng said, "I would like to congratulate Ah Lu on becoming the big sister, but ?"

With that, Mrs Cheng frowned and sighed.

Zhen Baolu's large watery eyes followed Mrs. Cheng's wishes. She raised her head and asked curiously, "What happened to Second Aunt?"

Mrs Cheng frowned and stroked Zhen Bao Lu's bun with her right hand that had been smeared on the cardamom. Looking at the little girl's bright eyes, she said, "It's a good thing that you've become a big sister, but ? with two little brothers, your father and mother will love them more in the future. Logically speaking, since your two younger brothers are so young, they should be loved more. However, from Second Aunt's point of view, A Lu is the most likeable girl in the Qi Kingdom Mansion.

These words were said with the attitude of someone who completely loved and doted on Zhen Baolu.

This was definitely a wake-up call for Zhen Baolu. At that time, the one who separated her relationship with Zhen Baoqian was also this second aunt who doted on her.

What does a child know? It was just what he had heard from his lord. Even though her mother treated Zhen Baokong well, she did not treat her as an enemy. However, after hearing her second aunt's words, she felt that Zhen Baoqian was really bad ? she had been behaving obediently in front of her father and mother in order to take away her father and mother ?

When her mother became pregnant, her second aunt "worried" that her parents would not love her anymore after having a brother.

Seeing the little girl's frown, Mrs. Cheng said, "Perhaps Second Aunt is overthinking. Sister Lu, don't think too much and quickly go back and do your homework. If you behave well, your parents will still love you."

Zhen Baolu frowned as she felt uncomfortable. She pouted as if she felt wronged.

After Mrs Cheng left, the eyes of the wronged little girl blossomed as she straightened her back and looked at her back.


Zhen Baoqian, who came out of Yi An's house, saw Mrs. Cheng and her sister talking.

Although Zhen Baoqian was only 11 years old and had lost her mother when she was young. As her elder sister, her mind was naturally more meticulous than a normal girl's. Right now, her curved eyebrows were filled with worry.

Next to Zhen Baoqian was a middle-aged woman with a scented autumn appearance.

It was Granny Ge, who took care of Zhen Baoqian's daily life.

Back then, Senior Servant Ge had accompanied Zhen Baoqian's mother, Madame Xue, to the Qi Kingdom's Mansion. After the death of Lady Xue, Senior Servant Ge had been taking care of Zhen Baoqian. Then Zhen Rusong continued to string and married the Xu. Grandma Ge was worried that the new wife would not treat the girl well. Who knew that Lady Xu treated her daughter like her own? This made Senior Servant Ge feel gratified.

Only, Senior Servant Ge knew that Sixth Miss Zhen Baolu had always been at odds with her family's young lady. Her family's young lady had always tolerated it, but this spoiled and spoiled little girl was in for a ride.

Grandma Ge then said, "Miss, let's go back."

Senior Servant Ge didn't want her own girl to get along with Zhen Baolu, so she was definitely being bullied.

Zhen Baokong also understood in her heart that even though her father loved and doted on his little sister more, this was within reason. After all, her little sister was still young. On the other hand, her stepmother, the Xu family, treated her even better than her own sister, causing her to feel somewhat guilty. Her little sister felt that it was understandable that she snatched away her mother that should have belonged to her. After all, if it was her, she would also feel uncomfortable.

She liked this lively and cute little sister of hers, and she wanted to get along with her, but every time ?

Zhen Baoqian hesitated for a moment before deciding to listen to Grandma Ge's words and return to her own courtyard. Today was a good day. If her little sister saw her, she would definitely be unhappy. Why did she have to make her unhappy?

Of course, Zhen Baoyun had also seen her.

Seeing her turn to leave, he knew that she was afraid of encountering him and arguing with him again.


Zhen Baolu was someone who cared a lot about face. To be able to speak to her in such a manner was not something she could do. But in her previous life, no matter how ignorant she was, Zhen Baokong had never said a single serious word to her other than what happened to Brother Rong.

But now ?

He was only eight years old. What sort of face did he need?

