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It wasn't that Zhen Baolu had any prejudice against the military generals, but that the Zhou Dynasty was full of literature and martial arts, and the young ladies all admired the elegant and learned young masters. So did she.

But that was in his previous life.

In this aspect, she had changed a bit in her life.

What's the use of a man being gentle and able to recite poetry all day long? How could silver fall from the sky? It was better to have a healthy and robust birth, to have a sense of responsibility, and to be able to protect his family. The most important point was to be honest with the Gu family and not hang around outside all day.

Zhen Bao Lu felt that her thoughts had gone a little too far. Although she was already a girl, she was still an eight-year-old girl. It was still too early for her to deal with her husband.

Zhen Baolu snapped out of her daze and smiled at her, "Am I allowed to choose anything?"

Zhen Baolu was born with a cute and lovely appearance. However, she usually had a bad temper and rarely revealed such a friendly smile. Looking down at the cute pink cheeks of her little sister, Zhen Baokong really couldn't help it. She wanted to reach out and pinch her little sister's face to see if she could pinch water out of it.

However, Zhen Baojun didn't dare to do such a thing. She was even more cautious when it came to her younger sister. She could only nod sincerely and say, "Mmm, of course."

Zhen Baolu could see that her sister was reserved, and she knew that she didn't have a good impression of herself in her heart. She lowered her head to take a look. Some of these little things were indeed very exquisite. If she was really an eight-year-old girl, she would definitely like them. However, to the current her, it seemed somewhat childish. It was far from comparable to her beautiful clothes and exquisite jewelry.

However, there were many things that needed to be done before her relationship with her sister would gradually improve. The next time she brought a gift to her sister, she also had her own reasons.

Zhen Baolu bent down to pick them.

She was not interested in the ink and paper, so she randomly picked two paper wrappers and said to Zhen Baokong, "Just these two."

Zhen Baokong smiled. She felt that this kind of younger sister made her feel much closer to him.

Next came the study of Zhen Baojong's sister.

Zhen Baolu didn't like studying, but at least she was smart. Among the ladies of the Qi Kingdom, she could still be considered a high level student. Zhen Baoqian loved to study. With her talent and hard work, she was much more outstanding than her older cousin, Zhen Baojun. In comparison, only the Third Young Miss of the Second Branch, Zhen Baozhang, was comparable to her. Her Third Cousin, Zhen Baozhang, was both talented and good-looking. She had always viewed Zhen Baoqian as her opponent. This kind of competition, whether it was on the surface or in the shadows, was something that a young girl who didn't like studying couldn't understand.

In his previous life, Zhen Baolu had lived up to seventeen years of age. No matter how much she had abandoned her studies, it was still better than when she was eight years old.

Zhen Baoqian carefully taught her. She was very smart to see her little sister so easily. However, when he thought about his younger sister's performance in front of Teacher Xie, he could not help but say, "If younger sister's studies were better, the Old Ancestor would definitely be very happy."

After teaching for the entire morning, Zhen Baojun was no longer as reserved as she was at the start. Seeing that her sister didn't have any other intentions and was simply asking her to teach her, she would naturally give it all to her.

After hearing her sister's words, Zhen Bao Lu's eyebrows knitted together. She couldn't help but bite the pen handle.

The old ancestor liked talented girls, so all the girls in the mansion focused even more on their studies. Even her elder sister was included in this list. But she did not like it. Looking at the dense words on the book, she felt dry and uninteresting. Like her, there was also her fifth cousin, Zhen Baoyue, from the third branch of the family. Zhen Baoyue was an idiot who became dizzy the moment he saw a book. Therefore, the Old Ancestor didn't really like her and Zhen Baoyue.

In the Imperial City, there was a school for girls. The entrance exams were rather harsh, but in the Qi palace, three girls had passed the entrance exams, and her elder sister was one of them. However, after her parents met with mishap in her previous life, her elder sister didn't continue to study with a girl and returned home to take care of her and her two younger brothers. Although she didn't care about her sister, they lived very close together. She had seen her sister reading in the yard.

