Hidden Desires Of Lust Wings/C1 Midnight Pool Pleasure
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Hidden Desires Of Lust Wings/C1 Midnight Pool Pleasure
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C1 Midnight Pool Pleasure

I still remember that day very clearly, it was 17th June, one of the hottest and scorching summer nights. Me along with some of my friends were out for a party in a resort, as it was too hot so we decided to do a pool party.

It was 7 of us, 3 of my friends were accompanied by their girlfriend and I was alone as always, we kept on drinking and partying all night near the pool, it was 2 am when all decided to take a nap before we travel back to home tomorrow.

Everyone headed towards their room; however, I decided to stay back for some more time near the pool as I was not feeling very sleepy and was not going to drive back. To pass the time I lit up a cigarette and was leisurely taking the small sips from my last drink. There was utter silence in the resort only the sound of a silent breeze can be heard that was pleasant to ears. As the resort was surrounded by mountains, the temperature was mild by now and I was enjoying that amusing movement of nature around me.

Suddenly the silence was broken with the sweet voice of a girl; I turned back and saw a skinny but fully grown-up girl standing aside me. She gestured with her hands and asked me if she can also use the pool, to which I immediately said yes. But immediately asked her if I can also stay there for some more time to which she agreed.

She silently went into the pool through the steps but she was gazing towards me from the corner of her eyes. With her slow moves, her body started drowning in the water. I was staring at her as I have never seen such a thing in my life, and that was true. She was hell sexy with amorous curves and perfectly thick where she was supposed to be. Her curvature was quite obvious through her bikini.

She started swimming in the water and was enjoying it, I kept enjoying her body. To my surprise, she didn’t mind my gaze on her. I think she was also relishing my perfect athlete body with six-packs abs. Her eyes were scorching my body as if she wants to wander around me.

I was hell disturbed in my mind and started imagining fucking her on the poolside. To turn the imagination into reality, I did the ice-breaking by starting the talk.

Me: Are you local?

She: Nope, and you.

Me: Neither, you look to be a great swimmer.

She: Yes I am, I play for my state and I do gymnast too.

Me: Wow, that’s cool. That’s why your body is great in shape.

I blurted out immediately but didn’t regret it as she smiled back at me.

We were still talking something or other when I noticed she stopped swimming and came by my side but still kept herself in the pool. I kept back sitting on the side with my legs in the pool.

We were still chatting and it was almost 3:30 am but we held our talks on, we discussed almost everything including our BF and GF. It was then I realized that she was very close to my feet underwater and something soft was touching my foot thumb. I pulled my leg back instantaneously assuming that it was by mistake. But to my wonder, while chatting further I felt the same again and this time it was more closure than before as if it was rubbing too. I looked at her and she was also looking at me but was smiling and little panting too. I could read her intentions now, she was hungry and desperate. Her eyes were full of need. Sensing her desire I kept my leg firm and started playing more with the soft spot between her legs with my foot thumb.

Since she allowed me to go further, it was surely an acceptance from both sides. She bought her hand close to my shorts and started rubbing my crotch. Soon my brother was proudly started standing, without wasting the time she entered in through the thighs to my dick, it was partially ready already and her hand helps him grow bigger. I bend myself a little towards her and started kissing her passionately and she also responded as she was biting my lips.

It was like a beast waked up in me. When she gasped for air, my tongue entered her mouth to explore more. Trust me it was like a divine. She was enjoying my kiss and my dick both. Soon I started pressing her boobs while kissing and she kept on rubbing my dick inside the shorts.

Her little moans were making me crazy. I rubbed her nipples to make them hard and soon they were popping out like peach tips, standing there to be sucked quickly. We both grew hot by this time and were ready for level 2.

She was hell frantic that she pulled down my pants started playing with my dick with her soft lips and tongue. I arched back a little to give her full access to my dick and balls. She was eating my balls as if they were cotton candy. I groaned...Oh god, it was just heavens...her touch on my dick was making me fanatical though I was enjoying every bit of it.

My dick was arrogantly fully grown, now it was my turn to get her ready for level 3. I went down in the pool and removing her dress while sucking her lips. Our tongues were also playing beautifully and I cupped her right boob with my left hand started playing with it. I kissed her neck and jaw line and slowly moved towards her boobs. I scooped her boob in my mouth and was licking and biting her nipple. She arched back to give me complete admittance to her breast.

My right hand was also busy and was exactly there where it was supposed to be...rubbing her pussy. While rubbing her pussy I was able to differentiate between pool water and her pussy wet. My one finger was playing with her clit and the other two were inside her. She was almost ready to cum when I told her... “Not now baby”

I pulled her out from the pool and placed her where I was sitting. I parted her legs and saw her beautiful pink pussy, baby pink to be précised. I used my index finger to slid down and then used another finger to open her pussy to take a peep inside it and was able to see how hungry and ready it was, it was coming out and going in every second...panting badly.

She was running out of control and not interested in waiting. She pushed my head into her pussy and told me that this desert belongs to me. Now rest was my job, I slowly inserted my tongue into her pussy and started playing with it. I licked and bite her clit....she was moaning hard and asking for more.

Soon she was not able to hold back my play and cum. Her pussy was flooded with her thick but sweet water. I was catching it from every corner of her pussy with my tongue. She was enjoying and wanted to scream but kept it in control as it was a resort.

I looked at her and found her satisfied with my tongue job. I asked her “Are you ready for the real show.” She nodded without any hesitation and said “Please be hard on me.”

I came out of the water and picked her up and took her to the nearby sack. I laid her down on the sack and again parted her legs, I placed my dick on her pussy entrance and started rubbing. She was hell moaning. I again asked her to lick my penis before it goes into her. She took my 6.5 inches dick in the mouth; I could feel it touching her throat. She did her job brilliantly and brought it out loaded with her saliva. I again rubbed my dick on her pussy and pushed it without any wait.

Fuck it was too hot and tight too.

My dick took her by surprise and her eyes went wide open with control on her scream. To stop her screaming I kissed her hard. I kept on doing the drill in and out for some time along sucking and biting her boobs, her eyes were full of satisfaction; she must have not had such fun before it was evident from her expression.

She keeps on asking me for more and begged me to fasten my speed.

We kept on changing the positions and enjoyed the fuck for quite a generous time. I told her that I will cum and asked her do you want me to cum inside or out. You won’t believe what she would have said, she asked me to fill her bitch pussy with my thick fluid. That’s it...it was the call of my dick to cum well in her pussy leaving her in the heavenly feeling.

We sat on the sack and talked for some time, it was almost dawn and people were about to wake up. We dressed our self’s and went back to our rooms. Before leaving she kissed me back and thanked me for this pool adventure. I also kissed her back.

Before my friends could wake up I went inside my room. Soon my friend called me for the breakfast and we left the resort hitting the road back home.

It was a great and passionate pool pleasure night that anybody can think of.

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