Zhen Baolu clenched her teeth, lifted her skirt, and ran over.

When Zhen Baoqian heard the commotion behind her, she turned around and was startled to see that it was her younger sister.

It was still Grandma Ge who reacted quickly by blocking in front of her young lady. She had an unfriendly expression on her face as she looked at this little girl who loved to tease people when she was only eight.

It was her master after all. Grandma Ge didn't dare to disrespect her, so she only bowed and asked, "Sixth Miss, what's the matter?"

Seeing Senior Servant Ge's manner, Zhen Baolu did not seem to be angry. Instead, she looked behind Senior Servant Ge with her big eyes, at her older sister Zhen Baoqian who was much taller than her. After hesitating for a moment, she pursed her lips and said, "Sis, elder sister ? ?"

She had never been willing to call him big sister Zhen Baoqian, so it wasn't hard at all to call him that.

Zhen Baolu continued, "In two days, Teacher Xie will be checking his homework. I'm not very good at it. Elder sister, can you teach me?" Teacher Xie was one of the female teachers specially invited by Lady Xu to teach the young ladies of the Qi Residence.

Zhen Baogong had already been shocked senseless by Zhen Baoyun's sister. Now that he heard her take the initiative to ask her for advice on her homework, his red lips slightly parted. He was truly confused.

? ?. Won't you?

Zhen Baolu could already be considered to have put down her status. Although it was only a small matter, it was not easy for her. Seeing that Zhen Baojun didn't say anything for a long time, she really wanted to dig a hole and bury herself in it.

Zhen Baokong regained her senses. Although she had some doubts in her heart, when she looked at her sister's clear eyes, she felt her heart go soft. She thought to herself, No wonder her little sister acted like a spoiled child.

Zhen Baoqian was a bit nervous, "I'm not very good at it myself, but... If I knew, I would definitely teach you. "

These words immediately caused Zhen Baolu to be overjoyed, and she said in a sweet voice, "Alright, I'll come by tomorrow morning to look for elder sister. We... Let's make a deal, shall we? "

Zhen Baojun paused for a moment, but this time he reacted quickly. He nodded and smiled, "Okay."

After seeing that Zhen Baoyun had left, Senior Servant Ge, who was standing in front of her, said, "I don't know how these six misses are going to bully them. How about you tell this matter to Madam?"

Seeing Senior Servant Ge's stance of facing a great enemy, Zhen Baokong also felt that it was funny. Perhaps it was because she was in a good mood that she smiled faintly at Grandma Ge and said, "It's normal for an older sister to teach her younger sister. Please don't make a fuss over it, Grandma Ge. Furthermore, mother has just given birth to her younger brother. Since it's a good time for rest, it's better for us not to disturb her. "

It was true, but. Senior Servant Ge knitted her brows, extremely worried as she muttered, "These six girls ?"

He was still worried.

Zhen Baokong lifted her eyes and silently looked at that tiny figure in the distance. She couldn't help but feel ecstatic in her heart.


On the way home, Senior Servant Zhu found her own girl and habitually said something to her. Normally, when she said this, the young lady would frown with dissatisfaction. However, at this moment, she was smiling, and her round, white face was full of smiles. This made Senior Servant Zhu curious as she asked, "The young lady is so happy, but are the two little gongzis very popular?"

Just now, Zhen Baolu had gone to see her little brother.

Although Senior Servant Zhu was worried that her young ladies wouldn't like the two little gongzis, she had noticed their young ladies' restless expressions when they were giving birth.

Speaking of her two newborns, the pink ball was quite cute. Zhen Baolu tilted her head and said, "Of course I like them."

As he spoke, he straightened his back. Naturally, her little brother was the most adorable.


After seeing her two younger brothers born and talking to her older sister, Zhen Baoyun was so excited that she couldn't sleep, so she tossed and turned in her blanket at night.

The next morning, he woke up a little late.

Zhen Baolu ate breakfast and then went to Zhen Baoqian's yard.

It just so happened that today, her elder sister had a guest at the Grandfather's house, the Duke of Xue's house.

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