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Zhen Baolu bit her lips, wanting to say that she didn't want to see Xu Chenglang, but at this moment, a sweet voice came from behind.

"Cousin Lu."

Zhen Baolu turned around to take a look.

It was indeed Xu Jinxin and Xu Jianxin.

These two sisters had pretty good looks. Their eyes were almond, their cheeks were peachy, and their skin was white and red. One could see how beautiful they would be when they grew up. The slightly taller Xu Jinxin was dignified and generous, giving off a very dignified bearing. As for the petite and childish Xu Jianxin, she had a pretty face and was slightly more exquisite than her sister Xu Jinxin. However, her arrogance could be seen from her brows.

Xu Xiuxin was not on good terms with her, so the one who called her now was naturally Xu Jinxin.

And the graceful youth in the azure robe behind the two sisters was her cousin, Xu Chenglang.

No wonder her sister said that. Normally, she was on good terms with Xu Chenlang. In the crowd of young ladies of the same age, she was a bit out of group, but to Xu Chenglang, it was different. Her Elder Cousin Xu had a gentle personality and would never get angry at her. Since she was young, she naturally liked to indulge herself a little. After a while, he had gotten very close to Xu Chenglang.

But now, she didn't want to get so close to Xu Chenglang anymore.

So what if he treated her well? He was too soft, after all, to protect her.

Zhen Baolu came back to her senses and said to the two sisters, "Cousin Jinxin, Cousin Embroidered Heart ?" After that, she looked at the two youths who had been smiling at her and said, "Cousin."

Zhen Baoqian also called for someone with her sister.

At this moment, Xu Xiuxin, whose eyes were on her head, suddenly smiled suspiciously and said, "What? Usually, Cousin Lu only has my big brother in her eyes, right? "

Xu Xixin was a very doting person. Originally, she had some opinions about Zhen Bao Lu, but after seeing her brother treat Zhen Bao Lu better than herself, she became even more dissatisfied. He didn't have a brother, so what was the meaning of fighting with her over a brother all day long?

Xu Jinxin also knew that this little sister of hers had a temper. She rarely came to the Qi Kingdom's Mansion as a guest, so she didn't want this cousin of hers to cause any trouble. She quickly said to her little sister, "Have you forgotten about what your mother warned you about so quickly?"

Although Xu Xiuxin was a delicate person, she still listened to her sister's words. Before leaving, Lady Zhuang had also specifically warned her youngest daughter not to get into conflict with Zhen Bao Lu. Although the Zhuang family doted on their daughter, when she became imposing, it was still somewhat frightening. Xu Xiuxin's little temper was reprimanded by Lady Zhuang quite a few times. She didn't dare to say anything else for a while and could only pout her lips in dissatisfaction. Afterwards, she didn't want to look at Zhen Bao Lu again.

If this had happened before, then Zhen Baolu would definitely have caused a ruckus with Xu Jiexi. But this time, Zhen Bao Lu looked at the eight year old Xu Jianxin, and thought to herself: What is she arguing with a child about?

It was still better if Zhen Baoqian was calm. She called the three siblings over to the pavilion and ordered the maidservants to prepare some tea and snacks.

It was true that Zhen Baolu did not want to see Xu Chenglang and Xu Jianxin, but the truth was that they were both guests. Seeing her elder sister treat them like this, it would be too much if she put on an expression again.

Zhen Baolu was still on good terms with Xu Jinxin, and Xu Jinxin saw that Zhen Baoyun's attitude towards her older sister had clearly changed a lot. Although she was surprised, she did not express it too much. Xu Jinxin's and Zhen Baoqian's personalities resembled each other. Xu Jinxin had met a few times and said a few words to each other. Zhen Baoqian was a very well-mannered person, so Xu Jinxin appreciated her.

Xu Jinxin carefully examined his little cousin's round pink cheeks, and asked Zhen Baolu with concern, "A few days ago I heard that Cousin Lu wasn't feeling well, but is she feeling better?"

Zhen Baolu was eating a cinnamon cake when she heard Xu Jinxin's question and was about to answer.

However, Xu Jinxin, who was standing beside Xu Jinxin, said, "I think it's to find an excuse to not want to study."

