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Zhen Baolu not only stayed in Lin Ling Residence for the whole morning, but also ate lunch with Zhen Baorong.

As the mother, Lady Xu naturally cared about the matters between these two sisters. Although she was currently sitting in the lotus position, she didn't feel at ease. She ordered her servant girl to go check on the situation.

Listening to the maid's report, Lady Xu sighed and lowered her head to look at the two little fellows sleeping soundly. Then, she said to Zhen Rusong, "Previously, I was worried that Ah Lu would bully Qiong'er. Now that I think about it, as a mother, I am indeed a little incompetent. No wonder Ah Lu was so awkward. "

Her eldest daughter had lost her mother when she was young and had a sensitive mind, so she took care of her more. This was simple, but her daughter was still so young, so what could she understand?

At the end of the day, it was her duty to have a girl's temper.

Zhen Rusong saw his wife frowning and quickly reached out to smooth the creases between her eyebrows. He gently said, "Isn't it alright now? You, don't worry too much. You are good to Qiong'er, and Qiong'er knows in her heart that it's just that LuLu is still a younger sister, so it's fine if you love her a little more. "

The Xu followed his lead and said to Zhen Rusong, "This humble one understands. This humble one is wrong."

His wife's charming demeanour made Zhen Rusong lower his head to kiss her cheek. Only when he saw her blushing did he smile. His wife was too thin-skinned. She had been married for so long, yet she was still shy.


The next day was the Third Rite for Zhen Baolu's two chubby younger brothers. All the relatives and relatives of the Qi Kingdom's Mansion had come.

Zhen Bao Lu slept soundly last night and woke up a little late today.

Senior Servant Zhu instructed the two maidservants to bring hot water and a towel while she dressed the drowsy Zhen Baolu.

Zhen Baolu had chosen the clothes herself last night. She was very lively and adorable, and because it was a festive day, she chose a bright red dress with tiny flowers on it. Her soft black hair was combed into two cute bun, and her round, tender face was as tender as tofu.

Looking at her childish face in the mirror, Zhen Baolu suddenly remembered her youthful appearance in her previous life.

Zhen Bao Lu's appearance followed the Xu's, and between her eyebrows was also the shadow of Zhen Rusong. Her beauty was truly dazzling to behold. "Wuwuwu, wuwuwu, wuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuwuu ?"

However, she was still young and had yet to develop her appearance. No matter how beautiful she was, she was still a little girl that people liked.

It was an advantage for a girl to be a bit prettier, but at her age, her personality was the most important.

Zhen Bao Lu suddenly remembered what her elder sister told her yesterday. In her previous life, she disdained to be like her cousins, well-informed and able to please the ancestors. Now that she thought about it, this talented girl who was always full of poetry and self-righteous might not be able to do it, but it was always a good thing to have great ambitions and have a little bit more ink in her stomach.

Besides, she had already agreed to take the female examination with her sister. In her previous life, her elder sister could successfully pass the test. If she couldn't pass, wouldn't it be too embarrassing?

After breakfast, Zhen Bao Lu went to Lin Ling Residence and called Zhen Bao Qiong.

The two sisters went together to the Xu family's Yi An Residence.

The House of the Marquis of Changning was the Xu family's home. After entering the family for nearly ten years, the Xu family only had Zhen Baolu as their daughter. Even Old Lady Xu didn't like coming to the Qi Kingdom to see her daughter. If her mother was like this, how could she expect her grandson's mother-in-law? One could imagine the situation the Xu family had been facing in the Qi Kingdom for the past few years.

This time, Lady Xu gave birth to two boys in one go. The two kids were solidly built, and their appearance was so similar to that of Zhen Rusong. Lady Xu felt that her confidence had been restored after coming to the House of the Duke of Qi.

When Zhen Baolu entered the room, she saw her grandmother sitting on the edge of the bed with her brother in her arms. She was patiently telling her mother what she should pay attention to.

