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Zhen Baozhong lived in Lin Ling Residence, not far from Zhen Baolu's Yo Xuan. At this moment, Zhen Baolu was looking at the figure in the courtyard of Lin Ling Residence from afar. She saw a young man wearing a royal blue brocade robe talking to her sister.

The youth was tall and slender, but his back was to her, causing her to be unable to see his face.

The maidservant that was standing beside Zhen Baoyun said sweetly, "She's the eldest son of the Duke of An's estate." It seems to be for the fourth lady. "

Zhen Baoqian was at the fourth level.

Zhen Baolu naturally knew that the Duke of An's household was her sister's maternal grandfather's family, and that Xue was the first daughter of the Duke of An's household. Although Mrs. Xue had been ill for many years, Old Lady Xue from the Residence of Duke of An had always pampered and doted on her eldest daughter. Her elder sister was her only daughter, so she poured her love for her eldest daughter onto her elder sister.

When she thought of Old Lady Xue, Zhen Bao Lu thought of her grandmother ?

She had thought that her grandmother had doted on her and doted on her like an eyeball, but she didn't know that in her eyes, her mother was the water poured out by her married daughter. Moreover, she was her granddaughter, so how could she be comparable to her own granddaughter? During her stay at the house of the Marquis of Changning, she had tolerated her exalted cousin Xu Xiuxin in order to marry Xu Chenlang.

When Fragrant Peaches saw her young lady's tender cheeks fall, she knew that the little ancestor was unhappy again. She carefully asked, "Miss, do we need to go over and take a look?"

Zhen Bao Lu shook her head and said, "Since elder sister has guests, I'll come back later."

It was her sister's cousin, not hers. What was she going to do?

Zhen Baolu didn't go over. She only thought of her two newborn brothers and immediately smiled. She quickly ran over to the Xu family's Yi An residence.


Lady Xu was wearing a jade orchid robe as she lay on her bed, meditating. She was born beautiful, and after her pregnancy, she had a little more money. She also had the right amount of time to take care of her baby brother. Her eyes were moist as they sized up Zhen Bao Lu who was lying by the side of the bed and watching her younger brother.

Her daughter was only eight years old, but her appearance had inherited the strengths of her and her husband.

If she were a little more obedient, it would be even better.

However, Lady Xu was initially worried that this little girl and her two little friends weren't having a good time together. However, seeing that she came to see her brother so attentively and with the joy of being a big sister on her face, Lady Xu was completely relieved. It seemed that yesterday's daughter was not new at all; she really liked her little brother.

Lady Xu raised her eyes and saw the book in the hands of Sweet Peaches. She asked doubtfully, "Why is A Lu holding the book?"

She knew that her daughter had always relied on her little intelligence to not place Teacher Xie in her eyes and to not put much thought into her lessons.

Hearing her mother's voice, Zhen Baolu, who was pinching her fat brother's feet, lifted her head and looked at Lady Xu with her big black eyes. She said, "A Lu wants my elder sister to teach me some homework.

Teaching lessons...

How could the Xu not know the character of their own daughter? As he listened to his daughter call her big sister again, he became slightly confused.

Weren't the two sisters separated yesterday?

Afraid that her daughter would bully her again, she reached out to rub her daughter's cheek. Seeing this face, the Lady Xu's heart softened. After all, she was his biological daughter, how could she not love him? All these years, she had treated Zhen Baojun as if she was her own daughter. This girl was still young, so she naturally didn't understand. She felt that she loved her elder sister more than she did. If anyone else talked too much, the girl would become even more unhappy.

Mrs Xu said, "Don't you usually dislike your elder sister? He didn't like his lessons either. "A Lu, can you tell mom what's going on?"

His younger brother began to cry out. Lady Xu didn't extend her arms to hug him, but continued to look at her daughter.

In her memories, she loved to be close to her father the most. This was because her father doted on her the most. As for her mother, how could she not want to be close to her? However, when she saw that her mother doted on her big sister and always placed her first, she couldn't help but feel a bit awkward.

Looking at her mother's beautiful face, which was like a flower, Zhen Bao Lu suddenly remembered that before her mother passed away, her appearance had been haggard and her face sunken ?

Then Mother closed her eyes. It was the first time she had leaned into her sister's arms, and their eyes were swollen with tears.

Zhen Bao Lu lowered her eyes and quietly looked at the fine embroidery on her clothes and whispered, "Originally, A Lu didn't want to get close to elder sister because she was worried that elder sister would snatch mother away. "It's just that a few days ago, A Lu had a dream. She dreamt that there were no parents by A Lu's side. There was only elder sister. She was very good to A Lu ?"

Not just good. In order to take care of her and her two younger brothers, her elder sister's marriage was delayed time and time again. Otherwise, with the support of the Duke of An's family, why would her elder sister not be able to find a good husband? Fortunately, her sister married well in the end.

Lady Xu only thought that her daughter had a dream. In the end, she was still a little girl. She was afraid, so she connected that dream to reality. Lady Xu felt that she had not done her duty as a mother as much as her husband had trusted her. She even started to suspect her daughter.