Zhen Baolu's brows immediately furrowed as she lightly said, "So many pastries still can't stop your mouth from opening!"

Xu Xiuxiu stood up in anger and said angrily, "Zhen Baolu!"

Zhen Baolu had a bad temper. She had already allowed Xu Xiuxin to have her way today, but this Xu Xiuxin was a person who was constantly on the edge of success. If she were to tolerate it, she would really be a soft persimmon. Moreover, when Zhen Bao Lu thought of her previous life, she had lived in the Changning Prefecture, and Xu Jianxin had made things difficult for her in every way possible. At first she would complain to her grandmother and uncle, and her grandmother would say something perfunctorily about Xu Jianxin. Gradually, however, her grandmother grew impatient. No matter how delicate her temper was, it was a habit of others to spoil her. She had no one to spoil her, so she could only swallow her anger. At that time, when she wanted to marry Xu Chenglang, she wanted to end her previous grudge with Xu Xiuxin.

As for the quiet Xu Chenglang, how could he not see that his little cousin's temper was much better than her usual self? It was his little sister that was too aggressive, and her words were unpleasant to listen to.

Xu Chenglang was the eldest son of the Changning Marquis, a thirteen year old teenager. He already had a calm demeanor, and his eyes were filled with the dignity of an elder brother. He looked at Xu Xiuxin and said: "Jixin, didn't you want to see little cousin? Grandmother and Mother are at Aunt's. You should go take a look. "

When had Xu Xiuxin ever said she wanted to see her little cousin?! She didn't like Zhen Baolu, not even her brother, but now her brother had spoken. Xu Xiu did not dare to say anything. She knew that her brother usually protected Zhen Baolu the most!

Xu Jiuxin felt wronged. She felt that she was clearly her own brother, so why was she always helping an outsider? She pursed her lips as tears welled up in her eyes. The teary tears in the eyes of this adorable and pretty girl were quite heart-wrenching.

However, after Xu Yingxin stood up, her teary eyes fiercely glared at Zhen Baolu, instantly causing the remaining guilt in Zhen Baolu's heart to vanish like smoke in thin air.

After Jianxin had left, Xu Jinxin said, "Jiu'er's temper is just like that. She doesn't have any ill intentions, so Cousin Lu, please don't take it to heart."

Zhen Baolu and Xu Xiuxin were furious, so they naturally did not vent their anger on the good-natured Xu Jinxin. They hurriedly smiled at Xu Jinxin and said, "I don't care." While speaking, she laughed and blinked her eyes, "I'm already used to arguing with Cousin Embroidery. If we were to be on friendly terms, I would still feel uncomfortable all over."

When Xu Jinxin heard this, he could not help but burst out laughing. Even Xu Chenglang had a warm smile on his face.

Zhen Bao Lu's cute words dissolved the awkward atmosphere within the pavilion.

While the cousins were talking, Zhen Baolu was mostly talking to Xu Jinxin, Zhen Baoqian was occasionally talking to her. As for Xu Chenglang, he was quiet and didn't get a chance to interrupt.

After that, Senior Servant Ge, who was standing beside Zhen Baoqian, came over and said that a guest from the Residence of State An had arrived.

Since the Residence of State Duke of An was Zhen Baoqian's maternal grandfather's family, she naturally had to go out and meet them.

Zhen Baoqian stood up and said to Xu Jinxin and Zhen Baolu, "Then I'll go over to see Grandmother, Aunt, and the others."

Zhen Baolu nodded at Zhen BaoQiong, and obediently said, "Elder sister, please go. I will call Elder Cousin Jinxin." Without Xu Jianxin, Zhen Baolu was still willing to get along with her cousin Xu Jinxin.

After Zhen Baoqian left, Xu Jinxin was no longer worried. "Cousin Lu's relationship with Cousin Qiong has improved quite a bit."

Xu Jinxin still doted on her little cousin, Zhen Baoqian. Although this little cousin of hers was very angry and had a bad relationship with her older sister, Zhen Baoqian, in her opinion, she was not born from the same mother after all. Furthermore, her aunt was too fond of Zhen Baoqian.