? ?. Even if she couldn't continue her studies, her sister never gave up.

Zhen Baolu looked at her elder sister sitting beside her and whispered, "Elder sister, do you want to enter the female academy?"

Zhen Baokong did not expect her younger sister to suddenly ask this question. She paused for a moment, then smiled and nodded. "En, of course." Then he looked at Zhen Baolu and said, "Teacher Xie said that only by entering a female school can one reach a higher level. A woman should not only live in a pavilion, but also experience and experience. "

What a cute nerd.

Zhen Baolu smiled inside as she looked at her usually calm older sister. She was actually full of zest when she mentioned this matter, and was brimming with childishness. As long as her parents were safe in this life, her sister would be able to continue to study under a girl.

As she thought of something, her eyes lit up as she asked, "What about you, little sister?" Zhen Baorong felt that her younger sister suddenly wanted her to teach some lessons, but now that she had mentioned the subject, she must have some ideas. As an elder sister, she naturally felt happy.

She ?

Zhen Bao Lu frowned. Although she didn't have any ambitions, she was still envious of her elder sister's joyous expression when she thought about how she successfully entered the female student exam.

Zhen Bao Lu's eyes drooped down as she said indifferently, "I can't ?"

Zhen Baoqian quickly replied, "What's wrong? "Little sister, you are smarter than me. If you were able to work hard, you would definitely be more outstanding than third cousin."

Zhen Bao Lu looked at her sister with a helpless expression. Her elder sister's personality was indeed a bit similar to her father's. She only cared about protecting her father, yet she actually thought so highly of her.

The corner of Zhen Baolu's lips slightly curved. A smile appeared on her tender cheeks, but her voice sounded very childish as she seriously said, "Okay, then I'll work hard with big sister."

Zhen Baoqian nodded heavily.

As the two sisters were talking, Senior Servant Ge brought the snacks over. He said to Zhen Baokong, "Miss, please rest for a moment."

Zhen Baokong nodded and said, "Let's eat something first." As he said this, he brought Senior Servant Ge's osmanthus cake in front of Zhen Bao Lu and picked up a small porcelain bowl from the red lacquer golden crabapple flower tray. Inside the bowl was a steaming hot glacial lotus root powder, which he handed over to Zhen Bao Lu.

Senior Servant Ge didn't like Zhen Baolu. Seeing her young lady treat her so well, she couldn't help but feel a little uncomfortable. She always felt that this little girl had no conscience. No matter how well her young lady treated her, she wouldn't appreciate her kindness.

Zhen Baolu carefully took it and thanked her. She took a cinnamon cake with her left hand and a spoonful of Ice Sugar Lotus Root Starch with her right. This osmanthus cake was yellowish white and crystal clear. The Lotus Root Starch was as clean as ice and snow, shaped like goose feathers.

After Zhen Bao Lu tasted it, her eyes lit up and she blurted out, "So delicious!"

Zhen Baojun thought that her sister was really cute and said, "This osmanthus cake and Lotus Root Starch were made by Grandma Ge herself."

At this moment, Zhen Baolu wasn't stingy with her praises. Although she knew that Grandma Ge didn't like her, she still had her reasons for doing so. She immediately looked at Grandma Ge and sweetly said, "Thank you, Grandma Ge."

She was an extremely well-bred young lady.

No matter how dissatisfied Senior Servant Ge was with this Sixth Miss, she couldn't bring herself to lift her face up again. She only smiled and said, "As long as Sixth Miss likes it, that's enough. This was specifically instructed by the Sixth Miss."

Thinking about the two sisters' interaction this morning, Grandma Ge felt that she might really have been narrow-minded ? the sixth girl really wanted to get close to the girl.

After all, they were two sisters. If they could get along well, she would be happy in her heart. On the other hand, she, a servant, showed her master's face without any rules.

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