Hidden Secret/C1 Irresponsible behaviour
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Hidden Secret/C1 Irresponsible behaviour
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C1 Irresponsible behaviour

George and Isabella Davis have been married for so long. Shortly after getting married, they both had a son who is nothing like them. Both parents are humble and try their best to help people with the little they have, but unlike their son who is arrogant and wasteful

He spends most of his free time clubbing and partying. Claims it's the best stage to meet notable designers that would push him farther

The Davis own a laundry company in the busy area of the state. This made them very popular and also rich.

They are able to make friends with other notable people in the society as the business grew larger by the day

They have tried to bring their son up to run the business but he only wants to be a cloth designer, not to wash them.

Since he moved out of the house, it is difficult to reach him and he hardly visit.

He wants to constantly appear on t.v as one of the best fashion designer. His dream is yet to be actualised but he is well known in town

How else would the world know you except been a celebrity.

All of these made Isabella decide, he should be married. Maybe that would give him a reason to be responsible

She had discussed it with George who agreed to talk to his friends who have female children at a marriageable age

You have become so busy that you refuse to come see your parents, do you not miss me at all, Isabella complained

"Do you not think of us any more"

Mark keeps tapping on his phone screen like he didn't hear Mrs Davies just talk to him.

Rude bastard, I don't seem to understand how I got a son like you, is this some kind of test or something. George hit his palm on the arm of the chair angrily as he spoke

Ehn...... "Leave him alone"

You should be glad he has come over today or are you trying to chase him away.

Whose side are you on anyway?, George shouted at Isabella

Mrs Davies loves her son so much that she hardly scold him for anything since he has been born. She would not also allow any one to scold him, not even George. It probably is the reason he turned out the way he is

How can you say you don't know how you got a son like him, didn't we give birth to him together? what is he doing that is so wrong anyway?

"He is trying to make a living here and chasing his dreams too"

She rolls her eye at her husband, as a father are you not supposed to understand him better?

The poor boy works all day and night and hardly have time for himself, you do not ask if he is living well

The corner of Mark mouth raise up into a smile as he listens to his mother support him. She is the first to attack him, now she is on his side.

He is neatly dressed in a white shirt and black pants. If you didn't know him, you would think he works in a bank

Mark is the only son and child, more of the reason he does whatever he likes

You keep spoiling him, he is already an adult and still acts like a spoilt child. Mr Davies is always concerned about Mark because he believes Mark is not responsible enough as a man

"He is the only son I have George, can I not spoil him a little".

Moreover he calls me often, you should wonder why he doesn't call you. She rolled her eyes at her husband and clicks her tongue

Tktktk.. Then she smiled at Mark.

You can't be so sure where Isabella stands when it comes to her son Mark

You just have to be able to quickly switch sides as her, because you might end up becoming the enemy. George learnt that the very hard way

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