Zhen Baolu immediately said sincerely, "Elder sister treats me very well." The little girl's voice was soft and sweet, and her eyes were bright. It was obvious that she liked her elder sister very much.

Seeing the close relationship between the two sisters, Xu Jinxin was relieved. She turned her head to look at her brother. She knew that her little cousin was rather curious about her brother's behavior. She had actually never even looked at him before. Xu Jinxin was a magnanimous person, unlike Xu Jianxin, who forbade others from seizing her brother. She quickly found an excuse and said, "Jiu'er must have felt wronged just now. I'll go over and advise her."

As he spoke, he got up to go find Xu Jianxin.

Zhen Baolu could not stop her, so she could only nod and let her go. However, once Xu Jinxin left, she and Xu Chenlang were the only ones left in the pavilion.

Zhen Baolu didn't say anything, nor did she look at him. She only lowered her head and took a bite of the osmanthus cake in her hand. After she finished the cinnamon cake in her hand, Xu Chenglang, who was sitting to the side, took a piece and stuffed it into Zhen Baolu's small hands.

"A'Lu, are you angry that I didn't come to see you a few days ago?"

Zhen Baolu didn't say a word. She silently placed the pastries that Xu Chenglang had given her onto a plate, then took out a handkerchief and wiped her fat hands that were covered with the pastries.

It seemed that he was truly infuriated.

A thirteen year old teenager, he had never been able to do anything about this delicate little cousin of his. Xu Chenglang continued, "Then, cousin will apologize to you, will you?"

Xu Chenglang was such a person with a good temper. How could he be angry when facing such a person?

She was angry at him, but Xu Chenglang did not do anything wrong. Between his mother and her, he had chosen his own mother.

Zhen Bao Lu slowly raised her head and looked at the handsome face of the young man in front of her. She thought of that gentle face that would appear in a few years. He had been with her when she was saddest.

Zhen Bao Lu shook her head. She had a childish face, but was extremely serious as she said, "I am not angry. Cousin is overthinking it." "My mother told me that I was eight years old and could no longer cling to my cousin as I did when I was a child."

A little girl who was only eight years old ? Xu Chenglang pursed his lips and felt like laughing.

He was clearly angry. Xu Chenglang wanted to retort, but from the look on his little cousin's face, it could be seen that she was very determined and did not seem like she was just talking.

Thinking of something, Xu Chenglang took out an exquisite little doll from his bosom. It was a pretty little deer doll.

He passed it to Zhen Baolu and said, "This was seen by me a few days ago when I was strolling around the shop with Jinxin. Did A Lu like it?" The little cousin was angry, so she patiently coaxed him.

Zhen Bao Lu's big black eyes looked at the little deer doll in Xu Chenglang's hands.

Although the doll was small, it was made very lifelike and exquisite. Zhen Baoyun liked it. However, after her second life, she understood one thing: not everything that she liked had to be taken for herself. People shouldn't be too greedy, just choose the one they like the most.

Zhen Baolu also knew that if she really did like Xu Chenglang and was able to start over, then her parents would be safe. Her aunt would probably agree to let her marry Xu Chenglang because of the official's position in the imperial city. As for Xu Xiuxin, she would marry him in the future, so it wouldn't affect her in the slightest. It was just that in the end, Xu Chenglang had still married someone else. Even though it was a matter of his previous life, in Zhen Baolu's opinion, it had always been used by someone else.

After finding so many reasons, it was just that he didn't like them enough.

Zhen Bao Lu did not hesitate, her clear eyes revealed a smile, looking at the handsome and gentle young man in front of her, she slowly shook her head and said: "Thank you, Cousin, but ?." It's just that I don't like it anymore. "


The wronged Xu Xiuxin wiped away her tears and went to Yi An's residence to find her mother, Lady Zhuang. She didn't care about the presence of Lady Xu and Lady Xu as she sobbed and complained to Zhuang Shi. After that, she continued saying, "Big Brother only wants to protect Cousin Lu ?"