However, it was Lady Xu who saw the two sisters who came in first. She smiled and said, "Qiong'er, Ah Lu, why haven't you come over yet to pay your respects to Grandmother and Aunt?"

Today, Old Lady Xu was dressed in a royal blue birthday suit. She wore a set of jade-inlaid jade ornaments adorned with silver and gold. She was dressed in a very rich and dignified manner. Old Lady Xu had taken proper care of herself. Her hair was thick and jet-black, making her look extremely young. Although her face was marked by the passage of time, it wasn't hard to see that she had been a perfect beauty.

Zhen Baoqian and Zhen Baolu called for the others, and then called for the beautiful woman beside Mrs. Xu, "Aunt."

That was the Zhuang Clan.

Mrs Zhuang was Zhen Baolu's aunt, a very smart person. Zhen Bao Lu raised her eyes and looked at her aunt, thinking back to the time when she wanted to marry Xu Chenglang. This aunt was the first one to oppose it. Though she resented it, she had also blamed her aunt. But now that she thought about it, her aunt's actions were understandable. Moreover, if one were to speak of the truth, Xu Chenglang's affection for her could also be considered infatuation. Unfortunately, in the end, filial piety came first.

The girl looked at her with her big, black eyes. Lady Zhuang didn't know what her niece was thinking, but she sized up the pair of beautiful sisters. With a smile, she praised them, "Look at how good they are."

Old Lady Xu also raised her eyes to look at him. Old Lady Xu was in a good mood today, and there was always a smile on her face. When she looked at Zhen Baoyun, she smiled in satisfaction. However, when she looked at the tall, refined, and calm Zhen Baoqian, the smile on her face faded slightly.

In Old Lady Xu's eyes, Zhen Baoqian was still an outsider.

When Old Lady Xu saw her daughter taking so much care of Zhen Baoqian, she had muttered to herself a few times. It was Old Lady Xu's intention to not take on the role of a concubine. No matter how nice you were to someone else's daughter, it was still better than being by yourself. To treat outsiders better than one's own daughter, how could there be such a foolish person in this world?

Old Lady Xu accused her daughter of being foolish, but Lady Xu only smiled. "Sister Qiong'er is no different from a daughter by blood." It was as if she treated Zhen Baoqian as her own daughter.

Old Lady Xu had no choice. Since her daughter wouldn't listen, she naturally didn't say anything. No matter how well-behaved and sensible Zhen Baokong was, Old Lady Xu still didn't like it.

On the way out, Zhen Baolu saw that her sister seemed to be deep in thought, and knew that her sister's heart was as meticulous as a grain of sand. She could tell that her grandmother didn't like her. At this moment, Zhen Baolu hurriedly called out in a low voice, "Big sister."

Zhen Baorong, who had been silent, suddenly regained her senses. She turned her head to look at her younger sister. Seeing that her younger sister had not said anything, she could only smile at herself.

Faced with her little sister's smiling face, Zhen Baojun felt much more at ease. She smiled and asked, "Little sister, do you want to look for Cousin Jinxin and Cousin Jinxin?"

Her uncle and aunt had four children, two children and two girls. The two women were Xu Jinxin and Xu Jianxin.

Xu Jinxin was a knowledgeable girl, but Xu Jianxin was a delicate and hard to deal with girl. Compared to Zhen Baolu, Xu Jinxin's personality was even better.

Zhen BaLu pursed her lips and shook her head, "No need."

Zhen Baoqian was aware of the relationship between her sister and Xu Xiuxin, so she lowered her eyes and smiled. Then, she looked at her sister and slowly said, "Aunt just said, elder cousin Xu is here, so you're not going either?"

Compared to the fact that Zhen Bao Lu didn't care about her sister, Zhen Bao Qiong knew her sister very well. Xu Chenglang was young, but he was gentle and refined. His studies were also good, and he was very outstanding amongst his peers. Furthermore, he usually protected his sister. This younger sister loved to be together with this cousin of hers.

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