Mrs Xu was really confused. She gently caressed her daughter's face and asked softly, "Then is elder sister still worried about stealing mother?"

Zhen Bao Lu shook her head and then pinched her little brother's little foot. She sweetly said, "No need to worry."

As the mother and daughter spoke, Zhen Rusong entered.

Today was the day of Zhen Rusong's rest, and he was dressed more casually. A handsome and steady man dressed in royal blue silk with calamus stripes was seen smiling as he looked at his wife and children.

Zhen Rusong walked to the side of the bed and picked up her daughter and said, "I told you that we, A Lu, are the most sensible." His brows were filled with a sense of honor.

He had obviously heard the conversation between his wife and daughter.

Zhen Bao Lu tilted her head as she laughed. She knew that her father doted on her and even if she caused a huge disaster, her father would still be able to find an excuse for her.

Lady Xu was used to seeing her husband's daughter in so much pain that she didn't know how to react. She was just about to mutter a few words when she heard the little fellow, who had been babbling by the side of the bed, suddenly start crying.

What else could the little guy be crying for? Either he was hungry or he peed.

The Xu had to put in so much effort in order to acquire these two sons, so naturally they had to do everything personally. Lady Xu smiled and said, "It's because he is the most delicate of all, crying and making a ruckus, just like when he was a child."

The two little fellows were named by their grandfather. The first one was called Shang Ge'er, and the second one was called Rong Ge'er. The one who cried was the younger one, Rong Ge'er.

How could she? Zhen Bao Lu pursed her lips in dissatisfaction.

However... Seeing such a small Rongge, Zhen Baolu could almost imagine the plump and plump figure behind her.

She was probably hungry, so she immediately took her son into her embrace and prepared to undress and feed him.

When she saw that the little fellow was in such a hurry to eat the food, Lady Xu found it both cute and funny. She could not help but pinch the little fellow's tender cheeks. When she raised her eyes and saw the look in her husband's eyes, she was stunned. Then her ears grew hot and she lowered her eyes in a feigned indifference.

If Zhen Baolu was an eight-year-old girl, she would naturally not understand her mother's bashfulness. However, even though she was unmarried in her previous life, she still had some understanding. She tactfully said, "A Lu will go and see if Cousin Xue has left."

As he said this, he got down from his father's lap and called the fragrant peach over to Zhen Baoqian.


By the time Zhen Baolu arrived at the Lin Ling residence, the Duke of An's cousin, Xue, had already left.

Zhen Baokong was still worried that her younger sister wouldn't be coming, but when she saw her, she immediately ordered a maidservant to bring her younger sister in. She then ordered Senior Servant Ge to prepare some melon and pastries, which were very considerate.

"... "Cousin Er's sudden arrival has caused sister to wait for a long time. It's elder sister's fault." Zhen Baoqian cautiously said, afraid that her sister would be angered.

Her elder sister had always been like this. She was good-natured and gentle. In her previous life, she wasn't used to seeing her obedient and submissive appearance by her mother's side. However, after her parents met with mishap, she discovered that this elder sister with a weak character was actually so tough.

"It's alright, I was just in time to see my little brother," Zhen Baolu replied. As he spoke, he sized up Zhen Baoqian's room.

Zhen Baokong was the eldest daughter of the main house and naturally did not lack food and clothing. Moreover, her mother had always been very concerned about her elder sister, and she had given her all kinds of good things. Compared to the exquisite and gorgeous room in her own room, her sister had the scent of a book.

Zhen Bao Lu saw the yellow rosewood chest on the ground. It must have been sent by the Xue Family's elder cousin.

Zhen Baoqian said, "A few days ago, Eldest Uncle went to He Zhou. These are all small toys he brought from He Zhou. Sister, do you like them?" As he spoke, he personally opened the box for his sister to pick.

Zhen Baolu wanted to say no, but her sister was too enthusiastic and had already opened the box. Looking at the crates that were filled to the brim, there were some things to eat, some to play with, some pen, ink, paper, and some other small items. Indeed, they were all kinds of small things.

But ?

If it was just a gift, it would have been fine to send a servant.

Zhen Bao Lu tilted her head and asked, "Why isn't Cousin Xue staying for the meal?"

Zhen Baoqian laughed, "Let my cousin say that he still has something to do, so he will leave first."

Hearing Zhen Baoqian speak like this, Zhen Baoyun's eyebrows knitted together. He had some impression of her.

The elder cousin that her elder sister mentioned was the eldest son of the Duke of An, Xue Jean. Xue Yue was also a pitiful person, having lost her mother at such a young age. After her father, Duke An, had continued, Lady Wang, was also full of energy. She gave birth to two brothers, Xue Qian and the second son, Xue Qian, who were both intelligent and well-liked by the Duke of An, especially Xue Jie, who was a first-rate noble son of the Imperial City. In this case, where was Shay going to get the motherless child involved?

It was no wonder that a small matter like giving something away today had made Xue Jean come here personally.

Zhen Baolu carefully recalled.

Later on, Xue Yue seemed to have gone from martial arts to, well, who knew what kind of a military general he had become.

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