Hidden Secret/C2 Finding a suitable wife
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Hidden Secret/C2 Finding a suitable wife
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C2 Finding a suitable wife

I haven't seen you in a while Mark, why did you stay away for so long this time around. She went and sat close to him. What would you like to eat so it can be prepared before you have to leave, I know you are always in a hurry to go

It was at this time Mark pressed the last letter on the screen and lovingly looks up at her, whatever you cook is good, you know I love everything you cook.

"She is my wife" Mr Davies shouted at Mark

And my mother Mark responded almost immediately

"Are you both trying to start a fight again this time?" Isabella shouted. She walked away from both of them, the last argument so taught her a lesson

The room was silent for a while before George continued

Why don't you get yourself a wife to always cook for you. Do you think you have any right to ask my wife to cook for you? You lost that priviledge when you became a man

Can you stop being sentimental dad, ha! she is also my mum and I have as much right on her too.

He went around the room towards Mrs Davies and hooks his hand around her neck, kissed her cheek. "Don't I also have rights on you?" He asked smiling and teasing George

She smiled at him and then turned to scold her husband with her big round eye. Why don't we go to the kitchen together and then we can talk better. Some people just can't stand true love

George shakes his head as the both of them walked into the kitchen.

Isabella seems to be confusing her husband because they both had an agreement before bringing him home. They were supposed to have one voice, now he is the bad guy and she is playing the good guy

Why does she always change agreement whenever it is a matter related to their son?

I don't know what you are up to this days but don't you think it's high time you had a wife. Your father isn't wrong about that you know, Isabella said as she placed a pot on the cooker

You are the one not accepting the lady I brought home, Mark said

Isabella acted as though she didn't hear him. You don't bother yourself, I would fix that problem for you. She smiled lovingly as she taps his head lightly with her knuckle

They both made a lot of meal before settling to eat. No one said anything until the meal was over and Mark bid farewell and promised to come back soon as instructed by Isabella

Where you able to tell him what we think about getting a wife?

You know you can't always be too hard on that boy, he is still trying to gain his ground. He is working towards his next promotion so he is very busy at the moment

Mr Davies ignores her, he looks away

Fine, I couldn't tell him but you also haven't found any girl yet. Are we not supposed to get the wife first?

George still acted as though he didn't hear her, picked up the newspaper and started reading. He muttered something that wasn't audible

If you continue to go about it this way, that boy will not come home again Isabella shouted. She dislikes being ignored by him

"I can't allow that to happen no matter what" she folds her hands on her chest and pout her mouth

Mr Davies looks at her and becomes powerless, everytime he tries to act tough he is countered by her soft and crafty action, he has no choice but to surrender, she is his beloved wife. What do you expect me to do?

"pamper him like you do"

He is now a man he should be responsible already, he is just been unreasonable. I have a plan, it will only work if you support me

Mrs Davies acted like she isn't concerned, she replied by just blinking her round eye and responding hmm

"Do you think he would agree if we fix him a marriage date without his consent." He looked deep into Isabella's eye for an answer. Getting him a wife is one thing, agreeing to go on with the marriage is another

Mrs Davies looks at her husband for a while then smiled, it's not a bad idea, if he can't get himself a good wife, we can as well get him one and also fix the date. I can't even begin to imagine him getting married to that whore he goes around with

It's just that the boy is stubborn. She looks towards the door

He is stubborn because of you, Mr Davies retorted at her

Fine, fine, "let's get him a wife first". He won't reject it if it's coming from me, he can only grumble. It's not like he leaves me any choice either

Mr Davies hold his wife by the hand and coarse her.

Ehn..."I know you understand me the best"

But I will have to check the girl and her family background, Mrs Davies replies him

It's not like I will get a random girl, my friends have beautiful and homely female children, we can look for the best one

He draws her closer to his body, we can look at the girls together, he always know how to coarse his wife to be happy

Ehn.. Ehn.. Smile for me

It was then she smiled and completely rested on his aging body. This is perfect, am sure he will like the girl I pick, then she smiles to herself and rub the both palm of her hand together. This is perfect, she muttered lightly

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