Xu Chenglang was very good to Zhen Baolu, and because of this matter, Xu Xianxin had not been in a bad temper for a day or two. If it was in private, Lady Zhuang would definitely hug her precious daughter and comfort her for a while. But with the Old Granny and Lady Xu present, she couldn't say anything in front of them about their granddaughter and daughter, could she?

Mrs Zhuang quickly said with a stern expression: "A Lu is your cousin, you should let her have it. Look at you, how can you act like a cousin? "I'm not afraid of your aunt's jokes."

Even her mother helped Zhen Baolu, causing her to feel even more wronged.

Lady Xu, who was sitting on the bed, also understood her daughter's temperament. She said: "Ah Lu has a bad temper. Xiu'er, don't be angry. Aunt will scold her for you later."

Lady Zhuang hurriedly said, "It's because the embroidery elder sister is in the wrong. Today, I see that Ah Lu has been much more obedient." Although he felt heartache for his daughter, he still had to say this.

When Old Lady Xu heard this, she smiled and said, "Speaking of which, Brother Lang has always been good to Sister Lu since young. I think that since the two of them are so close, when A'Lu grows up, it would be good if they could marry Brother Lang and become his wife."

After all, Old Lady Xu was willing to marry her eldest daughter to Zhen Rusong as a harpsichord because she was interested in the position of the Duke of Qi's estate in the Imperial City.

When Zhuang Shi heard this, her expression immediately changed.

She turned her head to look at Old Lady Xu's smiling face and knew that she wasn't just saying those words. Her heart rose to her throat immediately.

To marry her son to that uneducated little girl, Zhen Bao Lu ? Lady Zhuang's heart was filled with thousands upon thousands of disagreements, but as a daughter-in-law, how could she refute her mother-in-law's words? At this moment, he could only knit his brows in worry and quietly stood to the side with his daughter in his arms.

Although Lady Xu is delicate, her eyesight is still good. Knowing that the Zhuang family's sister-in-law doesn't like her daughter, she smiled and said: "Cheng Lang is so outstanding. I'm afraid that Ah Lu has been spoiled too much. Furthermore, A Lu was still young. The two of them were merely cousins. If they were to become husband and wife, it would not be a simple matter. I think we should talk about it later. "

Old Lady Xu also felt that she was getting more anxious. She teased the well-behaved, chubby grandson in her arms. "That's true. The children are still young, it won't be too late to wait another two years."

Only then did Zhuang Shi heave a sigh of relief.

When Lady Xu saw the Zhuang family's expression, her beautiful eyes curved, and she couldn't help but laugh inwardly.

It was indeed impossible to find fault with Xu Chenglang's nephew, but getting married was not just a matter of two people. Her daughter's temper wouldn't improve much after she grew up. How could it enter the eyes of her sister-in-law?


Zhen Baolu left the pavilion and walked alone in the courtyard. No matter how heartless she was, she still had some feelings for Xu Chenlang. Now that she was determined to draw a clear line between them, she felt a little flustered in her heart.

Since the two of them were still young, Xu Chenglang only saw her as his younger sister. When he grew up in the future, it would be too late.

Zhen Baolu stopped and stood under a crabapple tree. When she thought of what this gentle cousin of hers had done for her, she felt her heart ache. Between the two of them, there were still many sweet memories.

But so what? She, Zhen Baolu, would eventually find a better one.

The best.

He was honest, he could protect her and treat her like a treasure. Hmm, if only he could look better, that would be even better.

As she thought of this, Zhen Bao Lu's lips curved up into a smile. Then, she raised her head and looked at the crabapple tree in front of her. The crabapple blossoms were red like rouge, and they were truly beautiful.

Zhen Baolu glanced at it and immediately saw the most beautiful plant on the branch.

She stretched out her hand to pick it. Unfortunately, this eight year old was too small, and he was still quite a distance away from the branch.

He couldn't reach it.

Zhen Baolu frowned and was vexed. However, the more difficult it was to get one, the more she wanted to get one.

Just as Zhen Bao Lu was tiptoeing and jumping, she suddenly stretched out an arm from behind her. She gently lifted up her arm and gently picked the most beautiful crabapple blossoms on the branch for her, then handed them over to her.

"... "Here."

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